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    You can immediately ask for a different doctor to do the exam. When I say 'flawed', I mean the examiner did not have the expertise to opine on your claim, or the doctor did not have any of your medical records, to include SMRs in many cases, or the doctor failed to consider any other probative evidence that you moght have brought with you to the C & P yet the doctor didn't want to see it--- or the examiner LIED. There are probably many more reasons why an exam can be flawed. This AM I received a call from OAWP-VA-DC, as to the ongoing investigation they are doing based on my other complaint . I have more evidence to send to them-we went over some of the evidence they already have- it is solid to support my complaint-It is a different issue than this post is about- But then I mentioned to the Triage manager the C & P situations I see so many of you here are dealing with. I told him of 2 of my C & P exams (posthumously done on my husband) and am waiting until Jan 15, 2019 for a copy of one of them-to adequately prepare a OAWB complaint. on that matter, which affects so many veterans....and I am sure I am not the only survivor of a vet who has had this problem consistently with the RO I deal with. He was shocked at what one SOC C & P examiner had stated..... I told him this was only one of many C & Ps they did- all wrong, to deny my claims. (all awarded since-yet not the point)) Would anyone here be willing to follow up my next complaint on the C& P problems many here have? If it took a costly IMO/IME to get a full reading of your evidence, and then attain an award, tell them that. If your are in financial diffculties and cannot possibly afford an IMO/IME, tell them that. If they lied about your condition , tell the OAWB that- and give evidence to show that they lied. Be prepared to attach the C & P exam to the email you send to them, and attach any other evidence you feel they might need. I told the OAWB Triage manager I have seen many C & Ps over the years that are highly erroneous and deny many valid claims . Claims that will add to the backlog and if they are valid they should never even be in the appeals process at all. If you prepare a complaint, specific only to the C & P problem, you can refer OAWB to my complaint ( Berta Simmons, NY ) that will be at OAWB on the 16th of this month.I am waiting until the 15th to see if VA will send me a C & P exam I requested.Whether I get it or not the complaint will still be filed on the 16th. I do not really have a dog in this fight because so far I won any claim VA gave a lousy C & P on.I only needed the IMOs I have for one claim. Something needs to be done about this situation.That wont happen with one complaint from a dead veteran's widow. The only evidence I have is my own personal letters and C & P exams from the VA, And the info from NVLSP and GAO-which covers all veterans but is general, and not specific to what many of you really go through with C & P exams, that are geared to what the VAROs want- and that is - to deny the claim.
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    I am a Veteran Service Representative for the Dept of Veterans Affairs for compensation on the rating side. For those unfamiliar with my job, there are two key figures processing compensation claims. RVSRs (raters) and VSRs; they do the medical side and we do the administrative side. Essentially my job is to do everything but rate the claims. I have seen some on here disputing the merits of DBQs. That being said, I think that is foolish to advocate that DBQ's for musculoskeletal exams are the only worthwhile DBQs to submit. One very worthwhile one to submit is Sleep Apnea. Yes, the VA will do it for free, but if you have a decent insurance policy, you can get DBQs done for a $25 co-pay w/ a medical opinion. I get that that not everyone has good medical insurance and that that is a disadvantage for some, but for those that do have it, that is one course of action to take. One might make an argument that you could even essentially write up a medical opinion and save them the legwork and have them edit it to their liking...........don't like the opinion........go to the next doctor and only submit the ones that are favorable to you. If you want to really cement your claim, get cross disciplines to and do multiple DBQs i.e. have an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist do foot and ankle DBQs and medical opinions. Have a chiropractor and an orthopedic surgeon do your knees, back, neck, hips, shoulders. Want to get sleep apnea, well, get a handful of "buddy statements" from people that you served with on active duty written on 21-4138 forms so that they become affidavits if you have no complaints/treatments/sleep study while on ACTIVE DUTY, submit them so they become part of your "C-file", see a sleep specialist for a sleep apnea DBQ, get a medical opinion for direct service connectedness...........make sure that he sees the buddy statements.........if you legitimately had sleep apnea in service, your buddies will make adequate statements. Then, if you have PTSD, see a psychologist and try to get sleep apnea secondary to PTSD. Double whammy. Lots of studies out there to corroborate that. Make sure that you have your C-file. Doctors filling out DBQs are supposed to have access to your C-file to adequately make a medical opinion. If you don't care about the medical opinion, then don't worry about it. For presumptive issues such