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    You are not alone! You will never be alone! This trauma caused you pain in a way some of us here will never understand. I have had my own demons to slay over the years some I knew I had and others were so ingrained I had no idea how to deal with them. This story has nothing to do with your experience, just to give you some tools to deal with trauma. I was born into a Cult. I was brain washed from a very young age. The abuse to place over 18 years until I finally left. I had to leave behind my 11 siblings where I was living(Knowing I would be allowed to have a relationship with them). I left in 1999/2000 and joined the Military in 2001. I had never had time to process what had happened to me as a child. I did not realize my dad was having sex with his daughters. I was always taught to suck it up and be a MAN! I was told there is no one who can help you! There is only you! Almost everything I was taught from a young age was a lie!. I blamed myself for many years and was told I was the problem and how could you do this to your family? I have dealt with this by allowing myself to feel again. I had blocked myself behind so many walls I was hollow inside. I did not love myself or anyone I was in a relationship with. I allow myself to remember! I allow myself to cry! I allow myself to forgive me! I allow myself to love! It took me a long time to realize how to love myself, I had told myself I was not worthy of love. Letting yourself back into your life and forgiving yourself are the hardest part of trauma. The events happened and they will not go away. The pain is there and will not go away. You have an injury no one else can see, it is so deep and painful. I had a wound like this and I found a friend who helped me heal myself. My wife had a lot to do with it, but in the end the friend was me. I was causing the wound to stay open and fester, I did not want to get better. I wanted to pain because I deserved the pain. I was to weak to deal with it. I just want you to know we are here for you and you are loved! You have support from all of us here!
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    Paul is right about needing a space where you can come after you have had defeat or a win. I know my wife gets sick and tired of me talking about my fight with the VA. For her all she sees is me spending a bunch of time not doing things with her in her mind productive things. At the end of the day for me this is a personal fight as I have had my health taken from me. I am also doing this, because in 5-10 years there is no way I will have the energy to fight this hard. My wife told me for years I would never get to 50% and now we are looking at 100%. She sometimes understands how bad it is, but I am pretty good at hiding the pain most days. I will say it has changed a bunch around here now that we have been this far down the road. I think she is finally understanding I have limitations. She is also very supportive of my issues. I just don't want to always weigh her down with my crap. As for this site is great to come here and see I am not alone, and there are those who are where I was at and other who are where I want to land. I am glad I can give back some of my experience to make someone else's life easier! Remember we make up less than 1% of the USA. We have a unique bond and we all support each other. I also find it a blessing there are those out there who have never fought in a war who are willing to fight (for years) through a court case to help us be able to take care of ourselves! Thank you to all of those who help us here without any knowledge of getting paid at the end of the day. It would be very hard to work knowing there was a chance to never get paid and to put so many hours into a persons case. My hats off to you and keep up the fight!
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    You need to visit the hospital and file an in-person request at the FIOA office. They will usually just print them on the spot. I am amazed that the DAV rep refused to print them for you. If they are not there to help you what are they doing there? This just goes to some of the conversations we have had about reps unwilling or uninformed enough to serve the veteran.
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    The pyramiding rule applies here. The VA would evaluate you for each disability, but would grant you single highest the percentage of them. It is very helpful to read the rating criteria for each disability because one might worsen and you might be able to request an increased rating, which could in turn increase your rating. If the disability, or the medication the VA prescribes to treat it, causes a secondary disability, you could also file a claim for that. For example, I have chronic asthma and took inhaled steroids since I was in the service. Last year I was diagnosed with Cushing's and filed a claim for secondary service connection. One important thing is to read the entire section of the rating criteria, not just the specific disability. Some diagnostic codes (DC's) might be considered under pyramiding while others might not.
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    Prepare for the bottle neck to get worse.
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    I had called the 800 on a HLR that had not shown up in eBenefits or Vets.gov, the person told me she could see it in the intake but she said the VA is supposed to under the new procedures get them into the system with 2 weeks. I would ask the DAV how they submitted your HLR and when they did. vetquest is so right, the VA is creating a single point of failure. The VA needs several intake centers to handle the workload.
