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    My daughter checked the mail this morning, and there was a Letter from the Govt saying that my $11,500 of Student Loans have been Discharged as of 7/30/14. I have had a lot of Medical Procedures in the last few weeks, and it sure is nice to get some good news.
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    The IMO should be part of the IME if you want the best chance. Your doctor does the exam and then writes an opinion for you with VA buzz words and format. I have seen some beautiful IME/IMO reports from the VA itself back a few years ago. I had one retired VA doctor do an IME/IMO for me. It was a thing of beauty and only cost $250. What a deal since I got p&t with that report. Good doctors are pure gold if they also understand how to write an IME/IMO. Many don't and many won't. John
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    Brother, I agree with everyone else here. You got a 10%. I personally believe that you got lowballed. Why? because the examiner is basically saying that you are mildly impaired, but your history (divorce, relationships, work, ect) shows that you are more than 10% Be ready to appeal. The examiner even put down that you more than likely get better with treatment, that is a bold statement right there. What you witnessed (similar to what I did) will never go away. I hate to sound negative, but I am just trying to be real. You can learn how to cope with it, but it is something that will be there until you close your eyes for good. So, yeah, what I'm trying to say is that the examiner is full of it. Take good care brother and follow the experts advice here, not mine, but the others above. Blessings!
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    My CVSO told me not to even bother to submit. I did anyway! My VSO was AWOL through the whole ordeal. I went through the initial denial, alone and confused without any sort of representation. I was ready to walk away, wash my hands, throw in the perverbial towel, eventhough I knew I was righteous. Then I found myself here, talking to NavyWife and Sierra and all sorts of good people that have been through the VA meat grinder. It was here I discover what a letter of reconsideration was. It was here that I was taught how to research veterans disability law and how to be my OWN advocate! It was here I learned how to beat the bastards, and I thank everyone single one of you, far too many names to list! I was awarded 70% for one contention. Again, thank you Hadit.com!
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    where did the va get this 123 day waiting time? I thought I saw that in some report? I think it is 123 years, not days..
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