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    Have her request an itemized comprehensive list of billable hours from the attorney for all work performed.
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    If the VA denied the atty the POA and (s)he was unable to access her c-file, she should not have to pay him. Also, 30% for VA probably isn't allowed, which is why the VA may have denied the atty the POA. jmo pr
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    I am a Registered Nurse and I made no bonus! But you look at my leadership and you see $10,000 bonuses. It is sad that some of those who got the bonuses lied to get it and also put veterans lives at risk. 98% of new veterans got a new patient appointment within thirty days!!! Go call your local doctor and see how soon they can get you in as a new patient! I am proud to say I work for the VA and I am proud to serve my fellow veterans!!!
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    The only "reconsiderations" we ever received were forced outcomes of Board or Court remands. My vote says NOD immediately, don't waste your time otherwise. I'd skip the VSO. If you don't feel you can do this alone, get a lawyer. It's worth the 20% of any retro they get to represent you. Chances are the VA keeps making the same mistakes repeatedly, so experienced lawyers in VA disability law have previously picked up on these same flaws and already know how to argue against them, assuming you have the evidence to support the arguments presented.
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