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    Mover 1993. It took almost 90 days from the time my case was faxed in until it showed on Vets.gov. It seems that one central office for all claims is creating a backlog.
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    Take it to the Barney level so they can’t miss it.
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    The VA might be supposed to be working in the veteran's best interests and applied SMC to my case without my asking but I do not see them looking into the side effects of medication. One of my medications that I used to take caused cognitive dysfunction but they never looked at that. I would spell it out for them if it was me.
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    I agree fully with broncovet and paulstrgn. If you are a citizen you have rights. If you are not a citizen and get into trouble it could turn out bad for you, like deportation.
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    Why not skip the HLR and go straight to the NOD at the BVA? It's just as fast as the HLR and you get real lawyers looking at it-not illiterate GS=10 VSRs. Without new and material evidence to submit to change the decision (assuming no CUE) in a HLR, you might as well go straight to DC. If you lose, the Judge will tell you why and you can turn around and go back to the supplemental lane and submit more evidence to win with. You still keep your effective filing date too.
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    Thank God for TDIU. I had my claim for sleep apnea secondary to asthma accepted 3 weeks ago and was awarded a bump from 30% to 50% which brought my overall 80% up to 90%, with that small raise in pay. Today, VA.gov said this
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    Sure is a lot of good comments on this. On the payment of a lawyer or agent I'm pretty much in line with Alex and Bronco. You do your homework, weigh it all out and if you come to the conclusion that you need to hire a lawyer, you do the best you can and settle on a fee. No sour grapes on that, if you don't like the results, don't enter into the agreement in the first place. As for using this to vent, not so much. I go along with Shrek on it; I'm here to learn and, with a little luck, I can pick up something that maybe I can use to help another veteran out. If I have some knowledge I can share along the way, all the better. As the saying goes: "A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others."
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    I think our wives must be related Shrek . My wife loves me and is always there for me and she is always will to listen, but I know she does not understand why I need and enjoy this site. It is where I can be with my brothers and sisters in arms, for we know what we went through and why we did it. We did it for the love of our country! It truly is a personal fight for we have all had our health taken from us at too young of an age. That is why I am for every vet being awarded every benefit they are entitled too. They are not being greedy, they just want what they have earned! I encourage everyone to always keep good notes and write down (in simple language) what your spouse needs to know and do if we should (and we all will) pass away. We also want our spouses and children to get the benefits they have also earned such as DIC. Make sure they know all your passwords! JMO
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    I find from reading these post that most vets are looking for help with their claim and also wanting to vent/complain. It is much easier to vent/complain here to people you really don't know and probably will never see than it is to someone you know or are doing business with. I find myself often complaining/venting about something I know is being done correctly but it is a slow process. I have found myself venting to the 800 number many times (I always tell them it's not them...its the process that I am pissed about). I guess for me this site is a great place for finding information out and also venting about the VA while not wanting to offend anyone...I just need to let off steam is all. JMO This site is great for information and I am glad I stumbled across it!
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    Bronco you are dead on with this assessment of what happens. I know one way I have really improved my claim is to take the VSO for the most part out of my claim. I submit all the evidence now on Ebenefits so there is a digital foot print of this information. I have found they are having a much harder time denying my claims right out the gate. I am waiting for an RO to say oh hey I never saw that as I have screen shots for everything now. I have not had to use it as they have not denied anything yet!?!?!
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    I am and will do the same, I don't trust the VA one bit to award DIC even if it is warranted to just like I didnt' trust them to continue my IU PT until my death I sure as hell am not trusting them to honor DIC after my death so I will continue to fight for secondaries and every single thing they denied service connection for. I take it in baby steps as I am able to physically and mentally because mentally they can wear me down and piss me off.
