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    It has been an AMAZING accomplishment and probably THOUSANDS have been helped. I am always happy when a new member joins to tell us us, that as a guest, they got all the info they needed and joined to tell us they Succeeded! We have many here with the expertise and experience that outweighs much of what they get from VSOs and vet reps. And many who begin to help others once their claims are resolved. Just about every one here has expertise in their own field of disability that they can share will similar claimants. It has been a wonderful and very productive 21 years!
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    Dont cancel your appointment! You can re apply for benefits denied in 2002, if awarded, you may be able to argue an earlier effective date. As already pointed out you can ask for an increase. Do not worry about having claims pending and appeal, and new claims running at the same time. Its perfectly fine to have an appeal for PTSD at the BVA, while you have a new claim in for arthritis, for example. "Waiting to file" almost always costs you money because your effective date wont be earlier than the date you filed with a few exceptions.
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    Thank you so very much TBird and God bless you. You were/are needed and loved! <3
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    So, yes, buddy letters can hurt more than they help..if the buddy letters are exaggerations or inconsistent, it gives the board a good reason to deny. I suggest you do not give the board reasons to deny with dubious or questionable buddy letters.
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    I just got an email from the prestige law firm of CCK on this very issue. In short, they said that all Vets will be switched to the RAMP system, eventually, there is a pilot program where VA is picking out some old claims and offering Veterans this now. While there are some procedural rights you will likely be giving up by going for the RAMP, that will be happening anyway, soon, to all Vets. This would be a great time to have a lawyer, to see if there are any key procedural rights that would be probative to you relative to RAMP. We have no way of knowing this, but, an election to RAMP is not reversable ACCORDING TO VA. If you dont have a lawyer, then you can toss a coin, or try to study your claim and the procedural rights yourself and see if any of those apply. I do have a lawyer, and, so far VA has not offered me RAMP, but, if they do, I will let the lawyer handle it. All in all, my lay opinion would be that you should go for RAMP, because, as an "unrepresented Veteran" you may be able to reverse this down the road after all, reiterating that while they SAID you can not reverse RAMP, Im not sure there are any laws that say you can not reverse RAMP, but will instead still retain your rights you have now. It reminds me of the race track's sign, "The race track will not be responsible for accidents". While the sign is meaningless, if you are injured and dont file a lawsuit because YOU think the track is not responsible, then the sign accomplished its purpose. I can post a sign in my house, "Federal laws do not apply here, its okay to sell cocaine here" Oh, I can post such a sign but it will have no effect, and may even arouse suspicion of the authorities.
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    I agree with Inarticulate and Distorted. A resubmission of evidence under 38 CFR 3.156 (b) pending claim, should result in an effective date at the beginning of the appeal period, if awarded. Or, Just ask for an increase. Or, Just file a NOD. Under no circumstances should you let the one year period expire without filing a NOD, reconsideration or no reconsideration.
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    Broken Cat - Hi - NIce to meet you "Shipmate"- sorry for the situation. I was able to do my own claim with similar circumstances - also - Navy 1975-1997 I was able to get IU - with one shot My assailant is still in prison- because he murdered his last victim, I was a witness at the Court Martial and at his Murder trial. I have been protesting his parole with Victim Impact Statements, won a 5 year denial in 2014 with just one letter from me. Praise God! - it is now time for him to have a hearing and my Senator has assisted with helping to block his parole. Link to forms - as a start at VA.gov -( PTSD-MST) if I forget while dissecting your information Here is a useful link - "checklist" of sorts: http://statesidelegal.org/how-file-well-prepared-mst-claim https://www.vawatchdog.org/ Gather these items together to initiate claim. I started with Understanding the 38 CFR - if you understand the criteria of your claim,you can help yourself - I made lots of mistakes, but learned. 1. PTSD Diagnosis from a VA professional ( You have - as stated in your post) a) Compose a personal Letter stating how this trauma has affected your life 2.Nexus is the police report of incident and any medical care and treatment (as you stated you also have) 3. Get originals as able, of evidence - I was able to locate the NIS report with photos and crime scene pictures of my case by simply writing a request( this report was redacted of course but still usable) "google" address for NIS - send ID along with request for case file. - takes a month or two to get - no cost 4. Buddy Statements are very useful if able- also family members the criteria for proving MST was changed around 2010. 5. Present inmate info or whatever you have related to the assiliants conduct/behaviors - I was able to get a general copy of the Navy Court Martial - my assault - - I called Navy Ship Yard - and spoke with JAG - they really did not want me to have a transcript - gave me a hard time - FYI . FOIA - covers this I told them so we settled on a synopsis submitted this to parole board. 6. I would seek the help of a VA Psychologist - It has helped me tremendously - all you have to do it go to local clinic or hospital - VA - see MH clerk - you will be given priority treatment I assure you. Let me know if that does not work and I will help you get it. You do not need to wait for a documented diagnosis, if for some reason you don't have one yet - they must see you. ( squeaky wheel... ) https://www.mentalhealth.va.gov/msthome.asp Let's start here ..... with making folders for the categories - to keep things organized - as you said an FDC claim is clean and simple but submitting all documentation. - this is a lot of work, but so much satisfaction in doing your own claim - it was almost cathartic in a sense- empowering me to get better. L
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    Same to you and yours Jfrie! It is 6 below here this AM but the sun is out and it is beautiful in the hills of NY. I too hope and pray for everyone here, to stay as healthy as they can and maybe 2018 will see some good changes at the VA. The 21st anniversary of hadit is coming up this month.I am very grateful that Tbird started this site because so many have been helped. Stay warm everyone ---too!!!
