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  • Common Disabilities claimed as service connected disability. These links will take you to relevant articles and posts on the subject. Tinnitus | PTS(D) | Lumbosacral Cervical Strain | Scars | Limitation of flexion, knee | Diabetes | Paralysis of Siatic Nerve | Limitation of motion, ankle | Degenerative Arthritis Spine | TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury

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  2. I agree with broncovet and if you do not report any income the VA checks with the SSA/IRS to see if you did work and if they find out they may decide to send you a Proposal to reduce your benefits.
  3. I sure hope you sent in your 21.0958 NOD with in a year of the denial? Dec 2018 would be your dead line. if not you may need to request a reopen and send in new and meterial evidence or revelent evidence as you will be placed in the RAMP Program if they do that to you you may want to choose the S.L. Supplemental lane
  4. I think it went pretty well. I went to a contact nurse practitioner through qtc. She did measure some ROM with the tool (shoulders and forward flexion on my back.). I think she eyeballed the other joints which makes me nervous. I did ask if we needed to measure and she said she got it. All in all the doc was very nice, listened and had about 2-3 pages of notes by the end. I wasn’t having a great day but not a bad day either and I explained that. I also submitted my prescription history with a letter from my treating doctor to let them know what I was on and for how long (over 2 years). Qtc says they are still waiting for her to submit and they should have it by today. I also got a call from the va regional office and the guy says he thinks it will be done within a month. Fingers crossed.
  5. Riplip I had thought you did your hearing loss C&P From Mass Eye and Ear??? was your C&P done at the VA Audiology? if yes then yes get your test from Mass Eye & Ear remember they check all Puretone threshold average,” as used in Tables VI and VIa, is the sum of the puretone thresholds at 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 Hertz, divided by four. This average is used in all cases (including those in §4.86) to determine the Roman numeral designation for hearing impairment from Table VI or VIa. check CFR 38 4.85 Scroll on down until you find the chart they use...I am not sure how they use this chart table VI or VIa ? member broncovet can chime in I think he knows how to use this chart. I;m sure the Mass Eye& Ear can figure it out.
  6. So, how did it go? Did the doctor test ROM? Do you have your results back?
  7. Today
  8. My wife is going to call Mass Eye and Ear (I can't even get through a phone conversation to request on my own) to have them send me the results of the audiology report spelling out the puretone thresholds and hertz so I can try to decipher the VA rating chart. The paperwork they gave me only gives me a graph i don't understand and the word recognition. I am also going to go to the VA and request my 2018 Audiology test so i can compare them.
  9. The denial was Dec. of 2017 and it was for anxiety and stress secondary to both hearing loss and tinnitus.
  10. I always cringe when someone says, "I was told....." Told by who? A few weeks ago, on tv, "I was told" the earth was flat. I think the guy who said the earth was flat sincerely beleived that NASA's phots, proving otherwise, were all fakes. Even if you "were told" by someone like a VSO, or a VSO, or a VA employee, when I get done with this Im gonna calculate all the money I have lost by doing "what I was told", by VA employees, VSO's and others who either had no idea what they were talking about, or were just plain lying. You are not in the military anymore. Look up the criteria for TDIU. It says you are "unable to maintain Substantial Gainful employment" due to SC conditions. Once a year, you need to send to the VA a form which describes your "earned income". The late Senator Mc Cain, and others have gotten 100 percent and a few have overcome their disabilities and are able to earn an income. Now, when you are on tdiu, simply fill out the form to say how much you earned. Go look up the defination of substantial gainful employment, and/or earned income vs passive or investment income. Disabled people are not required to be in poverty, even tho that is often how it works out. Its not a crime to have saved up your money, and invested it wisely, or, in your case, for your parents to have done same. Do what you want to do, and take advice from whoever you please. Its your life. And there is much information out there. Some of it is correct, some not so much. Ask your accountant what is the defination of earned income vs investment income. If you do that, I think you will conclude you can own rental property as long as you are not actively managing it. Getting a degree in a medical field is great. I suggest you do whatever it is you can, and dont use the criteria for tdiu to rule over you. If you can work, after a year of SGE, report it on the form. Eventually, if you are able to enter the workforce, then do so, and dont fret over so called "lost income" from tdiu.
