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  1. I will try to make this short. I applied for benefits over 3 years ago and never got an exam date. Then a sudden denial of disability because I missed my exam. I am currently waiting for a new exam date a gentlemen that works with the VA is helping me get this C&P Exam. I was blown up by a Vehicle IED, and have documentation and sworn statements. Small arms fire, etc. I have a combat infantrymans badge obviously also. I am incredibly nervous about this exam, and I really think that nothing good ever happens to me and I will be denied. I just want to know how to answer certain q
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  2. Will try to be here but maybe sporadically this month because SPRING has finally come to NY....with farm business, landscaper stuff too , and courses I take, it will be a busy month....Plus the spring holidays turn me into Mrs. Clean....... I mean I think Spring is here. I think this is the first Sunday since November that I didn't have to clean snow or ice off my jeep to get to the local VA Chapel service. The VAMC in Bath NY is absolutely beautiful in the spring...actually it is all year long.... originally a farm hospital during the Civil War. The VA Chapel on the grounds is
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  3. See what I mean? It's so difficult for others to get it. No disrespect intended to Carlie as she 's simply trying to help. But many suffering with PTSD just don't feel much like visiting others, going to malls, the zoo, or much of anything for that matter. At the risk of other's taking my opinion the wrong way (happens often so @&$ it!), I'm gonna press "post" anyway. LC
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