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  2. I had a remand in Sept 2017. Got the exams done in april and may of 2018. Haven't heard squat since.
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  4. i understand all your situation and have many of the same issues. If you can afford it, and I am not asking about your finances, consider CoolSculpting or LaserLipo. This is just an idea you might not have considered. The weight acerbates so many of your problems and being in a chair does too. Gastric bypass sucks in general. Both other options are painless and outpatient situations. they can be financed...again not asking about your money situation but if you do a consult and get an estimate, maybe a gofundme? I doubt VA will pop for them but you never know. There is some stuff out of band they will pay for if you have a medical need, and you have a medical need. you just need a VA doc to fight for it with you. one of the big problems of weight loss when you are fat like me, is getting started and needing that "boost" of getting a big win quickly in the process. CoolSculpting or LaserLipo might just give you that boost and then a proper diet afterwards.
  5. I have a problem with my prostrate as well.. of course we are all about the same age, and its going to happen to all of us... you would think that medical personal would know by now what causes the enlarge prostrate. I had a triple whammy in February, where I was advised I had a 10.5 PSA, a few days later I was in the Emergency room with blood clots in my lungs and not a month later I had to have my gallbladder out. Anyway, I have been seeing a urologist on Fort Bragg... he already did the scope procedure ( don't remember the technical word ) ( damn that was painful) were he confirmed the prostrate was enlarged. He put me on the Tamsulosin & Finasteride. There are times when I don't have a problem, but there are times when I get an immediate urge to go, and when I try to go its almost impossible to go. I usually wake up once in the night to go, but sometimes its three times a night, I have spent 20 minutes at a time trying to relieve myself... Ok perhaps a little too much detail... my doctor advised me that the Finasteride may reduce the prostrate by 50% if it does I don't have cancer, if it doesn't I may have cancer, but.. he also told me that Finasteride can cause cancer so its almost a no win situation. I do occasionally leak when I am trying to get to the bathroom quickly and don't make it... I think I have a dribble from time to time after but nothing really serious. My biggest concern is he wants to do a biopsy of the prostrate and that means going thru the colon, not a pleasant procedure for anyone to have to do. And to make matters worse I am on warfarin for life because of the previous blood clots in my lungs.... so I would have to stop taking the warfarin for a while just to do the biopsy.... Buck you are not alone with the weight gain I am 6.2 if I could stand up straight, I weigh 344 lbs... I am fat plan and simple.. but I have a lot of medical issues that caused this problem. Steroids for lungs, Thyroid problems, and the inability to exercise due to my knees and back issues, but mostly my breathing problems. I have been in a wheelchair for a long time.... anyway I have dieted and I have lost 31 lbs in 8 months.. but it really is hard to stay on a diet.. I was up to 375 last November, when I went on Nutrisystem which truth be told is not a real diet, it is just food in the proper portions, and eating a little bit 6 times a day... It does help me lose weight, but it takes a long time and a lot of will power....Factually, I did not have a weight problem until I was forced into retirement in 1999 three months later I had gained 60 lbs and it just got worse over the years... I was actually going to the gym 3 times a week up until 2006.. but my breathing go worse that I just could not catch my breath in 2007 I was put on oxygen. I am totally embarrassed by my weight problem, but not a whole lot I can really do about it.... Sorry about the hijacked thread .. got carried away....
  6. This is an initial claim. Fill out the online form with all your claimed conditions. Fill out the Statement in Support of claim and in the remarks section list each claimed item with in-service date of diagnosis. Add pages that weave your story and describes the nexus events. GRADUALLY is NOT YOUR FRIEND. 2 to 3 days at the most to get everything uploaded. Do NOT upload that 1000 page medical file. The VA is going to order a copy of it for their records. You will be telling them where your civilian records are and THEY will be ordering them too. Buddy statements are the only other thing that RIGHT NOW you might want to upload. you main goal is to beat that clock on the ITF but don't let that drive you to wasting time and procrastinating uploading the Statement in Support of Claim or Buddy Statements. Again that 1000 page file needs to be put aside for now. Once you get your Cfile then worry about comparing it to what you already have. You will want both if you have to NOD any award or denial. That is months away. Don't get lost in it now.