  11. My Commisary letter has disappeared from Eben as well. Good thing i.printed out a bunch of them for my records. As we all know, Eben is a horrible website and it's new counterpart Vets.gov aint any better
  12. This is an interesting topic for me cause I was just awarded TDIU. The way I always understood it from other posters is that rental income is unearned income/investment income therefore you didn't actually work to obtain that and would not count when the VA cross checks with Social Security just as long as it's reported on your tax filing as investment income and not earned income. I sold a baseball card earlier this year and i have a few baseball cards from my collection that i'm currently selling so I hope i'm right on this. I just don't think you should be forced to save money by leaving your extra funds in a checking/savings account or stashing it underneath your mattress. Inflation would just eat it away. Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe somebody else can chime in?
  13. I really don't understand why the VA don't want to understand that my weigh gain is from my lack of sleep and chronic pain. It is hard to be motivated to exercise when you are a walking zombie with chronic pain. The funny part of this is that when they tell me no, it pushes me to prove them wrong. I can see a lot more sleepless nights in my future, until I do so.
  14. I do need to look at the Medication that the Military and the VA had / has me on. Thanks Buck!
  15. Weight gain is a misconception by most doctors, unless it's a sleep specialist. It's only one factor. There's plenty of veterans that are not overweight and still have Sleep Apnea. Why is that?? So you're right in not buying what they're selling.
  16. Thanks Buck52 - The VA said that I require a C-PAP, noting that I had 30.4 Apneas per hour. The VA also stated that my Sleep Apnea is caused by my weigh (190 pounds at 5'10") but I am not buying it. I had issues long before I started gaining weigh, but they won't listen. Hopefully now that I have to use a Private Doctor, I can get down to the route of the problem. I have just ordered a new copy of my C-File, I should receive it in a couple of months. I would like to have it along with my VA and Military records to take to the Doctor and hopefully they will give an opinion. I am finding that the German Doctors are more open to give an opinion even when it deals with the VA.
  17. Thanks for your input, My Voc rehab case manager is in contact with my care providers and agrees with their assessment. I'm in the program for training purposes and he isn't pushing the employment resources until I get the green light from my care providers.
  18. Thanks for the information Doc25 - I will read the PDF's, it looks like a lot of good information. Max Hirshkowitz, is a VA Doctor who has done a lot of Psychiatric Disorders and Sleep Apnea. I have seen his name on a lot of research on the subject. I have been denied twice also, but I was trying to directly service connect OSA. I truly believe that I had OSA in service but in the 1980's OSA was unheard of. So I am going the Secondary route this time and hopefully I can find a Doctor to back it up. I will bring the documentation with me to the Doctor and maybe he/she will use some of it.
  19. Kudos for bettering yourself. However, It’s a fact. When you complete VOC Rehab? They VA will deem you employable. You WILL lose your TDIU. I think you could argue the rental property issue, but that’s out of my lane.
  20. @broncovet, in 1988 my entire medical record at the VA disappeared. The medical director and the undersecretary of the VA both wrote letters to my congressman that I had never been seen at the hospital. It sounds like a spy movie but I was advised to go to the records department after hours and speak to the records clerk. I did so and he handed me a jacket with some of my records in it and showed me the copier and said what he did not see he was not responsible for. He locked me in and went out to for a little while, I made the copies and locked the door after me. I wish I had all of my records because the care they detailed was pretty bad. It was not as bad as 2008 but it was interesting.
  21. If your providers say you are not ready for employment I would listen to them. I would hate to see you lose TDIU and then find out you are not employable. As for the masters program I would pursue another that does not have prerequisites. It might not be the one you want but it sounds like the one you want is not attainable at this time. I will say that I believe you are lucky you can attain a degree and have a chance at employment. A lot of us have to realize we will never be able to earn an income again. As for the properties, if they hold no sentimental value I would dump them but then this would be considered income when you sold them so check with the VA about this. Call Peggy and ask if there is someone who can advise you. Someone else on this site may be able to advise you or we should wait to see if @asknodis willing to weigh in on this question. It is complicated.