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    My PTSD and Back just increased to 100% Permanent effective 12/1/17, along with SMC S. Only took 6 wks from start to finish with this claim. I submitted PTSD DBQ along with other evidence as a FDC claim. Thanks so much, and I really appreciate all the support from Hadit. Been a long couple of years, but I am so grateful for you guys, and the fact the Military and Govt is admitting what they put me thru. Hope you all have a Happy New Year, and God Bless!!!
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    Student Loan Disability Forgiveness for Disability (Changes) Please check out HR1, the new Tax Law just signed by President Trump. It appears, that if you have your student loans forgiven for being permanently disabled, the income tax liability has been removed. An copy of the law from the text of the new law is provided below. I do not claim to be an attorney, so please interpret it for yourself. PART IV—EDUCATION SEC. 11031. TREATMENT OF STUDENT LOANS DISCHARGED ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH OR DISABILITY. (a) In General.—Section 108(f) is amended by adding at the end the following new paragraph: “(5) DISCHARGES ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH OR DISABILITY.— “(A) IN GENERAL.—In the case of an individual, gross income does not include any amount which (but for this subsection) would be includible in gross income for such taxable year by reasons of the discharge (in whole or in part) of any loan described in subparagraph (B) after December 31, 2017, and before January 1, 2026, if such discharge was— “(i) pursuant to subsection (a) or (d) of section 437 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 or the parallel benefit under part D of title IV of such Act (relating to the repayment of loan liability), “(ii) pursuant to section 464(c)(1)(F) of such Act, or “(iii) otherwise discharged on account of the death or total and permanent disability of the student. “(B) LOANS DESCRIBED.—A loan is described in this subparagraph if such loan is— “(i) a student loan (as defined in paragraph (2)), or “(ii) a private education loan (as defined in section 140(7) of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. 1650(7))).”. (b) Effective Date.—The amendment made by this section shall apply to discharges of indebtedness after December 31, 2017.
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    I went on Vet.gov this morning because ebenefits totally keeps me in the dark. It said this: Your Appeal Has Been Granted by the Regional Office (RO) December 22, 2017 This means the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) RO has granted the claim you filed an appeal for. Your appeal is now closed.