  7. Gotcha. I'm going to submit this tonight or tomorrow morning and after submitting will gradually upload the statements of support and other documents. Thanks for your help sincerely. You've been of great support and a gold mine of information
  8. your ITF run out when? tomorrow I think you said? File the claim with all the conditions you are claiming. By filing I mean fill out the Claim FORM On line at Vets.gov or Ebenefits. they are the same thing just through a different portal. once that is done, you have a couple days to fill out the Statement in Support of Claim before they are LIKELY to start work on your claim in any meaningful way. Fill out one Statement in Support of Claim for what ever you filed using the Online Claim FORM. If you have buddy statements upload those. The VA is now working on a National Work Queue. That means people from all over the country reach in and grab the next claim file in order that they were submitted. That person could be 2000 miles away from your RO> Claims go through a process. at first there is what I call a pre-process where the first person to get it sets up your claim file in their system, sets up the orders to get your military records, associates the files you upload to the claims files. etc etc.. Then it waits until those records arrive. Could be a week, could be month. depends on stuff we don't know. There are automatic check points that other people in the NWQ will look at your file to see what is missing or if everything has arrived. those will be different folks than have already touched your file. When everything they expect is there someone reviews the stuff and decides what C&P's you need to have. and begins the heavy digging into the files to corroborate what you said and uploaded. Like I said at the top, this could be a week a month we just don't know.
  9. Thank you. So, after filing my Initial claim, THEN do I weave my story to the VA and explain to them what I think the causes were? Do I submit additional Statements of support for these separate from my initial statement of support for my initial claim?
  10. we cannot answer that. if you don't have a specific event, don't try and write one. let the VA decide what they want to ask you about it. GERD is one of those diseases that can have non-specific causes. yeah like I told you last night. Use the main body of the form to list all your claims and dates of diagnosis, if you are attaching your medical records from the MILITARY at this time, list their exhibit name. If you are attaching CIVILIAN records do the same. Name them as I suggested to you. then say see attached 34 pages for more information. That said, the VA will ORDER your MILITARY medical records you DON"T have to attach them with your claim. Just give them the dates and the diagnosis. If you have CIVILIAN records attach them or tell them WHERE and WHEN you got them. They will order them. No matter what you attach / upload the VA will order those records to verify they actually exist at the provider you claimed they come from. As long as you provide the dates and diagnosis (for military) and dates, diagnosis and location for CIVILIAN you are okay for your INITIAL CLAIM. then weave your story of your harms in-service. What caused your MH conditions? what caused your knee conditions... etc etc etc. do the best you can to describe the events that YOU think caused those problems. If the VA wants more info from you they will tell you. The C&P examiner will ask you about them. DON"T LIE. they will check for corroboration.
  11. John Dorle, a VA claims agent will be our guest To call in and speak to John, dial 347 237 4819 To listen, click this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2019/06/27/haditcom-podcast-with-guest-john-dorle
  12. That's rough. Severe GERD is so bothersome. In my case I really don't know what caused my GERD. I just started to get it during service, had an endoscopy, and had to go to the emergency room a few times for it. So just by chance it started during service. I don't think being in the Army caused it at all... In this case, is it even contemplated by the VA to be service connected or not at all? For the Nexus statement, is this done as part of Statement in support form or separately?