  22. A good example of a secondary claim for Sleep Apnea Example Only Say your S.C. For PTSD Would be PTSD you can say or the Dr''s can say that your VA Diagnose of sleep apnea is related to your PTSD.....so you can file a secondary claim due to your PTSD & Medications if you have a Dr to connect the two. But it has to be a qualified Dr to give his medical opinion on this. without the help of the Docs your Sleep Apnea Will be denied.
  23. yes if you get S.C. For them both it could boost you on up. but don't count on those. The Sleep Apnea Is what I would definitely file on if you use a C-Pap that the Dr's tell you is necessary to use because of your health, its usually 50% rating you may need to see if your Sleep Apnea can be secondary to one or more of your service connected conditions and file the Sleep Apnea Secondary Claim to one of those. check with the right Dr's on the Sleep Apnea claim and ask if your sc****** .>can be related to OSA? Ask that Dr if he will give his medical opinion that this veteran s.c. ***** is likely as not related to his OSA as I it understand this Veteran is prescribe a C-PAP BY THE VA Sleep clinic after his prescribe sleep study.ect,,,ect,,, you will need a Dr's help with this. Your other two conditions may or may not be enough to boost you up to the 100% but with them and the OSA that will definitely put you on up to 100% possibly SMC-S H.B. Good Luck My Brother Just remember just because you use a C-pap don't nessessarily mean the raters will give you a rating for it...you need the Dr;s help in connecting the two. look into our C-FILE and myhealevet notes. for possible favorable notations when you had your sleep study done.
  24. What was the date you received your denial letter? If it's been over a year...you'll need to re-open it with new and RELEVANT evidence as a supplemental claim for DRO review. https://www.va.gov/decision-reviews/supplemental-claim/ "New and Relevant Evidence" such as, new treatment notes for your mental health issues due to hearing loss and vestibular disorder; possibly a filled out mental health DBQ other than PTSD; and a nexus letter from a mental health doctor stating the minimum threshold of "at least as likely as not" the veteran's claimed condition is due to or the result of the veteran's hearing loss and vestibular disorder, plus a rationale linking your stress and anxiety to your SC conditions. Below I provided the proper DBQ that a mental health doctor can fill out. You can't fill out the medical part, only your personal information. MH disorders DBQ.pdf
  25. Hello All, Let me start by saying that I was recently granted TDIU, I'm a young guy in my early 30's and I am currently in Voc Rehab and finishing out a bachelors program. Working with my green team care providers I've been told that I am not yet ready to try for full employment. The issue I'm having is that while I work on myself mentally I would like to pursue a masters program to make myself more competitive and a more well-rounded applicant when the time comes that I can return to the workforce. There are two issues I'm running into regarding my TDIU status. 1. The program I am interested in requires 800 minimum PAID patient care hours to even apply for the program. So I would have to lose my TDIU to even try? I was told to contact my RO to possibly facilitate a sheltered part-time work program, or at the very least let my situation be known. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. 2. I recently inherited two properties from a family member and they are rentals, After speaking to a gentleman on VA's 1800 number I was told that rentals are counted towards gainful employment whether or not they are managed by me or not, ( I do not manage them, there were tenants already living there upon my possession of the properties). They don't bring in much in the way of profit so are they worth keeping if they jeopardize my TDIU. Overall I am very blessed to receive my IU rating but I still want to get better and push myself to do more and be more than I currently am, The rating itself has allowed me to spend more time working on continuing my education but more importantly overcoming some issues that have plagued me for many years. Any advice or guidance or even constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated , Thank you and have a wonderful day Semper Fi
  26. Thank you Broncovet! Very interesting map. It appears that since I went HLR the first time that I must to to the BVA lane.
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    • Mere Speculation  Comp and Pen
      Hello Fellow Veteran 20 year retired disabled Navy veteran, quick ?? I am going for unemployability through the VA just had my comp and Pen, I do check off all the DBQ according to the therapist , but at the end of it she said in her opinion it would be mere speculation on rather I should get unemployability or not. What’s that mean thanks 
      • 9 replies
    • Man using HadIt name to collect funds -  Go FundMe shuts down campaign following Raleigh man's arrest for fraud
      I was interviewed for  this story. This gentlemen was using the HadIt name to collect funds for some non existent charity. "HadIt.com" is NOT a non-profit. "HadIt.com" will never have anyone collecting outside of Walmarts. If "HadIt.com" does not list a fundraiser on our site it is not affiliated with us. Please read the story and pass on that this person is NOT affiliated with "HadIt.com"