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    An addendum to this ongoing conversation: recent excerpt from VA Watchdog..... VA Watchdog.org Total Disability Individual Unemployability - TDIU Jim, AMVETS (@AMVETSHQ) tweeted at 2:02 PM on Tue, Dec 12, 2017: As of currently, this amended rule regarding Individual Unemployability (TDIU), a benefit that thousands of #veterans rely on, is set to be implemented January 8, 2018. Sir, Can You PLEASE help me , What Can I do to Fight This New Law that Trump Is trying to take away My IU , WHo can I write ? call? What can we do? The 2 brief emails above represent the dozens of messages I get each day about the TDIU benefit and the rumor that the TDIU benefit is being taken away from us. Here are the facts. The TDIU benefit is a shortcut of sorts that will take an otherwise ineligible veteran to a 100% rating. The rule is meant to supplement the income of veterans who are unable to work at gainful employment (full time employment) because of service connected disabilities. It is not a retirement benefit. Every year right around federal budget time some random politician will signal a move to eliminate the TDIU benefit for veterans who are eligible for the Social Security retirement benefit. The theory is that to allow both benefits is double-dipping, yada yada. The discussion always disappears with no action. This year is different because of the Trump administration and their seeming goal of taking away all earned benefits from everyone. But it isn't happening. The event that happens January 2018 has almost nothing to do with TDIU no matter what you've read. Keep in mind that you're on the Internet. There are tens of thousands of trolls and other shady characters who are desperate for your attention. One way they get your attention is to use what we refer to asclickbait. If we tell you that your benefits are in danger, whether true or not, you're more likely to read the rest of what we publish. In other words, we can lie to you and instill some fear into you and by controlling your emotions, we have an engaged viewer for our web site. We don't do that at VAWatchdog. For over a decade, we've been the web site that veterans turn to for credible, factual news about their benefits. Your TDIU benefits are safe today. Nobody is coming for you. Be careful what you pay attention to on the Internet. Have a Merry Christmas...enjoy your holiday knowing we're here working for you. Please feel free to comment down below. /s/ Jim Strickland All you ever wanted to know about the TDIU benefit is here. Yeah, there's a lot of reading to do but if you want to learn the facts about TDIU, you'll just go ahead and click it.
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    Good, Debbie, you are learning well. I always look for conflicts between letters VA sends me, when ever I file an appeal. You did good by keeping the letter. You see, the VA always assumes everything I say is a lie 100 percent of the time, and they always assume every VA employee tells the truth 100 percent of the time. This is why I use the VA's own written words against them. Trust me, if you make a mistake and say in one letter, "x equals red", and in another letter, "x = red and white", the VA will nail you every time.
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    Keep in mind that the appeal timer is still running since a reconsideration is not a process that is encoded in the VA regulations. If they don't get through your reconsideration in the year since the decision, file a Notice Of Disagreement.
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    OK, you did say Ball Park, how's anywhere from 2 to 41/2 yrs? What's the date of your NOD? I know, that's not much help. Do you know how many DROs your RO Has? Any idea of how many DRO Hearing Requests are in front of you, it's 1st come, 1st served? There are a couple things you can do in order to remove any self-caused waiting problems. Get the VA DRO Hearing mandated submission of New & Material Evidence submitted ASAP. Late Evidence Submission can add significant wait time, it all has to be reviewed. You could also file a Formal Request for an "Informal DRO Evidence Conference." Read about it in the M21 DRO Section. A trip to your RO may be beneficial. Make an appointment with your VSO RO HQ for a sitdown with a Sr. Rep or the Director. They'll have more up to date DRO Hearing Timeline info. Keep in mind, any old or new DRO hearing Request that gets a Hardship Advancement will go before you.
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    @oats I also suffer from sinus/allergy issues, plus I use a CPAP. Up until this year I had problems with my CPAP (pain, discomfort, not keeping it on, etc...). The VA neuro-sleep clinic gave me a brand new machine and a different kind of mask. The new one is really tiny and gently sits just inside my nostrils. No more wearing a bear trap to sleep. My compliance is practically 100%. They also gave me extra micro filters to keep the dust mites and fine particulates out. It might be worth exploring...
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    If the VA knows you are getting SSDI they are supposed to get the records from SSA and consider it in a rating decision. This can take a long time. If there is some way you can get the records of a SSDI decision and send it to the VA as evidence that would make it go much faster. The VA can take months if not years to get something from SSA. If you are getting SSDI for your SC condition you should be able to get IU pretty easy.
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    The money for our payments is already budgeted. The shutdown would affect monies not budgeted yet, since the reason for it is not having an approved budget
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    I received mine in Sept. 2016. The BVA says I only have to wait a few more months. My docket is 0ct. 2014 and they are working on June 2014. Good luck.
