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    Don't forget to check with your state to see if they free tuition for your wife.......also check into the property tax waivers.
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    IT would have been easier had you had treatment already logged-in or out of service. Filing for the disability prior to having treatment notes will get you an uphill battle . You'll probably have to request your exam notes from the private practice, since they did the exam, though eventually they will end up at VA. There is a template you can download from VA that covers exactly what they are looking for on the exam for the C&P, also. Your first job should be to get into the VA medical system, or private practice, and establish a diagnosis, then, try again by appealing your current decision with 'new and material evidence'.
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    Thanks! I made a profile and it shows me what my payment is for disability. It made the wife smile just a little wider.
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    My advice is file for SSDI as soon as you get the BBE and then quit work and enjoy yourselves.
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    Hello everyone. I was finally able to sign up for MyHealthevet and download my medical records. Here are the "highlights" of my C&P exam. If anyone has any idea of what the rating may be, please let me know. I have no idea. Current rating = 10% for Retinitis Pigmentosa COMPENSATION AND PENSION EXAMINATION REPORT (FREE TEXT) ======================================================= Eye Conditions SECTION I: DIAGNOSES -------------------- Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with an eye condition (other than congenital or developmental errors of refraction)? [X] Yes [] No If yes, provide only diagnoses that pertain to eye conditions: Diagnosis #1: Retinitis Pigmentosa OD OS (Legally blind based on visual Field od os) ICD code: Date of diagnosis: 2010 SECTION II: MEDICAL HISTORY ---------------------------- Describe the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's current eye condition(s) (brief summary): 1) - dxed with Retinitis Pigmentosa OU; constricted visual field OU; hard to ambulate/function with poor lighting conditions; last eye exam - 2013 at VA Eye Clinic. 9. Internal eye exam (fundus) -------------------- Fundus: [] Normal [x ] Abnormal If checked, complete the following section: a. Optic disc: Right [X] Normal [ ] Other, describe: Left [X] Normal [ ] Other, describe: b. Macula: Right [] Normal [x ] Other, describe: + post pole bone spicules OU Left [] Normal [x ] Other, describe: c. Vessels: Right [] Normal [ x] Other, describe: attenuated ou Left [] Normal [ x] Other, describe: d. Vitreous: Right [x ] Normal [ ] Other, describe: Left [x ] Normal [ ] Other, describe: e. Periphery: Right [ ] Normal [x ] Other, describe: atbe ou 10. Visual fields ----------------- Does the Veteran have a visual field defect (or a condition that may result in visual field defect)? [x ] Yes [] No Retinitis Pigmentosa OU a. Was visual field testing performed? [ x] Yes [] No Results: [ x] Using Goldmann's equivalent III/4e target [ ] Using Goldmann's equivalent IV/4e target (used for aphakic b. Does the Veteran have contraction of a visual field? [x ] Yes [] No If yes, include Goldmann chart with this Questionnaire. e. Does the Veteran have legal (statutory) blindness (visual field diameter of 20 degrees or less in the better eye, even if the corrected visual acuity is 20/20) based upon visual field loss? [xx ] Yes [ ] No 11. Retinal conditions (XX Retinitis Pigmentosa OU - RP) ---------------------- a. Indicate retinal condition, and eye affected: (check all that apply) [x ] Retinopathy [ ] Right [ ] Left [x ] Both 1. Functional impact -------------------- Does the Veteran's eye condition(s) impact his or her ability to work? [x ] Yes [] No 2. REMARKS, IF ANY: Legally Blind based on visual field OD OS (Visual Field = < 10 degrees OD &amp; OS) - Will send Goldmann Visual Field OD OS to St Pete VA RO Triage (with C-Files)
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    When I was returning to Iraq from R&R in 03, while in Kuwait, there was a outside USO show happening about a quarter of a mile away. I didn't go over by the crowd of about 3-4 hundred Soldiers as I could hear the music from where I was taking a break from the heat. Anyway, when they were shutting down I saw about 100 Soldiers come out of a tent followed by Ollie North. Before I could get over there he was on a bus and gone. What I would have gave for a picture with him. I did however, get a picture with Brian Dennehy while in Iraq. It was pretty funny as I was the first one in line as no one else knew who he was. Gave my mom the picture when I got home. Hamslice
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    MPsgt is correct on the compensation. JT24usn is also correct concerning the challenge obtains a C&P exam while incarcerated.
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    what a crock of shidt. mad scientists. trying to create zombies. The endocrine system regulates the fight or flight response. If they start jacking with that system soldiers will have no fear at all, and walk right into dangerous situations, instead of calculating the risks. All it is is the government pushing these scientist, to try and fix a massive problem, so they dont have to pay. I say inject all of congress with the drug. so they can grow some balls and stand up to the big drug companies that are actually running this country. Also the big credit card and banks that are fleecing this country.
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    MP sgt, I had problems posting the other day and saved and then posted my last reply about 24 hrs later. Now I feel, after seeing the hardship request was filed, that this does not explain at all the BVA 'decision" matter but that hopefully, your claim will be expedited. You said: "I HAVE A DIFFICULT TIME ASKING PEOPLE FOR HELP TOO. I TEND TO GET HOSTILE AND CONFRONTATIONAL WHEN I FEEL LIKE I'M GETTING SOME BS RESPONSE." Me too!!!! But maybe the AL, due to the Hardship Request, wants that resolved first and then whatever BS that showed up on ebenefits or IRIS, or via the 800 etc regarding a BVA decision, will not matter diddly squat. Many of us here to include myself have gotten inaccurate info from the VA.I have gotten IRIS responses that contradict themselves as well as contradict statements in subsequent VA letters. Widows arent allowed to use ebenefits so I dont know how that works. When I used to use the 800# every month for a status, I realized they were saying whatever they wanted to sometimes. I sent a complaint to VACO on one of the 800 people.After my claim had been in the system for sometime, a 800 operator told me that I had absolutely no basis for that claim.I had already been discouraged by my former vet rep but VA at that point VA had never told me,with any legal rationale, that the claim had no "basis". I reminded this person that she was a telephone rep and not an adjudicator , and had no power to determine if my was claim was not valid and she got hostile so I complained to VACO about her because in those days they gave us their names at 800#. But, I also did what I had learned to do with the 800# ,since the late 1990s. if I didn't like the info, I would get a second opinion. I called back about 2 hours later when I had calmed down (I was really pissed off at her), and the next 800 rep gave me the full status of my valid claim, which in time was awarded. We cannot depend too much on any of the VA contact sites. As long as VA has the evidence you mentioned here, this should be a simple award that doesn't take much longer. But please realize that many of us here had fully probative claims and evidence, and those awards took time. VA isn't our enemy. Time is.
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