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    If and when I get to 100% P&T I will keep adding to my claim. Most everything I have is secondary to my back. I have a SA and hypertension claim pending with the BVA (in my opinion it should be approved but we will see). If my hypertension is approved (even at 0%) that will be fine, I have the feeling I will go from a stroke or heart attack and those I will be able to link to hypertension. I want my wife to be able to get DIC when I go so I will keep adding on until I either have 100% P&T 10 years or or one of the other issues I have. After all I don't think I am going to die from my back or nerve issues! I believe you should always add to you VA disabilities, plus who knows you might get an SMC from it. JMO
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    Good to friggin' go and congrats! Deferred is actually a good thing, it's not a denial. Basically, your claimed condition or conditions needed to be sent back for further development. All you need now is an additional 10% to get that 1 point to get 95%...which gets rounded up to 100%.
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    I do not read or react to profile posts- I dont have time-
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    Well, sir. Imagine this scenario. I get to work at 0800. Sometimes I have to get up and call VA raters and DROs and ask them why they screwed my Vet(s). If they're in St. Pete's, I have to get up at 0500 to call them. I also get calls from them answering my emails. I have to write legal briefs for upcoming travel board hearings before VLJs. I don't have any office staff to do it. Even if I did, I'd still be researching a claim-sometimes on Westlaw which costs me $59 a minute to access. Many big outfits use paralegals (unaccredited) to do intake and communicate with the Vet. It's not that we don't want to talk but that it isn't always feasible. I keep my caseload down to about 100 and it still eats all my time. And yes. I talk to every one of my clients if they call unless I'm with another Vet -but I'm the rare exception. If your atty. is winning your claims and they are very difficult, then 33% is a bargain. I won a Vet $188 K a year or two ago. He was pissed I got $37 K. That was 20%. If I'd lost, I would have gotten 20% of zero dollars even if I had worked my butt off. He still got $151 K but feels like I screwed him. That's the down side to helping anyone. Murphy's first law is " No good deed goes unpunished." As most know, I generally take those funds to offset the cost of helping other Vets for free... There are good attys and bad ones. Too bad they don't have Win/ Loss records!
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    That is the best attitude to have. My attorney received ten years equivalent when he only represented me for five years. It is hard to see that much money go away but focus on what you gained. Without an attorney I might have gotten nothing.
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    I think this is huge news and could really force the VA to actually start doing their jobs. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/06/17/court-allows-a-class-action-lawsuit-against-va-for-the-first-time/?fbclid=IwAR1HsZ8l8bnrI03WUb0uESmLH7BRAuRU0s1eawehDaabl8y0ufBeTjghQrQ#.XQgJRO27m0Q.facebook
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    You know full well that the VA is always going to try and keep the costs down, especially when it comes to meds prescribed by non-VA docs that are not in their formulary. The VA basically is saying that if you chose to go to the outside, we aren't going to help you. Not a lot you can do, Sometimes, they just don't have the best interest of the veteran in mind, and simply just don't want to help get over the hump.Just try to go up the chain of command; ask the pharmacy and/or the patient advocate who to go to next and just emphasize that you went to the outside doc they directed you to so why don't they honor the prescription now. Best of luck Vetquest.