as gulf war i.e. chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal, I wouldn't even bother trying to get a medical opinion as it will not carry much weight. Again, DBQs accompanied by medical opinions, especially in number, are in your favor for getting a favorable decision. Don't like the PTSD rating that you just got last month............go right away and get a PTSD Review DBQ and Medical Opinion by a Psychiatrist, Ph.D. Psychologist or a Psychologist under a Ph.D. psychologist. Learn about the M 21-2 references.............google is your friend. Learn about the rating references...........google is your friend.............. Don't want your claim held up............take your damn time when filling out all of your paperwork and make sure everything is filled out completely and send us everything from the get-go. I would suggest doing an intent to file call the 1800 827 1000 number, fax in a 21-0966 form etc. That way everything will be back paid to whenever we receive that. Take your time filling everything out. If you want to claim dependents, have a 686c form filled out............every damn line that is there fill out.........don't have the information........get it.........I am guessing that you can get it quicker than 15-30 days, so get it. Have birth certificates of your kids and marriage certificate for your wife. We don't need social security cards....just numbers. Have records from private doctors scanned and ready to submit. If you have copies of your Service treatment records, DD 214's, OMPF (Personnel FIle) scan them and have them ready to submit (we still have to send out for them, but if we can't retrieve them, then we have them there ready to use as a last resort. If you are wanting to claim aid and attendance, have those forms scanned and ready to submit. Wanting to claim PTSD, have a 0781 or 0781/a scanned and ready to submit unless you were in combat and it is easily verified. Wanting to claim IU, have an 8940 and 4192 filled out and scanned ready to submit. I would also suggest making a brief (5-6 sentences at most) statement on a 21-4138 for each contention you are claiming; be specific with what you are claiming.............don't say foot pain..........be more specific i.e. pes plan (flat foot)..........when did it start.......was an injury involved.........where did you initially get treated..........where have you continued to get treated............etc... When filling out the 526ez be specific............ especially if you were in the reserves or the guard..........tell us the name of unit you were with, current address and contact information. If you have a line of duty reports (again, guard and reserves) better believe that you should submit those. It pays to take your time. You will be more likely to have a quicker turn around if you take your time and do everything completely. If you don't like your rating, don't appeal it right away...........that should be the last resort. Send it new and material (relevant) information. Do not get disheartened. For direct service connected exams, we can generally only send you out for exams if there is a complaint/treatment/injury in your service treatment records for a contention that you are making. Secondary connected issues are different. This is why it is highly intelligent for anyone wanting to file a claim to actually be in possession of their service treatment records BEFORE filing for a claim. It would also be intelligent to have a copy of your Personnel records which you can actually get off of DPRIS which can be accessed via va.gov or e-benefits if you got out of the service within the last twenty or so years. If not, I would recommend downloading an SF 180 form and sending it out.........hopefully the government shutdown won't slow it down too much. Once you have all of that done, sit back, relax and have a cold one. Believe it or not, people sending out original claims (first time claims) that have everything put together and in which the claims are not overly complex i.e. 35+ contentions w/ aid and attendance, IU, 4142/4142a etc ad nauseum, are actually having exams ordered for them within 2-3 weeks of the claim being received. Best of luck.
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    I'm compelled to agree with you on the evidence part. It outweighs anything else. I stand corrected.
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    No, your doctor seeing you at the VA will not say you have PTSD. But only the VA can diagnosis SC PTSD. What you need to do is file a claim through your VSO and request to be rated for mental health. Depending on your region they may send you to a third party doctor or you will see one of theirs. Do you have a combat ribbon? Is there anything in your records that states you have faced a traumatic event? You need: 1. A traumatic event in your medical records or service record or combat. 2. A continuing mental health issue. 3. A nexus that relates the event to your current mental health issue. Once you have filed the VA will set you up for a C&P exam, bring all of your relevant information to this exam in case the examiner does not have it. After your C&P you will be rated. Do not tell the doctor that you have PTSD, he is there to decide that. Be truthful and forthcoming to the doctor with no dramatics.
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    File one claim with all existing SC disabilities on the claim. Otherwise you will just delay SC for the disabilities you did not file.
