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  2. I was told recently that you only have 30 days to submit for reimbursement by the travel folks. I also was told by someone else when I applied for direct deposit for travel pay 2 months ago that the VA was doing away with sending out reimbursement checks directly to the veteran. Don't know if that is in effect yet though.
  3. I think this is huge news and could really force the VA to actually start doing their jobs. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/06/17/court-allows-a-class-action-lawsuit-against-va-for-the-first-time/?fbclid=IwAR1HsZ8l8bnrI03WUb0uESmLH7BRAuRU0s1eawehDaabl8y0ufBeTjghQrQ#.XQgJRO27m0Q.facebook
  4. The words "is at least likely as not" is what you need as a minimum. On the dbq, in section 1,Diagnosis, it has ICD code -----. Does the doctor have access to what codes go in that space, are we supposed to provide it to the doctors, or, does the doctor leave that blank and the VA fill it in? I mean, do all doctors have some code book to look up?
  5. You had a year to appeal or lose your original effective date when you first applied. Assuming it was denied more than a year ago, sorry, but it would be a new claim. But it is fantastic that your doc offered to write the nexus letter. There are examples on this forum on what to include, but be sure it says that it is as least likely as not that the burn pit exposure caused your SA at a minimum. He could supplement the letter if it wasn't included. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
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  7. please do. we all benefit from more information on what, how, and when the new processes trigger notifications.
  8. I was originally denied for Sleep Apnea in 2012. My Pulmonologist that treats me for lung damage from Burn Pit Exposure believes that my Sleep Apnea is secondary to the exposure. He even offered to write a nexus letter. No one has ever offered help before, of course I accepted. The claim is now reopened and I have submitted his letter. If it is granted would the effective date be the date I reopened with new evidence, or the original date of the claim? Thank you for any knowledge.
  9. @GeekySquid thanks for the good info. I will definitely be paying more attention to both ebennies and va.gov.
  10. Unfortunately a lot of vets don't realize that their mileage can be reimbursed. I would definitely ask the travel office to see if you can be reimbursed for the last two years, all they can do is say no.
  11. I have got information from DAV and the clarification to my DBQ says Insomnia as prominent issue and service connected disabilities chronic pain disorder with depressive features and knee issues it is at least likely as not affecting my sleep apnea I would like to know what you think about his I am in prep for decision
  12. If you have not signed up for travel pay you need to go do so go to the travel pay office at your VAMC take your Bank statment or a personal check that has your routing # and while your at the travel pay office signing up for travel pay sign up for the direct deposit too you can have them send a check but the direct deposit is the best way this is what I do. They probably won't re inverse your travel pay back .two years but next time you go to one of your appointments any appointment scheduled out for you at the VAM. Do this. After your appointment check back with the clerks and tell them you get travel pay and they will give you a travel pay voucher to sign and date then you give it back to them and they submit it at the end of the day or the next morning You can also use the koloski Machine to request travel pay some clinics like you to request the travel pay from them with the clerks, MY MH Clinic does this. BUT PCP DENTAL AND SPECIALTY CLINICS I USE THE KOLOSKI MACHINE. Travel pay is 43/1/2 cents a mile one way...I travel 49 miles although I live 52 miles they pay to my city but I live 2 miles on the other side of my city...but I take what they give me. if a veteran has 5 appointment's per month that will add up it would for me but your 15 miles not much pay there but hey its yours why not file for travel pay. At the beginning of the month is when travel pay starts for that month usually the first travel pay check for that month is when the deduct the co-pay then the rest of your travel pay should be full payment at 43 1/2 cents per mile. based on monthly travel pay only remember travel pay ends the last day of the month then you start a new month. if you want to try to get reinversed for the two years you need to go see your travel pay director ask him? if its allowed he can get that back for you I am not sure on it.
  13. Isn't it ironic how a "tech" problem has delayed implementing a program for so many disabled veterans yet they can find ways to implement other things?? I call BS..........
  14. So basically me driving to my appointments for my treatment five times a month for the past 2 years could have been reimbursed? I only live less then 15 minutes from my VA hospital so I figured I’d be wasting my time but after two years it would start to add up
  15. This will depend on which commissary you use... the smaller the store the less waiting time, many veterans will drive miles to the bigger stores Overall you will save shopping at the commissary, but in order to same you must also know the prices at the local Walmart or other grocery stores, most people do comparative shopping.. One thing for sure no off base store will ever beat the prices or quality of meat at the commissary.... But I am bias as I have used the commissary for over 40 years.....
  16. Will do. Awaiting the 7 - 10 business days and will post as soon as I get it. Thanks
  17. Post your denial as Berta recommended. The members of the board will be willing to advise when they have enough information.
  18. I have not gotten letters for my exams. Your story just goes to prove the idea that we should keep All correspondence from the VA, even phone numbers. I am glad you got it worked out and hope the VA does right by you. If not you always have the right to appeal.
  19. For those of us waiting on the enactment of the caregivers program for pre 911 veterans read the attached. https://www.veterans.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/FINAL Veterans First Act Caregivers Provisions.pdf To be sure it looks like the program has been delayed due to tech problems in the new va software.....
  20. Yes I have input, Find Another Attorney. There are many good VA attorneys that will represent you for 20%. Check with NOVA for attorneys. There is also a lot of good info on their site for veterans. Why hire an attorney: https://www.vetadvocates.org/cpages/why-hire-nova-attorney A list of NOVA attorneys. https://www.vetadvocates.org/directory/widget_search?current_page=1&sort_type=featured&filter={"additional_info.show-profile-on-sustaining-membership-directory"%3A+"yes"}&asset_type=company_user&display_type=default I hired an attorney in Virginia but you can usually find one close to home also.
  21. I am assuming at the bottom of their ID card it doesn't say contractor? Where I work as a federal employee the contractors have the same ID except at the bottom it states contractor. My question if the VA would the VA not have at the bottom of the contractors ID "contractor"? It makes sense that it should.
  22. Its rather hard to get anything from the VA. What veterans need is have a special time with your PCP Dr or specialty clinic Dr. if you need something to help you around the house..like a Motorized wheel chair , when you ask the Dr be sincere about it get emotional if feel like it just simple say Dr can I rely on you to help me get a motorized wheel chair that would sure help me and my pain and help me tremendously around the house,and very mush so at the grocery store &Church & when I get up to use the rest room I almost fall hanging on to the walls because the pain is so severe (get emotional about it) I just can't afford one Dr its all we can do to make ends meet and pay the bills, you got to let them see your serious and say ''Please Dr can I count on you in referring me a wheel chair that would be Awesome Dr. Thank you very much your awesome Dr Jones This will work better than anything I Know of the kicker here is get emotional with them let them see your begging them for things that would help you around your home. Some Dr just have no concern about our health ,there there just for a paycheck but most Dr do care.
  23. I'm reading the contract I received from the attorney and he's asking for 30% plus all costs to himself which may include travel costs, long distance phone calls, etc. This doesn't sound right to me. I thought the max was 20% of past due benefits to be paid to him by the VA - period. Input?
  24. Just wanted to update this Incase anyone is following. I filed in november 2018 and received my first couple of c&p exams this past week. All were very pleasant and with outside civilian docs. Felt like they went well. In the meantime I started seeing a physician to start addressing these conditions and was able to see some specialists. Showed my records to my doctor and he provided me with a nexus letter stating these conditions certainly were a result of the injuries/procedures that occurred while on active duty. I hope that helps the claim process. Still waiting on a few more c&p exams but finally feels like the ball is at least rolling a little.
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