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    I think you jumped to a conclusion about a power chair and that was not even what the complaint was about... I got the new chair... I always do... but your remark was callous....... and Its not about being ungrateful when they write stuff they never said to the veteran. Today I actually got a call from VA rehabilitation because of what he wrote in my record. At 65 years old no amount of rehab is going to do me any good..... it fact it just might make things worse.... I get steroid shots in my knees, and I have been offered them for my back and neck.... because the va will not do surgery due to my Lung disease, and pain pills do not help... First I injured my back in 1974 when I was thrown from a moving jeep, it came with a TBI, and neck injury and a drop foot. Iwear a brace just to hold my foot up... ..as well. I also have two service connected knee conditions, and I have COPD.. You can bet your butt the VA owes me a new Power chair when I need one !.. I have used a power chair since 2001... and I have to go thru the same stupid review to get a new chair each time, even when they break down and won't fix the old one. I recommend you read https://www.prosthetics.va.gov/Docs/Motorized_Wheeled_Mobility_Devices.pdf then the next time you talk about what is owed to the veteran you might know a little more than you do now. But you already know that anyone rated over 50% is entitled to all va care free of charge......... to include any medically necessary prosthetic items... I am 100% for my lungs alone the va will give me oxygen tanks because I need them, they will however not give me a portable concentrator, that never runs out of oxygen, last for years, and cost less money in the long run... I chose to purchase my own oxygen concentrator for the convince of it... I however have no reason to run out and buy a power chair when I meet the medically necessary rules... Its very likely you did not qualify for a wheelchair under va rules.. I was really surprise by your comment " the va does not owe us a new power chair"..... ACTUALLY THEY DO Don't get me wrong.. I am grateful that I am able to get care at the va... but they do not do it out of the kindness of their heart... and when they do something wrong they need to be told they are wrong
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    It is really their choice which citizenship they choose. I have 2 daughters that are German Citizens and 2 with U.S. Citizenship. I have a daughter who graduated high school in Harker Heights, Texas and moved back to Germany. She applied for her German Citizenship. The German system put her through the apprenticeship program and paid for everything and then help placing her in a position that she is really happy in.
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    Or, just file a secondary claim. They can't infer side effects from medication because the list of side effects are only potential ones, not everyone has every side effect of a med, and some don't have any of them. VA is not going to infer a secondary claim for every side effect for every med out there if that was the case we'd all be getting 100% for no reason.
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    I would try request your case be sent to the BVA. It seems that the HLR is just a higher level of denial lane to me.
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    Good advise from Bronco and Buck. You might do the ITF to lock in your date and go out and get some good medical opinions in the mean time. You might write a dynamite memo, but you are not a doctor, so your opinion on an increase in severity of a disability isn't going to be very convincing to a rater. He can easily refute your opinion by getting a medical opinion in house. Get a supporting medical opinion. JMO
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    Your spouse does not need to be a USC (US Citizen) to get a SS card, she does need to be in the US in a legal immigration status that allows her to have a SS. Examples would be a green card. If she is here on a K-1 visa you will need to file for a green card (I-551). I tried to get a SS card for my wife right after we married, we waited 3 hours at the SS office to be told she can't have one just because we were married (which I should have known). But as soon as she had her employment authorization card (this is part of the green card packet) she was able to get a SS card. For most spouses of a USC they need to have their green card three years before they can apply for citizenship. There are exceptions such as active duty military serving aboard then their citizenship will be expedited.
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    Now to POTUS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HR 299!!!!!! I just got the call . might know more tomorrow, but Now is the time for BWN vets to get their files in order ,and to start filing their claims. No word on Nehmer yet----I have made two wonderful friendships through the BWN saga- John Rossie and Carol Olzanecki- and I expect them to be there when the Bill is signed at the White House! What wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice has finally come to our nation's Blue Water Navy veterans- and to their survivors....................Thank God!