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    Air1, First of all......Congratulations!!!!!! But I'm confused. In your original post, you showed a denial letter for TDIU from the BVA in August. What happened between August and Now that you received 100% P&T?
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    Wow! What are the odds? Now you have more added weight to your claim.
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    Has anyone had a bva partial grant implemented yet within the last year. May 1st I had a partial grant for my left shoulder and my PTSD remanded. September I was told I was rated at 20 percent for shoulder with retro going back to Jan 2012 by my rep. Peggy even slipped up once and told me my rating, just pending authorization. That was in Oct. Anyone else in the same boat? I haven't had any implementation st all. Nov 28 I received a letter stating my RO has started on my remand. I'm hoping they aren't going to finish my remand before paying me anything.
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    Welcome to the Remand boat. My BVA award for scarring at 30% has been awarded and has passed the 120 day window as my VSO told me and said it has been with the RO since October. I have heard every excuse on why they have not done it and I have sent the Fast Letter and I am almost sure they just laugh at it. We are both at the 7 of 17 month wait for the remand to get started and completed. As of right now with this change I am pretty sure it will come with the Remand. You know the awesome thing about my remand is all they want is and update from my offsite therapist and a new physical exam of Dercum's disease. I already got the update for the therapist and sent the release in. As for the disease it is a progressive disease and will only get worse, and they have access to my medical records and can see my 3-4 surgeries a year. So now a 1+ year wait for someone to fax my updated therapist records and 20 minutes with a doctor to see I have hundreds of lumps under my skin and have had 130+ removed. Sorry for the rant, just got to keep bugging everyone and maybe get lucky while still facing the reality it will be a year or 2. I will update if there is any change. Keep up the good fight!
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    D0C 25 -The VA IG went through vet web sites years ago because someone had reported to them that vets were being given advice, 'not to bathe, shave, or tie their shoes' etc when going to a PTSD C & P, on some veteran web sites. The IG report is somewhere on th VA IG site. Hadit passed the IG internet investigation with flying colors.I hope the other sites did too. My husband (100% P & T SC PTSD ) had impeccable personal habits. I agree with vetquest who said: " I can look good but that does not mean I am not a wreck on my bad days. " That was so true regarding my husband and the Many PTSD vets I have known. VA MH professionals do not diagnose PTSD by the way a veteran looks...or lives ( I mention that because I have known a few wannabees-one who lives in the desolate boonies of NY surrounded 'by pungy sticks') always in cameos , and believe me I did try to help him prove his stressors. But there was no proof. His 17 page BVA denial is still at the BVA web site. PTSD arises from a valid provable or conceded stressor.
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    You have two positive medical opinions that's the good news. The not so good news is that the nexus of opinions are absent of a rationale (A medical study, article, etc). Therefore, the rater "might" use that technicality to deny your claim. I have taken the liberty to provide you with the necessary rationale that links Fibromyalgia to PTSD/MST below. I do hope this helps your claim/appeal. The Gerber Study was done by VA Dr. Megan Gerber and some other researchers. GerberMRFibromyalgiaWVJGIM2018.pdf PTSD and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.pdf
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    The IMO (nexus of opinion) must state the minimum threshold of "at least as likely as not" (equal to or greater than 50% probability) the veteran's Sleep Apnea is due to or the direct result of the veteran's service-connected Depression. It is "medically necessary" for the veteran to use a CPAP or equivalent breathing assistance device. [Then the physician's rationale such as a referenced medical study, journal, article, linking OSA to Depression.] If you need an article. I've taken the liberty of providing one below. Print it out if you need to give it to your private physician. As far as, a primary physician doing your C&P exam, I had one do mine too. So, it's not unsual, but if you are provided an unfavorable exam, yet you have a favorable nexus of opinion from your private physician...then it's a tie of medical evidence...and guess what?? A tie has to go to the veteran. Immeadiately, file your notice of disagreement (NOD) and appeal IF it happens to get denied. Best wishes. SecondarySleepApneaArticle.pdf
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    It is your right to request your wife accompany you to the exam. My VA neurologist did not allow my wife to attend but a sympathetic doctor will allow this. Remember when you are in the exam tell the truth but when the doctors asks about your symptoms describe your worst day, not a day when everything is going as supposed to. They will probably being up some sensitive things but remember that the exam is a chance for you to show how PTSD affects your life. Good Luck.