  13. I don't know what events or all the issues you are claiming are. You need a nexus event to attribute your in-service condition too. you have to tell the TRUTH... they will look for corroboration. Lying will cause you problems. so for GERD (and I have no idea if this causes GERD it is just a rough example off the top of my head) In 2015 I was assigned to Camp Hole-in-the-Wall. We had to bug out and I was in charge of the burn pits. we had to make sure everything we couldn't carry out with us was destroyed. There were thousands of gallons of fuel and toxic chemicals, mattresses, electronics, trash, etc etc etc. I inhaled those fumes directly for 6 days straight. then hiked 50 miles to our next location. After that exposure I began having problems with what I thought was acid reflux. At first I just figured it was something I ate, but after a few days of really bad heart burn I went to the medic....blah blah blah. then NOv 1 2016 Dr Schmuck at field hospital Dysentery Central said I had GERD and prescribed XXXXX. Today my GERD is so bad that even during work I have searing pain in my throat as bile and stomach acids try to come up. I run to the bathroom 11-teen times a day to get the taste out of my mouth. if it affects your sleep write that too. if in the above far out example the camp was attacked and mortar rounds exploded around you then develop your statement to include those facts to support your anxiety claim. think of it this way, you are telling your story. You are weaving a tale around the events that directly or indirectly caused you the harms you are claiming compensation for. These are things that affect your ability to work.
  14. Thank you for the reply doc25. I did not. My only overseas duty assignment was South Korea, Airborne physical is what caught the abnormalities.
  15. It says GERD with esophagitis, so I will put that as advised. For things such as GERD or other conditions, do I list what I think the causes are? If no then how will I prove service connection despite them being diagnosed in service? Or even something like my nasal polyp surgery (polyps from allergies) and allergies were PROBABLY caused my the extreme desert conditions I was stationed in.
  16. what does your medical record say? does it use that word? does it say glashutte has esophagitis? or does it say glashutte has GERD and esophagitis? just list what the medical record says. if it does not specifically connect the two, make it it's own condition and let the VA decide if it is secondary.
  17. Golden, thank you. Do I necessarily want esophagitis to be secondary or do I want it to be its own rating?
  18. other than the other changes I just wrote to you that is fine... again, unless your in-service report says you have secondary esophagits dont use either word. If it is in your in-service medical records it is okay to use.
  19. let the exam do what it does. What I told you to write would look like I suffer from severe GERD diagnosed in-service on xxxxxx. I suffer severe inflammation that makes it painful to swallow and I get chest pains. .... the caveat is if your record actually says you have esophagitis. just don't say secondary. where you say PG don't, do what I said and print the page (or several pages) as a separate document and title it appropriately....say see attached medical record dated Nov 1 2016 XXXXXXXXX don't bury yourself in the weeds with minutia and NEVER NEVER NEVER use words like secondary or limit the symptoms. just give them the symptoms in your narrative.
  20. This is what I wrote now, should I shorten this or keep as is for the Statement of support? GERD with secondary esophagitis: diagnosed in-service on Nov 1 2016 (pg ___). My chronic GERD is severe (emergency room visits), spreads pain to my shoulders (pg ___), keeps me awake at night from chronic pain and prevents me from maintaining a healthy diet due to triggers which causes fatigue These night pains and fatigue has worsened my depression and constant fatigue.
  21. Regarding the statement of support: I have severe GERD and have listed it like this. GERD with secondary esophagitis: diagnosed in-service on Nov 1 2016 (pg ___) Is it also ideal at this point of initial claim application to list symptoms? I have read here that certain symptoms of GERD may result in a 30% rating. Or should I let me C&P exam decide this?
  22. Since you did not have a diagnosis for sleep apnea in-service. Secondary connection is the path of least resistance to take. You can try to re-open the previous denial in the Supplemental Claim lane with "new and relevant" evidence. A nexus of opinion would re-open the denied Sleep apnea claim. If you have a service connected disability like a mental health disorder, respiratory/nasal/sinus disorder, or heart condition; you may secondary connect Sleep Apnea to either of those. What are you service-connected with and I'll look up medical literature if there's a link.
