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  2. I think any information we can supply to them the better chance of winning , via NOD IF your in the supplemental lane ? but after your claim gets this far &no decision its usually deferred to BVA or Back to your R.O, however be careful of to much ''speculation'' let that come from the Dr's them self's I agree with broncovet but most of our information /evidence needs to come from the Dr's or shown through medical records
  3. Geekysquid quote ''As a note she was fired for trying to hump the one black guy in our group while writing that all the white guys were trying to be "familiar" with her. The black guy filed a complaint about her trying to get handsy with him, and the rest of us after comparing notes from Blue Button filed complaints about her false claims of being "too familiar." This has Happen to me just once, I went to see a MSW this was young well dressed nice looking lady, (maybe 29/30 years old)after we were in her small office I notice she locked the door and slowly unbutton her top two buttons on her blouse showing her cleavage and would bend over in front of me, After I notice what she was doing I never looked at her or touch her in any way, this seem to irritate her and the session was cut short... I never reported her but I never have seen her anymore either but she is still here, I see her walking the halls and talking with other veterans....some times I think this can be a scam to get the Veterans in trouble if the lay hands on or inappropriately touch a VA Employee or MH Professional. if this ever happens with any Veteran my advise is to get up, excuse yourself and go check out...its optional if the Veteran reports such inappropriate behavior by a MH Professional..but if the Veteran goes through with this type behavior it can be made hard on this Veteran at his VAMC for future appointments and his/her over all health care.
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  5. Geeky you could very well be correct, since the Laws governing DSM 5 Have been deleted the VA has Discovered a new way to diagnose Veterans. however I am referring to the VA DSM 5 Diagnosis Only. I realize Veterans can get treated for PTSD Outside or from private Dr's its the VA Diagnose that is in question not the treatment or where a Veteran can be treated for PTSD. Please read this News Buzz Link below Since the Brutal unexpected attact At Ft Hood Texas in 2013 on Veterans by US Army Specialist Ivan Lopez this changed things in the VA Mental Health Diagnoses and treatment for mental health About the Army specialist Ivan Lopez the Actual Shooter at Ft Hood a few years ago 2013 I believe? Has This disaster changed the way the VA Diagnose Veterans for PTSD or Other Mental Health Problems ? Since this happen in 2013 I am not sure when/If this change took effect or if it has been changed as of the current time 2019? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/katiejmbaker/how-veterans-are-diagnosed-with-ptsd I have not seen any new regulations for the way the VA Diagnose Veterans for DSM 5 PTSD Until I find these changed regulations I stand by what I mention as to the way Veterans are diagnose by the VA Dr''s Only.
  6. @broncovet I really appreciate the perspective you put on this. Would filing the new Supplemental Claim request be the same as a NOD? It was interesting when I called 1-800 the other day. The lady on the phone looked at my original claim and the Cushing's decision. She said the VA based their denial on me never being diagnosed with it and advised I submit records showing I was diagnosed. I have those now and am sending them in. The non-VA endocrinologist used what might be a magic word: "iatrogenic", which appears to have a nexus built into the definition: This is what she wrote: I am including the definition with my response. I had to look it up to see what it meant. I have a feeling the VARO would have no clue either.
  7. Thanks for the replies. It keeps getting more complicated as time goes by.. I will get in touch with the atty next week and try to get some feedback. I'm ok with most of the dx but am having some trouble with the narcissistic dx. Vetquest, I agree they just throw sh*t against the wall to see what will stick. Broncovet, I'm not saying the atty should have done anything different, he's supposedly one of the best in M/H cases. I am a little rattled by the dx and wanted to post here and see what you guys -- who've been further down this road than me -- have to say. Thanks again.
  8. that is not 100% accurate, at least not in my case. I went from claim to C&P. I had a short stop with a VA MD Drug Pusher and an MSW who stated I was inappropriately familiar because I asked her if she had a good thanksgiving with her family. As a note she was fired for trying to hump the one black guy in our group while writing that all the white guys were trying to be "familiar" with her. The black guy filed a complaint about her trying to get handsy with him, and the rest of us after comparing notes from Blue Button filed complaints about her false claims of being "too familiar." We found out she was fired for this because she showed up at the group and berated us all for it, then was escorted out by security. The MD did nothing but urge me to take more and more powerful drugs. She thought a daily dose of Lithium would be nifty for me to take. The one specific thing about PTSD is the C&P HAS to be done by the VA, but you don't have to have treatment at the VA to get a C&P for PTSD
  9. It is really their choice which citizenship they choose. I have 2 daughters that are German Citizens and 2 with U.S. Citizenship. I have a daughter who graduated high school in Harker Heights, Texas and moved back to Germany. She applied for her German Citizenship. The German system put her through the apprenticeship program and paid for everything and then help placing her in a position that she is really happy in.
  10. No Problem. CPAC should be able to help you also. Here in Wiesbaden we have a Passport / ID card office. Has she gotten her Dependent ID Card? The reason I am asking is that I think she needs a SSN for her ID card and they should have helped you getting one. You never know with the VA. Landstuhl does C&P but it is limited. VES (a Contractor) does a lot of C&P exam over here, and they have traveling teams. Both C&P exams I have had over here has been with VES.