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    New to Hadit Forums Just a short topic on one of the widely talked about topics. Aid and Attendance and SMC, Special Monthly Compensation. I am at the point now of submitting my 2nd Aid and Attendance. My claim is approved for the loss of both lower extremities, with one SMC L award. Everyone knows the CFR, that leads us to the SMC levels, but here I want to say what happened to me. My Primary care Doctor Retired and at that time my Aid and Attendance was filled out for my darn Diabetes which ended up in a mess. My new Primary care Nurse Practitioner has no idea on how to fill out the form, she said to fill it out myself. Here is the concern. I have seen a lot of the 21- 2680 ( Aid and Attendance ) forms filled out and yet not many of the Yes or NO questions were filled out for explanation of why? the 2nd page of the 21-2680 by each question states to use more paper if needed. I have talk to many vets who have not seen the added paper, 21-4168 ( Statement of Support of Claim) used. I feel to express my disabilities and qualify for the stated reasons for the Aid and attendance is what should be filled out. I will fill out the extra piece of paper to clarify my disability if needed. I feel the questions ask are important and if I don't answer the questions then the attempt to have the 2nd L approved gets less and less possible. I would rather use an extra piece of paper then squeeze words in an area that is not illegible. Any questions or concerns on my topic of using the 21-4168 for additional statements in support of claim?
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    63, unwise not to use a VSO for info verification and their somewhat limited assistance. The fact that you may be able to have a copy of relevant C-File pages in a day or 2 as opposed to having to wait 8 to 12 months after filing a VA FOIA, could be of great assistance.
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    With the 70% they should, in the decision, consider you for TDIU unless you are employed. Ebenefits is not always a good way to determine what the decision will be. You might be eligible for CRDP or CRSC- did the Mil mention that at any TAPP class or briefing? You asked a good question about the ratings but when the decision comes, and if you can scan and attach it here, (cover C file #, name etc prior to scanning it) we can determine what their rationale is for how they produced the decision and what you can do if you feel it is wrong. (I am assuming that you have a claim pending, that resulted from the 2015 C & P exam , and the ebenefits info in recent , but maybe I am wrong)
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    Try the retro calculator: https://www.hillandponton.com/va-retro-disability-calculator/
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    I somewhat dissagree as we all know, your VA primary care will not do a C&P or and this is for sure, will not follow the checklist (?) for an increase. Heck, I have had my meds increased by my VA primary and now I am supposed to ask her to fill out the VA form(s) for an increase, etc. Every increase I have won (3) involved a claim and a C&P. And is the VA doc going to go to bat for you with a denial, etc. of said increase. Unless the VA docs have a new attitude about comp, I don't see this benefiting the Veteran. Looks like easy denials to me. And are they going to take your civilian doc's word for it? Highly doubt it. Now your claim will turn into a regular and off to the C&P exam you go. Yes, for an increase. Most all my FDC's became regular claims because of the VA's issues, not mine as they had everything from the start. And most if not all were wins. First reports on this will be interesting, Hamslice
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    In my non-expert humble opinion, I say give it a shot. There's going to be fewer cases in RAMP, so chances are with fewer cases the faster the claims will be processed. The VA website said they're shooting for 125 days per claim, so who knows maybe you can get yours done in a few months! They'd have to really screw up to make RAMP slower than legacy already is!
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    GREAT! A Reconsideration! You have done very well so far and I would think they will grant you TDIU!.
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    I got service connected without a VSO helping me. All I did was go on ebenefits and fill out the claim form. I researched using this site and militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com. A year later I got my C&P exam. One month later I'm rated 70% for MST and non-combat for a stressor from my peacekeeping mission. You have more evidence than I did for my MST claim. Just file it yourself and you'll probably get service connected.
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    Mixed feelings on this one. I have a reconsideration in the hopper. After lingering in the "gathering dust" phase for a couple of months and a C&P, it went from "prep for Decision >pending decision approval and back 4 times in the last month and a half. I may have lost valuable time, but the jury is still out. I'll let you all know.
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    That's great news bud, the train is moving now. Good luck and god bless
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    This site advises , if the discharge is beyond the 15 year criteria, to apply for a Correction of Military records: http://www.dd214.us/reference/how_to_upgrade_your_discharge.pdf A lot has changed regarding this issue beginning with the Hagel memo. A member here turned his bad paper around not too long ago---I forget who----
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    Hey man, Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, it means a lot to me. I think at this point in my claim that the VA should have all records in my C-File. I haven't gotten a copy of it yet because I don't want to screw up the process or my place in line. So far the info I have provided to the VA as well as the therapist and attorney I walked into my NOD with have been sufficient. I think I've managed to paint a somewhat convincing picture that, yes, something did in fact happen to me in the service. This line of reasoning is vindicated by my "get out of jail free" letter. As far as VA "healthcare"... You wont catch me walking dead into a VA for healthcare. They are the enemy. Currently I'm on Medicare due to SSDI, which I am being reviewed on. I should pass as I've managed to add COPD II onto my disabilities :( . Personally I think they should do away with discharge "characterizations". I feel they are punative and serve no real purpose in this day and age. Yeah my SSDI was also extremely quick. Got mine within 6 months so I must be screwed up. All I know is I hope it's over soon. I got a house that's falling apart and a life on hold.