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    I cannot stress how important it is to have a doctor state it is more than likely than not that your RA is related to your ankle injury that occurred in service. If he is out for your best interests he should add this to your DBQ or IMO. Your C&P examiner eluded to this but did not come out and say it but if your doctor is willing to say this it brings up reasonable doubt and that is supposed to be done in the veteran's best interest. Please speak to your doctor and see if he is willing to add this.
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    VA was dinged by the IG for unnecessary C&P exams over the last year. I would make sure that your VA PCP thoroughly documents your migraines. Review the DBQ associated with migraines and get the PCP to enter as much into the record as you can that the DBQ asks for. Once it is done, get a copy of your blue-button report from the EVet sight 3 or 4 days after your appointment when it updates. In the BB report, highlight the documentation, and bookmark it in PDF format. Write a short note to "whom it may concern" about the documentation you are providing, and drag it in PDF format into the beginning of the BB report before you upload it. Upload it as VA/Govt medical records. This is acceptable clinical evidence. The rating official can send this information to a medical professional for an opinion if its necessary. They might still send you to the C&P, but because of the evidence submitted in the BB report, you are way ahead of the game. Note that over 55, both USC and CFR, as well as the VBA''s M21 training manual forbid them from conducting C&P re-examinations without specifically noted causes. I was scheduled for 3 C&P exams in 2.5 years, and the last one I raised cane and they cancelled the entire exam, and completely deleted it from the record.
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    Just checking in to report the latest action on my claim; here's what's apparently happening... __________________________________"NOTHING"_______________________________________.! Next Thursday will be 6 months to the day since the ruling. On August 7, 2018, BVA granted me TDIU and SMC (s) retro to 2009. There are two minor remands that have no effect whatsoever on the TDIU and SMC. As of today, l still am currently at my old rating of 70%. I did get a BVA Decision Letter back in August, but I'm hearing nothing from the VARO or ARC that are supposed to be promulgating my claim. Checked with Peggy again last week, I honestly don't know why they employ people to answer those phones and not be of any assistance. VA could save a lot of cash if they'd simply say "No claims information will be given today, please shut up and go away". I've refrained from calling the White House Hotline, figuring that I'll just be wasting time, but maybe I'll call it next week. I'm not doing without anything, but nevertheless, I guess my patience is starting to wear thin. End of rant, I feel better already.
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    Vets wait so long because VA employees checks still keep coming even if they do not do their jobs.
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    This is exactly how I feel about this, I live 24 miles from my local clinic, it takes more than 30 minutes to get there but if you google it drive time always says 29 minutes or something a bit less so they will use that or some crap similar to deny veterans like me the 30 minute rule for that one........I definitely will take advantage of the 60 minute one because I get sent 5-6 hour round trips for all of my specialty care. They wanted me to go to gait and balance once a week 3 hours away, I can't drive more than 30 minutes on a good day, can't take the van and as a pre 9/11 veteran my spouse sure as heck can't afford to be taking time off work every week to bring to to that many appointments so often I go without care. I also find it hysterical that MH is not a specialist??? Well played, well played. I sure as heck hope they start giving caregiver stipends to the first round of those they are supposed to roll into the program, I will be the last to be included but that is fine with me.........older veterans getting screwed over and over is absolutely beyond reproach. I was trying to work with adaptive sports, they referred me to all these organizations that receive grants from the VA, so I contacted the only one in Florida that helps with what I needed, guess what? They only help post 9/11 veterans. Seriously? So, the Va is giving them grants but not all veterans can get help??? This has to stop.
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    What aggravates me more than anything is at this point there is no way to keep up with the stages of your claim. Peggy will give different answers depending on who you talk too. Some will try to be helpful and answer more than their supposed too. Why are they not allowed to say Hey, a rater is making a decision or has made a decision and waiting for authorization. Instead it's being worked on with no timeline. Obviously they have the information in front of them, or some wouldn't be able to volunteer more info than others.