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    Many years ago (1998) I had a doctor write a letter to my employer that I could not work in temp's lower than 72 because of my lung condition. ( I was working in a main frame computer room and anyone who worked with mainframes knows that the room has to remain cool to protect the equipment. ) My doctor was a va pulmonary doctor, and when I handed the letter over to my boss, I got a call from personal who threatened to terminate me because as he said I did not disclose my disability when I was hired. I told the idiot he better do his homework, my condition was service connected and it was in fact disclosed when I was hired, in fact it was because of my disability that I got the job... I was working for the federal government and I was also protected from any reductions in force. Anyway this was a VA doctor and back then they were allowed to write letters and I believe they still can. see the attached. VHA Directive 1134.1 Provision of Medical statements and forms by va doctors.pdf VHA Directive 1134 Provision of Medical Statements and form by VA doctors.pdf
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    @dawsonatl Hey, I am a little late in reading this today, been at the VAMC all day UGH. I don't see a second draft posted, so I am going to comment on the copy I do see. This CUE is a pro se filing, which means it does not have to have every I dotted and T crossed, but it has to be accurate in its claims in general and very specific about what law, or part of the law was violated and what that violation is. I have attached a reformatted doc with some suggestions. As with all VA submissions you have to lead them by the nose to make them agree with your claim. In this case you are a filing a CUE on legal grounds. You have to tell them both the law they violated and HOW they violated it as it applies to your claim. Once you look at my version I would suggest you hyperlink[edit here: I am brain dead. this is a cue, hyperlinks won't help. sorry.] the laws and regs listed in the top section. That gives them an immediate path to what YOU are relying on. Use the hyperlinks in the MR 21 section to link to the cases I show in that list. My doc adds the words to each section saying "states in part "..." The phrase along with the ellipses bring the reader to the exact info that you want them to read. It focuses them away from extraneous info that might contradict or be used to contradict the outcome you want. It tells them what YOU want them to accept and act on. In your closing you state you have had a detrimental outcome, what is the specific harm? as well what is the specific correction? In answering what is detrimental you might consider Cushman v. Shinseki which rules that VA benefits, once awarded, vest a property right under the 5th Amendment Due Process Clause. You have been awarded the benefit, but VA is not applying the other laws and regs appropriately thereby denying you full access to your vested Due Process rights of property. The VA has a duty to maximize your benefits and construe your claim liberally in your favor. I would cite those requirements in the top list and in this section. along with Cushman. Further consider including language suggesting that if the VA does not accept your argument that the rating agency created its own medical opinion, then you have two completely opposing medical opinions. When two medical opinions exist that are of equal value they are in equipose and that means the tie goes to the veteran. that is per regulation. Including this sets up a trap of sorts on the issue of the VA making up medical evidence. If they agree with you and accept the CUE, it has no harm. If they disagree it defines (for future legal reasons) the parameters of what they got wrong. The VA would have to decide to claim their opinion was a) a valid medical opinion and b) it has equal or greater medical value than that of the contracted medical doctor who said you can not work. Under the law and fact they would lose on both parts. Hemming them in might just enhance the speed in which they accept the CUE. Be specific about what you want from the correction. TDIU and EED? then say so, don't let them guess. Hope this gives you some ideas or help. cue suggestions.docx
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    Received the call from my local VA to set up the date for my C & P exam. Next Thursday the 13th at 8:00 in the morning. I thought I was ready for this and while on the phone with the receptionist I started shacking and my pulse went up to 156 beats per minute. I took the day off from work and my wife will be with me for support. She will stay on the grounds and I will call her when done. I am a nervous wreck but know I can and half to do this.
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    I filed an SMC K claim on 5/15/2019, had my C&P exam on 5/29/2019. The case was approved today on 6/5/2019. This is the fastest I have ever had a case completed. Now I wish they would work this fast on all my claims.
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    Geeky, obviously if the results from your C&P are not favorable to you not only do you have a strong case to appeal or even CUE, but it is something you should do just to keep this insufficiently qualified doctor from doing inadequate exams on other veterans. Good luck on your results.
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    A higher level review might be denied under the same mistake. I would go with the advice to file a CUE and then appeal to the BVA if your CUE does not work.
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    That is technically right- BVA accepts more evidence up until their decision is made, CAVC, however, reviews the evidence that has already been established .but maybe I can clarify this- M21-1MR is the VA handbook for adjudicating claims at the VARO level. Everything that prior VA case law has established- to explain the M21-1MR , is to be implemented at the RO level. This case, as far as I know is at the RO level. The BVA is higher than the RO and the CAVC is higher than the BVA. The best thing any veteran can do is try to get an award from a RO, an award that they do not have to appeal. This vet hs a clear cut CUE basis. The ROs have to follow M21-1MR. By filing a CUE within the appeal period, this could become a TDIU award. If not it can be appealed. I have filed many CUEs within the appeal period that did not even require a NOD.They resulted in fast awards. Kanewnut-you have an excellent handle on CUE, I apologise, I didn't mention it was you who threw in some very good stuff for this veteran to use .