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    This Will Work! Must File For Student Loan Forgiveness Very Soon!
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    Being in Voc Rehab or actually graduating from Voc Rehab does not preclude a Vet from being Awarded IU. Of course it's taken into consideration by the Rater, especially when considering a Vets ability to do sedentary work. Any chance you could post a redacted copy of your C & P MH DBQ that resulted in the 70% SC?
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    Well on a positive note i got my decision from SSA finding me disabled. One week exactly so mine is mover faster then expected...
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    WOW, that is balmy! It has been 0 degrees here since about 5 AM. When my daughter graduated from Lackland USAF BT , it was well over 90 degrees that day. The first time I ever saw jackrabbits, was on the base and another first was seeing palm trees planted next to fir trees in front of some of the places the families gathered in after the ceremony. I liked Texas a lot and hope every parent with an adult child who enlists ,can see them graduate from Boot camp...uh I mean BT for AF. One of those airman below is my baby girl. After the ceremony she showed us her squadron bunk area,and the chow hall, and obviously I still dont know how to speak USAF, but my neighbor who came with me ,did... ( USAF 20 Ret, REDHORSE, Korea and Alaska) who also had graduated from BT at Lackland long ago. He was and still is a great friend to us both and will be plowing my driveway later today. He LOVES snow. Good thing I had a wide lens camera....I needed that for photos of the Blackbird and a lot of other fabulous planes displayed on the base.
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    Maybe some more links will help. L gave you the link to the DD 149, and under # 5, # 6 ,regarding the ‘injustice’ part you can write Not Applicable and this is just for a correction of anything wrong or missing on the original DD 214. This link: https://www.archives.gov/ under the Veteran’s Service Records part, will have a blank SF 180 that can be filed out and submitted on line. I strongly suggest that every veteran should not only request their inservice SMRs, but also their military personnel records, which often contain info that will help them find evidence for claims. The 201 personnel file will also contain arrival and destination info. Unless NARA’s process has changed in the last few years, (someone correct me if this has changed)there will be an authorization form your husband has to print out ,sign, ( it has a bar code on it) and then make copy for himself, and then send it to the exact address the site directs him to ,so they can associate his signature with the SF 180 (which he should also print off a copy of, if he fills it out on line,or fills a print out of it at home and mails it in) He can also obtain a copy of his VA medical records by writing to or going to the VAMC that treats him. Their Records Access officer might have a short form he needs to sign. A copy of his C file can be requested from the VARO that he deals with. My experience with NARA many years ago was this- my husband had 2 claims pending when he died. He had served both in USMC and Navy. In about 3 months ( this might surely take longer these days) I got a packet in the mail that included copies of all of his Navy records and a letter advising me that his USMC records were at the Buffalo VARO. I was glad to get that info because that is where the USMC records were supposed to be ,as at that time, he had 2 claims pending, that I ,as his survivor , had to continue. If he has had private treatment for PTSD or any other issue that could possible warrant a claim, he should try to get copies of those records,too.
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    You got the Caluza triangle covered here, which is good. Im not crazy about your diagnosis, but it is what it is.
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    Agree. It isnt true. You may apply for any benefit at any time. It does not matter if its in appeals.
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    @Navy04, Thank You! Yes, it was a struggle. But I kept telling myself what doesn't kill me only will make me stronger!
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    Not true in my experience. I have had various claims in various stages be resolved at various times. The important thing here is to file your new claims now! All of your benefits are based on the date of claim. It doesn't matter if the claim is then delayed, you get benefits back to the date you filed. If you wait to file, you lose out! I have heard that filing claims can slow down the overall process, but that was also back when there were paper claims files; they didn't like moving physical files around. Now everything is electronic so that doesn't matter.
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    B-44, where's the discussion with the VMC Dental Head of Oral Surgery? Filling a tooth is one thing, but letting a "New Meat" Oral Surgeon cut on you, is something quite different. You didn't request to speak with the MFIC of the VMC Dental Department regarding the inexperience of the Surgeon about to cut on you?