  11. I made the first post under the AMA forum about my 1st Claim under the AMA process. I put it up to track the dates and times things took I filed that post May 8 2019 the same day I filed the claim On May 17 I was emailed that VES was looking for a Doctor. on May 20th I found out my C&P was on May 24th On May 29th VA.GOV said estimated completion date was Oct 22, two days later it went to Oct 23rd. The next week VA posted they had sent a Request for Clarification. No change until this morning at 4 a.m. PST. The status went to Preparing for notification with a completion date of 17 June. Since I am OCD and have taken the good advice not to obsess over what Ebennies and now VA.GOV says about estimated completion dates. I limit myself to checking it once in the morning, usually around 4 a.m. and once around 8 p.m. So that is what makes this a little funny. Last night at 8 p.m. the status was still Oct 23rd, but by 4 a.m. PST it changed to June 17th. It appears someone was working overtime or literally waited to Saturday morning to flip that date switch. I don't know for sure. So now the wait begins. What I know for sure is the Dr. was a idiot and not qualified in Urology or anything else I am rated for. He is only licensed as a General Practioneer I posted his weak credentials elsewhere. basically he has never practiced medicine, He just does C&P's and probably insurance evals. I suspect I will be filing a NOD. I do know that since the change on VA.GOV I am sure the RO has the DBQ, so I will go down and see if I can get that one and the other three I need. That alone is logistical chore but I will figure that out. The wheel chair and all the hills near the VARO make getting there a bit much. I will post again when the date changes and see if I start my wait for the BBE or if they bounce it back again.
  12. If you have biological kids then they derive citizenship from you, if they are stepchildren then they could also naturalize (providing they are under I believe it is 21 and are not married).
  13. Since you are a GS employee, if your wife does want to be a US Citizen then as long as you will be overseas at least an additional 12 months she could actually become a citizen right away, you and here would have to travel to the US or a US territory to take the oath, but it can be done. 8 CFR 319(b) is the section of law, you can also find it at https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-4. You still have to file all the paper work and it will be worked at the embassy in Germany (USCIS still has an office there). I hope this helps.
  14. They are already ignoring evidence and you suggest getting more evidence. Think about that. It doesn't make sense. Appealing to the BVA will take a long time. I am beginning to think that the VA is going to deny, deny until I die.
  15. I just received 80% SC for my narcolepsy. The decision took nearly a year but it was worth the wait.
  16. Yesterday
  17. If you file the supplemental claim, and are awarded benefits, you can appeal the effective date. It "would" appear your c and p exam 30 years ago would substantiate your position you applied back then, but I cant say for sure if that would be probative or not. You would think so, after all, the VA doesnt do a c and p exam if you have not applied. Your effective date is the later of the "facts found" (which normally means the date the doc said you were disabled) or the date you applied. I will take a WAG that your c and p exam could be proof you applied 30 years ago. The denial may or may not be relevant. Again, see the effective date rules: The later of the facts found or date you first applied. So, the C and P exam could establish a claim date, or nearly so, and the doctor will have to provide a date HE thinks you were disabled. I say go for it. You will probably need an attorney to win the 30 year effective date. It would appear the "supplemental claim" would not hurt you. Is there "new evidence" you can submit?
  18. There is some good news, but please start your own topic so we can point you in the right direction. I'll initiate some of that good news on here. #1. Don't beat yourself up over something that you did or didn't do. #2. All the other issues you are having can be secondary connected to Psoriatic Arthritis, once you get it service-connected. #3. Since the pain is severe enough that it is causing you to not get sleep that is called Insomnia; you can claim that secondary as well. Is this condition also causing you to have Depression? This can also be claimed, as secondary. The Insomnia and Depression will be combined because both are mental health disorders. I'll explain further once you create your own topic.
  19. I think it depends on VAMC you are working with. My wife gets paid monthly for my bowel and bladder care. If your VAMC has a separate program like ours you could get help then, good luck!
  20. Kihr make your own thread. So that others that post won't get confused.
  21. If you want to speed things up, you can download the DBQs yourself, and seek private physicians to do them. I did and HADIT with the C&P exams that are all denied. So I went to the RO and complained and the dude said that I was jumping the shark and my gut was wrong. Sure enough it was denied and the C&P examiner still gets paid, total waste of tax payers money.
  22. I didn't think 12 /21/19 was here just yet...Lol I figured it was typo.
  23. When you have an attorney, its difficult for us to say, "Oh, your attorney should have .........." , when we have not so much as even seen your file. My advice is to follow your attorney's advice. All mental health disorders are rated under the same schedule..PTSD, depression, bipolar, etc. etc. Once service connected, you are rated on symptoms. Apparently, your attorney feels your symptoms of mental health disorder(s) deserve higher than 50%. I will show the schedule, and you know your symptoms better than I do: Note, it sounds like several of the disorders you mentioned are on this list:
  24. Bronco is correct on all points. Once you are divorced she gets nothing. In fact, the increase when you marry is for you not her. It is supposed to compensate you for another dependent you need to support. Same with the kids; unless they are disabled or going to school/college, the additional money for that stops as well. Same story; the money is yours to help support the kids. And its is considered "fraudulent" if you continue to collect for dependents once they are no longer are. Once they find out, they take it out of your disability check. And they can be pretty nasty about how fast they want to take it back. In fact, there is pending bill in Congress to regulate that and other overpayment mistakes the VA makes that the veteran has to pay back.
  25. Remember 80% of something is always better than 100% of nothing. If you pick a good attorney (research them before hiring) you will find it was money well spent.
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