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    BVA granted me TDIU and SMC (s) on 8/7/18. I did receive a letter from BVA the next week, but that's it. They remanded two minor issues that will have no effect on what I will be paid. Even if they deny those two things, I'll still be 100% TDIU and SMC (s). I did receive a letter from BVA the next week, but that's it. Once they sent it back to the VARO or ARC, it's been crickets. Peggy told me that they're supposed to complete the remands, then send everything back to the BVA. I told her that actually, they're supposed to begin paying the new ratings while they deal with the remand separately. She just said "Okay, thank you for sharing that information with me. Is there anything else I can help you with today?" I must be getting better, instead of chewing her out, I just said "No" and ended the call.
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    One more thing. This is the 2nd time we have been through this. The first was from a denied claim back in July, 2005. In this one, the BVA granted SC for Migraines and PTSD. The BVA granted both in March 2010. Then the VBA did not complete it's part (had to do the actual rating) until May 2011. 14 months went by before the grant was implemented and we received the retro. Now, mind you, in the first case the VBA had to do it's own review to determine the rating. In the CURRENT grant, the judge increased his migraine rating to 50%, so the VBA only has to implement that order.....no review necessary..... and we are at almost 11 months.
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    I find this information very helpful. The only thing I disagree with is going to your private doctor and only paying a co-pay of $25 for a DBQ and medical opinion. I have submitted three so far and had to pay extra for two of the three medical opinions, so be prepared to pay extra for the medical opinion. As Buck states it is getting the rater to read all of the evidence instead of only part of it. If they read all of the evidence I believe more claims would be approved. JMO
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    I have no idea why VA will take one claim and zoom through it and then dawdle and take another and drag it out for years. I'm sad to say I was unable to get on Theresa's gala 22nd anniversary show this morning but I had a doctor appointment I could't put off. I apologize to all who I missed. I visit other sites that help Vets. There are quite a few out there. Some are snobby and stuck up. I don't see Hadit and asknod in that light. We generally help more than we hinder. Anyway, Here's a link to the win. Carla would have found this one to be a hoot-especially the business about the right hand. I attached the redacted ratings documents to it. I love it when I get to meet my clients. I'm even more glad when I can gitterdone quickly and save everyone a short ton of money. https://asknod.org/2019/01/19/lz-cork-sweet-home-alabama/ Once you get your SMC L foot in the door, getting A&A and then R1 is a lot easier. 2019 is beginning on a positive note.
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    It will be a week before the BBE shows. Hope it is P&T, spouse gets CHAMPVA then. Summary of benefit information Include? Information Value Include the information in this row You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Include the information in this row Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 100% Include the information in this row and the one below it Your current monthly award amount is: The effective date of the last change to your current award was: $3139.67 June 01, 2018 Include the information in this row You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities: The effective date of when you became totally and permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes May 16, 201
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    You have got that right. I have had several remands granted after the RO denies. The BVA gives the RO a second chance to make it right and then grants after the RO refuses to do their job.
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    KC3, The response you get from Peggy will just be an update on the current status, it will not resolve what you are looking for. I would say file the complaint, you might get something from that request.
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    Administrative review generally means that a coach aka manager pending review of the claim.
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    Am I reading this right? I can use the legacy system and have access to the BVA but if I go with higher level review or supplemental claim I do not have access to the BVA. That would be a crime against veterans as the RO's are messing veterans over and it is only at the BVA that claims are correctly adjudicated.
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    I just changed the font size to assist in reading.
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    I would call the 1-800-827-1000 number and see if they will shed any light on this. Then I would contact your closest VA hospital and talk to the people setting up C&P's.
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    That information can be used in an appeal for failure to assist. If the VA doctor will not do a DBQ they are still required to assist you in filing your claim which IMO would be a sleep study. It is already in your SMR's so all you need is a current diagnosis.
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    I am a PTSD/MST survivor and I too have FIBROMYALGIA interesting I never thought of it being connected to PTSD. I guess because FIBROMYALGIA is a nerve condition after doing research on it perhaps it can be service connected or aggravated. If I were not 100 P&T I would definitely file a claim. Goodluck keep us posted
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    My claim decision came with a detailed description of what should have been paid and what was withheld. DFAS already paid me my retired back pay. Hopefully I will know for sure in a few weeks.
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    Already got it covered! Filed the intent back Mid December.
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    That number would be absolute zero. Like how they got rid of that one tiny office, in 2017 with only like around 6 employees , where they actually help answer the questions vets had via the telephone.
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    You'll need to also look the part. Don't shave. Wear some old faded clothes and shoes. Don't shower for the next few days. Stay up the night before. You can't go in looking like your going to church or a job interview. That would defeat the purpose of substantiating your claim in your favor.