      Note: The text at the top of the video lists me as a nonprofit founder. HadIt.com is a for profit, it is not a non profit and this man is not associated with our site and none of the money he collected had anything to do with our site.


      Go FundMe shuts down campaign following Raleigh man's arrest for fraud 
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    • Additional 100% Disabled Veteran Benefits

      If you reach 100% P and T there are more benefits available to you. This is by no means an extensive list and we recommend calling the Veterans Affairs at 1-800-827-1000 with any questions about the following benefits.

      Check your state benefits here

      Dental treatment for 100% disabled veteran benefits.

      Educational Assistance for Dependents: (under chapter 35) Must be rated a 100% disabled veteran by the VA.

      Civilian health and medical program for dependents/survivors (CHAMPVA). Must be rated a 100% disabled veteran by the VA.

      Specially Adapted Homes

      Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance: Decreasing term mortgage insurance up to $90,000 for veterans who have received a Specially Adaptive Housing grant and have an existing mortgage.

      Waiver of cost of Service Disabled life Insurance: and additional $20,000 of life insurance at cost to veteran. Veteran must have applied for insurance within two years of initial disability rating or within two years of a new disability rating. An increase in a disability rating does not qualify as a new disability.

      Commissary and Exchange privileges for veteran and dependents: The veteran must request a letter from the VA specifying veteran is in receipt of 100% disability, and then applies for a military ID card at the nearest ID card issuing facility.

      Emergency treatment in non-VA facilities: if VA facilities are not available.

      Annual Eye exams and prescribed eye wear

      Continue Reading
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    • Type 1 Diabetes recent onset!
      I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in September 2017 OUT OF NOWHERE.

      i am a Navy Reservist and deployed in later 2009 to mid 2010 and again later 2014 to mid 2015; had a 2 year recall between those deployments.  

      Only healthcare received since commissioning in 2008 was from the Navy and no issues EVER.

      insulin dependent and have dietary restrictions and in a non deployable status.

      VA denied initial claim due to Type 1 not showing on active duty and now appealing.

      Anyone with successful experience getting a rating with my circumstances?  I live in Upstate New York.
      • 9 replies
    • Agent Orange Kadena Afb Okinawa
      I am looking for anyone who was on Kadena AFB, Okinawa or .Chanute AFB, IL. My dad was there from Oct. 68-April 70. He has ichemic heart disease, diabetes which has resulted in the amputation of his right leg below the knee and peripheral neuropathy. We were denied in 2002 AMVETS filed a claim on his behalf for heart condition, diabetes and back problems. I refiled in December 2011 and have just received the claim statements and medical release forms. I am familiar with filling out this paper work because my husband is a combat veteran of Iraqi Freedom. I have been reading articles from the Japan times and I am a member of the Agent Orange Okinawa facebook page. Another thing that helps make my dad's case is that he was on Chanute AFB, IL and it is on the EPA Superfund list and has PCBs/Pesticides and Dioxins/Furans listed as ground and water contaminants. I welcome any advice, tips or articles that I may have missed in my own research.
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  • Most Common VA Disabilities Claimed for Compensation:   


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