  23. okay that is good. it is a sign of vertigo and some types of vertigo can be brought on by medications. there might be a sugar thing happening from what you said above, or it just could be the pill itself. hopefully your doc has a solution. VA is weird about teeth and a lot seems to be about what the Head of Dental believes involving implants. I don't know your area, but do you have any of those "one day" implant dentists around? They might have a different view of implants. From what I see from the tv commercials around here their patients are basically toothless street folks who end up with Hollywood Actor smiles in one day.... not picking on street folks but the before pics are rather groddy. 5-6 teeth missing, no gums to speak of... one before pic has a woman with green and black teeth showing.
  24. No I don't think they were? eyes moving up and down or side ways like the house was moving no no symptoms like that I am in bad shape as for as my over all physical condition laying around all day over eatting and greases foods like patato chips ect,,,ect,, I just kinda got a light headed feeling and nauseous clamy sweaty & like upset stomach, of course I am obese 6.'1 at 265lbs don't help matters any. I need to lose at least 65 of those pounds I know I do its just hard to lose weight for me. i have to take deep breaths when I exert myself even just walking fast or doing something more physical than usual I have to take deep breaths and especially when I have anxiety This today was like getting to much sun feeling type thing I am fairly sure it was the prozsosin capsule I took about an hour/1.2 earlier. I'll talk with my Dr about it when I see her. Now I got to go get my middle upper tooth extracted because of a fracture root as this tooth had a root canal done about 10 years back and now the damn VA dentist is wanting to extract all my upper teeth so I can use dentures..and they have said I have to much bone loss for inmplants...so I am asking for the Dentist if he will outsourse me via the New Mission Act Actually I only have 7 of my front sissor teeth. and about 9 of my bottom sissors. My age is catching up wit hme at age 67
  25. the admission of phone calls relies on the state. For example Louisiana is one-party state, while Washington is a two-party state. What that means is in LA you can record a conversation you are in and no one can object, they can just walk away. It can be entered into the record in court. In a two-party state all members of the conversation have to know and agree to be recorded. I don't plan on entering the calls into a court record, but I will damn sure share it with reporters and any HMFIC I can buttonhole at the VA, just to show them that their people are sloughing off their jobs and duty to veterans.
  26. was the world spinning around you? if it happens again, go look yourself in the face in a mirror. if the room/world is spinning try to watch your own eyes in the mirror. If they are moving with the spin you have nystagmus.
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    • I filed a claim in october of 2018 for ptsd and TDIU, long story short I tried to do everything myself and didn't have the proper diagnosis so I was service connected for anxiety based on having a medical marijuana card diagnosis for anxiety but the rating was 30% and I much worse off then that. So I obtained a referral from the va to a fancy psychiatrist from the university of north florida's behavior health department and was diagnosed with ptsd, bi polar 1 and panic disorder. I used this new medical evidence as my supplemental claim evidence and filed it April 16, 2019 after receiving my letter March 20, 2019. My claim is now at Pending Decision Approval with an estimated completion date of july 2, 2019 which is super fast from all I have read. My question is, Am I going to be awarded tdiu with the evidence I submitted if they adjust me up to 70% which I think it will . Or if they award 70% for ptsd on this new supplemental claim will i have to re-apply for tdiu again? Or would that all be considered in the final review of the entire claim? Thanks for any help.

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    • how do you figure when they will start paying me at the 100% rate, housebound..?  They will start the pay before they finish the back pay?  That would be nice !!
    • Hello:

      If you receive a hysterectomy while you are filing for disability through the VA, will it still count?

      I am out of the military.

      Thank you
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    • Help needed bad  Male MST
      Is there anything for a man who's been diagnosed with PTSD secondary to MST. I see all this information and it's primarily speaking as if it only happened to females. If anybody has any advice for a man who suffers from this condition please let me know I'm not alone. Also let me know of any coping skills you've learned as I have lived the last 25-30 years of my life in full flight from reality. 
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