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    Winning................... Hamslice
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    How about posting redacted copies of your recent Award Letter and the "New Evidence" supporting a Higher Rating? Who's fault was it that the VA didn't have your "New Evidence" prior to issuing a Rating Decision? Was the Claim an FDC, how long did it take for the Decision?
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    You need to request an "advance on the docket". Certainly, with your health issues, you should get one. I recommend you email the white house, mention what you did in the above paragraph, and ask for your claim to be expidited for hardship reasons.
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    Good question. The short answer is to apply for an increase any time you feel your condition has worsened since the exam VA used to rate you the first time. So, go ahead and do it now. There are two possible outcomes: 1. The BVA may consider your increase request and, if applicable, award you a Fenderson or staged rating which would include the increase. 2. Its also possible that The Board does not get your increased symptoms in time, and you have to go back to the VARO and start all over again. There is a regul,ation that permits up to a year of extra retro in situations of an increase while rating is pending. Bottom line: Apply for an increase now, dont wait. Waiting can hurt your effective date. Let the BVA do their job and decide if its too late to consider your increase. You dont really know what stage your BVA appeal is at. It does not matter, go ahead and apply for an increase.
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    Yes, many of us have had similar issues. A rating specialist has "minutes" to crank out a claim, even tho it may take months for it to finally make it to him. Do the math here. If a "fast reader" can read a page in 2 minutes, that is 3600 minutes just to read your 1800 pages. 3600 minutes divided by 60 minutes per hour is 60 hours...and that is just to read your claim, not decipher the data. As I said, when it weaves its way to the decision maker, he will have 15 minutes, not 60 hours to read it. So, your claim, like mine, will be "top sheeted", where they read only what catches their eye, and then denies it 85 % of the time. Before it gets to the decision maker, a half dozen or so "underlings"...people training to become raters, will "check" to see if everything is there. Now, stuff gets posted to ebenefits in the most disorganized and unreliable method VA could come up with, probably done by teens in trouble who were ordered by the judge to Volunteer, and the VA seemed like a good place. Now that you know the reality that VSO's dont tell you, here is the good news. Most Veteran claimants who apply AND PERSIST with appeals eventually win their benefits. So, my advice is to "hunker down" for a long fight, and stop beleiving your VSO who tells you that your check should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks from date of application. Whenever a FDC asks for more evidence, your claim automatically moves out of the FDC realm...without any notice to you. FDC is the "fast lane" which allows only a couple pages, not 1800 pages. That is like bringing 3 filled to the brim shopping carts to the grocery stores "5 item limit" express lane. Your VSO should not have let you think this is a FDC. Now, this is just my opinion...you have already heard your VSO opinion. Time will show which of us is right. For your sake, I hope he is correct, that you get a check in 4 weeks, and I get to say "Congratulations on your win", and apologize for suggesting it would take much much longer, as your VARO and VSO obviously have it going great, and Im the one who has no clue. SOURCE: 15 years of applying for benefits through multiple VARO decisions, multiple BVA appeals, and even several CAVC trips. I won my claims about 15 percent of the time, (at the VARO level, much higher at the BVA level), which is consistent with what Alex Graham and others say: 85 percent of first time claimants are denied. VA isnt posting that number..on purpose.
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    Congratulation Prettypantha! I will echo broncovet by saying persistence pays off, because those who stay the course receive the reward at the end. I just want to add that I was told in 2013 when I was only at 30% that I would never get a 100% rating because it's to hard to reach that rating. Well, 4 years later I'm 100% P&T! In their face!
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    I would like to correct my advice: Yes, apply for tdiu and ssdi, but also apply for an INCREASE on your present disabilities, especially if any have worsened symptoms (such as PTSD). The reason is you may be increased in rating for PTSD, up to 100 percent. You see, if you read the rating criteria for 100 percent for mental health disorders, including PTSD, it includes "total occupational" impairment. If you lose your job due to PTSD, then that is a symptom of total occupational impairment. You may well need more evidence if you dont have it, but getting fired because of your ptsd is a key piece of the evidence you need. In other words, if your doc said you got fired from your job due to ptsd AND the doc stated you were unable to maintain SGE due to your PTSD for other types of work as well, then this is highly suggestive of total occupational impairment, that is, a significant part of the criteria for 100 percent mental health disorders.