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    I picked up on the tone of his post,as well. It's a red flag for depression caused by this issue. I second that motion for Ward to get help. John Ward two fellow vets agree you need to get seen sooner rather than later for the depression you are experiencing. Please seek help as soon as you can.
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    I went over my past advice here and can only suggest again to get an IMO/IME .You take meds and steroids I am not familiar with their contraindications, ( that information can be found on line) and the VA might not have been treating you properly for your HBP and "elevated cholesterol problems"....and the Cushings deisease. My husband died from lack of proper diagnosis and treatment of Heart disease, HBP, elevated cholestrol, which caused occlusion of his heart arteries, undiagnosed and untreated diabetes mellitus, numerous improperly diagnosed and untreated transcient ischemic attacks, (brain clots) and a full blown catastrophic stroke due to the occlusion of his heart arteries, as this causes clots to form in the heart and pass into the brain. His initial heart attack was diagnosed as a sinus infection, -the next heart attack he had was his last. I read over his entire medical files at last 12 times before I filed a FTCA and 1151 claim.I filed those claim ( the 1151 was to continue his own 1151 claim, before I even had the autopsy, which supported my SF 95 and 1151 claim. The worse case scenario for any veteran, who has the situation you present here- is that they could die with heart disease as NSC but the prime cause of death. If they did not have ten continuous years of 100% SC, their spouse will have a very hard time getting DIC,unless th spouse is able to get an IMO to support a 1151 issue or FTCA case. I would have given anything to have been able to find an IMO doctor in those days.The internet was limited and I had to spend lots of time in medical libraries and law libraries.I had to build a picture of over 6 years of VA malpractice. The IMOs I got for the AO DMII claim, that awarded Direct SC death,15 years after my husband died, were well worth the cost. I prepared a 6 year timeline that referred to the exact medical records that the IMO doctor had to focus on. I am sure, if I had not done that, my IMO fees would have been higher. The only diagnosis for diabetes, for that claim, had been crossed out by another doctor. It took me 8 months to find the doctor whose entry I managed to decifer, as he had started a private practice in Neurology. He gave a very brief free IMO- a few sentences and the BVA gave that as much weight as my other IMOs. Nothing is impossible. I have been seeking results of a C & P exam done in 1993-I got it the other day. The Neuro doctor made errors in the exam, that went against what she had said to the veteran and to me at the exam. 26 years have passed but she still works for the VA.I am going to ask her to correct that exam. The VA is double checking to see what else there might be, to the 13 pages I got, that were Never in the Med rec file when I ordered it. VA Malpractice has a paper trail. It can begin , as in my husband's case, with an initial misdiagnosis, and wrong medications, that ended up causing his death 6 years later. At many points the VA could have turned his situation around but instead another VAMC tried to cover up the 4 years of malpractice they were aware of when he was transferred to another VAMC. I have no other advice- the secondary claim would need an IMO/IME as well as the 1151 claim. I had no IMO for my initial wrongful death 1151 claim.The VA denied it many times, but at the same time, I was forced to deal with the OGC in DC- the original VA lawyer who wanted to settle with me, disappeared.The peer review he had obtained that supported my charges, also disappeared. I had to start all over again with the OGC. But the General Counsel can read! I was a very aggressive claimant.And by then I had so much evidence they could not get out of the settlement.They obtained a Peer review from the Top cardio doc at VACO.It supported all of my charges. The RO, when they received from me notice and copy of the settlement actually denied my 1151 Claim AGAIN! I called up the OGC lawyer and told him he owed me more money- he was shocked and after he heard what the RO did, some honcho at OGC ordered the RO to award the 1151. This is the crap that can happen to anyone, who does not have an IMO/IME and, in FTCA case, does not have an attorney. about 20 NY lawyers told me I could never succeed. Piss on them. I did succeed. But I do NOT advise anyone to do what I did. I have a pro se legal background ( never lost a case) and also I knew Neurology because my Army husband died of a brain tumor. I had to study endocrinology and cardiology however.
