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    He did more than question Berta's knowledge. He said that since she's not a veteran, she doesn't know what she's talking about. OK RU, how many disabled veteran spouses does a wife have to lose before she has the right to say something here? Who the hell do you think keeps things running when our vets are laid up or can't put one foot in front of the other for whatever reason? Who took care of the kids, the schooling, holidays, homework, etc. while you guys were deployed so you had something to come home to if you made it back home at all, something else that hung over our heads all the time? Don't whine here about not knowing what you go through. The fact that we spouses have had to almost become lawyers ourselves to protect our vets and our families is the reason we come here. Just maybe, like Berta, we've picked up some valuable knowledge along the way that might help others. That's what we do here. We help others, we don't tear them down and demoralize them. This BS about "you're not a veteran, you don't know what we go through...." is unacceptable. And one more thing -- for God's sake, get a dictionary or learn how to speak in complete sentences. I need an interpreter to make sense of most of your posts, and the ones I can understand, lately anyway, are void of any constructive or productive thought.
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    This is a common event, to have your claim routed to an RO that may be less backed up than the one in your state. I've seen Louisiana claims handled out of Oklahoma, for instance. As for the ebenefits question, I don't know the answer, but I would imagine it's a matter of what they choose to program in to track. As long as you're aware of where your claim is being handled, as reflected in correspondence to you, that's the most important thing.
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    Hey, you're welcome, that's what I'm here for, my own knowledge, and to share with others something that may help in some way or another. Semper Fi
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    This has gotten so far off topic. Really sad because I had a lot to share with other Veterans. I'll make another post when it's time to do so. RU you really need some anger management and you should stop with the paranoia. We are all here to help one another. Whether you agree or not if it isn't your thread don't instigate the situation. And I think you should be banned. Too many threads on here with you bashing people. PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD!!!!!
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    Maybe this topic should be closed? but is it fair to the original poster? It's getting to be useless for helping veterans with claims. Other option would be you hit the ''Ignore Button'' on post of other members you disagree with and you won't see their post. RU ,you been warned about your inappropriate post from Jbasser/and Myself , I don't have the Authority to ban you but if I did YOU would already be gone. If you have PTSD I realize we all have Bad days....when we do its better we stay off hadit. Lets all try to get along with each other and keep the inappropriate stuff off hadit. jmo ..............Buck
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    You need to have the following tatoo'd on your arm so you can remember it: "You can not believe everything the VA tells you". If you are in doubt, re read the above quote. Go ahead and file a claim. The worst that could happen is you get denied, like 85% of the other first time claimants, and you would have to appeal.
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    Bronc, Ye of little faith. VA employees don't really have a Dog in the Fight. They may misspeak on occasion or be less than fully knowledgeable regarding a Vet's Claim/Appeal Status but in general, their just Govt employees putting their 8 or so hrs in each day. As with all of us, some days are better, some worse. You catch one on a bad day, you really can't judge them all by that 1 bad experience. Semper Fi
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    VA employees all have crystal balls, unfortunately, they also have a problem telling the truth.
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    Just maybe, Peggy has a Crystal Ball. Just hope it's not the Old Black 8 Ball, where you swish it around and read the answer. Spend your wait time computing your SMC S Retro, should take the edge off. Is your Direct Deposit Bank/CU account set up to Txt/E-Mail you regarding ALL Transactions? Retro usually hits a couple weeks before you receive the Actual Award Letter. Recently, since beginning of 16 end of 15, E-Ben has actually been on the stick and reported Awards/Increases prior to the Retro Deposit hitting. Semper fi Semper Fi
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    I have been quiet on had it for many years, although I always would get updates. To See RUR so rude he may want to go to Facebook with that drama. The fact he questioned Berta's knowledge is almost delete worthy.
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    ArNG11 IF your 100% or IU send in a Request For the P&T just based off what you just wrote in this post. you should be P&T my friend and you should meet the criteria for SMCs'
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