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    Johnson, that does sound like good news though reference the separate claim opened for attorney fees. Make sure you check your numbers! Good luck! Mark
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    This new letter sounds good but there are a few points that are debatable. sec va wilkie revolutionizing va health care.pdf
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    I think many of us would choose to go elsewhere (I know I would and gladly pay a copay) if I had insurance, I can't even get anyone to see me here other than one walk in clinic for cash and that is only because I know the NP who sees me.
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    I took note of the word PROPOSED in the beginning of this..won't believe any of it until it is more than a proposal. The 6 hours round trip for specialty care, honestly I go without care often because of that burden!
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    I'm sure someone more familiar with the RAMP process will chime in, but assuming that you can submit evidence at all, (and I'm pretty sure you can, at this point) by all means you can and should address the secondary and even aggravation aspects of service connection as well as direct connection. The C&P examiner and rater actually should have addressed all three "prongs" of service connection from whatever you have submitted, but I can tell you that in my case, it apparently didn't happen. The BVA pointed that out repeatedly in granting most of my appeal, stating repeatedly that the C&P examiners and rater(s) "failed to address the aggravation prong of secondary service connection". If you have something that specifically supports any of these three "prongs", you definitely want them to have it. It is my understanding that it is not supposed to hurt your claim even if you try to claim the same condition on all three prongs. The person(s) deciding your claim or appeal is supposed to be looking for a way to grant your claim. The evidence may be too weak for them to grant "direct", but they will then re-examine the issue from the other two aspects. Hopefully the opinions you want to submit explain the rationale behind the suggested nexus (I'd imagine they do, but just be sure.) Just saying they believe the OSA is caused or aggravated by your other issues isn't good enough, there need to be explanations of why and how there's a link. I'm pretty sure Dr. Anaise's opinion and evidence will cover that nicely, it sounds like he knows what the process needs. Good luck getting whatever rating you deserve!
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    EBennie is, and always will be, a form of self-inflicted torture. Your stuff looks good otherwise. Keep us posted.
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    As I understand you can under one narrow avenue. If you are rated for IU and one condition is considered serious enough in itself to cause full disability you can receive SMC. Read your IU decision and it should say whether this is true for you.
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    File your NOD and Appeal the effective date to 23 yrs ago and get a veteran's law firm to represent you. Hill and Ponton Chris Attig Perkins Law Firm Chisholm Law Firm
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    Update: ebennies updated. My percentage increased and letters updated as well. Retro pay has not updated as of today.
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    My appeal was granted and closed on November 9. I got an unofficial notification from the DAV on November 15 stating "appeal granted with an evaluation of 30%" which is great! My question is this: How long until I get the official notification from the va? Nothing on ebennies has updated since the appeal closed. Appeal is now in historical and just says complete and at originating va office. I understand no one knows va timelines to a tee but a general timeline would be great. Thank you all! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Edit: This was my first time appealing and it was a VBA grant.
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    Long time lurker just stopping by to say thanks. Everything I have learned about VA claims has been learned here. Recently I ask the VA to reopen my claim for migraines secondary to major depressive disorder. They reopened it and I had a C&P exam. I was expecting to be denied secondary connection again. I was super surprised when I found out the VA had granted connection at 30%. Not only did that move me to 100% combined put the VA granted permanent and total with no future exams. Plus they went back 1 year to the date when I first ask for secondary service connection instead of the date I asked them to reopen. Maybe this is the new VA. I also won an 8 year battle for service connection to fybromaliga a few months before this . Someone at the finally stopped to read the same evidence I have been giving them for the last 8 years. I revived 40% on that one which did not change my rating at the time. once again hadit veterans thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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    Final update! I just signed into E-bennifits and the AB8 letter just got updated! I guess it’s really true!!!!! Effective date 1 May 18. My wife can finally breathe and give me a fist bump !!!!!! Champagne Anyone?????
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    I looked at your exam and quickly rated it. It looks like you should expect 40% overall. 10 for skin, 10 for right ankle, 10 for left ankle and 20 for thoracolumbar spine. Unless this is a pre-discharge claim, the knee condition will probably be denied because there was no mention of treatment in service. BTW, I'm a rating specialist at VA.
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