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    You can submit any evidence during the claims process up until the day it is decided, if I'm not mistaken. Don't reopen to try direct service connection, unless there was a diagnosis in-service and you were given a CPAP in-service. APPEAL. APPEAL. APPEAL the secondary connection. You have a case for secondary connecting OSA to MDD. You want to preserve your earliest effective date to when you submitted the claim. As long as, you continue to prosecute the claim, you'll get more in retropay. Read the article I provided closely. A VA DOCTOR was on the panel doing the study linking OSA to Psychological Disorders.
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    Sorry to disagree Berta but heat stroke can affect the brain and quite often does. There is hyperhidrosis, which the VA will rate. There are also studies on servicemen that show changes in personality and cognition. There can be a condition where a veteran loses his ability to withstand heat which the VA will not rate, that is what I suffered and it is a travesty. Also I am rated for neuropathy which showed up twenty years later. The VA recognizes cold injuries can cause neuropathy and in my case they recognized that a heat injury can cause this. I have seen veterans also rated for migraines due to a heat stroke, and mental changes. Before I won my case at the BCNR for brain syndrome the Navy was quietly shuffling certain Navy and USMC veterans out the side door for many conditions considered a "pre-existing" disability without the benefit of a civilian review board. What you need to do is a careful inventory of what problems you are having and then see if they can be related back to a heat stroke. With a good doctor and some research there is a wealth of information on conditions that can be related to heat stroke. It is just that for many years the VA has been hiding this rabbit under their hat. Excuse me if I am passionate about this but I have lived from the injuries of a heat stroke for many years.
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    For me I need this site to help me vent at times...I can talk about things that I am not able to with my spouse. I know the vets here can understand what I am going through. Hadit is good for more than just information...it allows us to vent.
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    I contacted my MST coordinator at the VA and they have been very helpful. They gave me a pamphlet about MST for men and really put into perspective of some issues that I have and provided a reason for them. I go once a week for a 1 hour session and it feels good.
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    If you have been rated for over twenty years for the same percentage for a condition it is considered static and cannot be reduced except by fraud. Please see https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/38/3.951
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    @asknod You really laid it out plain and simple, I like that. Yes I would hate to pay someone $37K but I would love it even more if I won $188K. Really is what a person must think of is they won the lotto and the government takes out the taxes. Yes it is a lot of money but it is also a fare amount to pay, plus the vet needs to remember the extra they now get every month is tax free. Thank you for spelling it out, I believe you made itvery clear.
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    Before I arrived at Hadit I did not know what TDIU was, but within 18 months of getting advice on Hadit I had TDIU. I had used the DAV and VFW for years and go nowhere. I would still be getting 30% rating if not for info I got on Hadit. You just have to make up your mind that you will not be denied.
  48. 2 points
    The waiting is hard. Not knowing is hard. I find everything with the VA is confusing and difficult. Everything is too complex.
  49. 2 points
    I think the best bet is to complain directly to the QTC, LHI, or VES, whoever did the faulty C & P exam. I called the WH Hot Line 2 week ago to complain on a posthumous C & P exam done by an actual VA employed doctor. Some joker from the VHA called me up to discuss this.He didn't seem to have a clue on what to do. He kept saying if I brought up the claim it involved, that VHA has nothing to do with the VBA. I realized he did not understand that our benefits are determined by C & P exams, under the VBA, not the VHA. I just told him I would take my concerns to Congress. There is a bill there about these lousy C & P exams but it is not a viable bill. It is easier to write a legitimate bill and see if someone will introduce it- then deal with clowns. This is what the Bill should be based on: https://cck-law.com/news/va-contracted-cp-exams-not-meeting-quality-timeliness-standards-gao/
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    I called the White House hotline at 855-948-2311 and complained. I also emailed the regional director about my issues with the C&P. She had someone call me and we spoke for over an hour, I have my new C&P on Friday.
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