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    I think men have a much high success rate with SMC K as they can get viagra prescribed, women there is no medication, we can complain and have it noted about the sexual side effects of our meds and very few of us get SMC K for the impact the meds do to our sex lives. Another kick in the ass from uncle sam for female vets. Good thing we are used to it after all these years lol.
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    There are two ways to get HB. If you have a total disability plus at least 60% for an extra and different disability you can get statutory HB. The other way is to actually be unable to leave your home. A DX of Panic disorder w/Agoraphobia would meet that criteria IMO. In my own case I had TDIU P&T effective 8/2001 and about 8 years later I got an extra 60% for an AO condition. I filed a claim for HB and the VA called a CUE on themselves and granted HB. If you have scheduler 100% the VA is supposed to consider you for HB. The VA's new trick is to say they considered you for the benefit and then denied it. I would file a claim for HB due to the fact I am substantially confined to my home because of the Agoraphobia.
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    Heh at least you folks got some progress. The best they could offer me was tramadol with lorzone. Lorzone worked well for the muscle spams, however, Tramadol wasn't too great with the pain. I've had better results with the extended release Oxycontin and anywhere from 10 to 50mg of oxcycodone through out the day. I have been experimenting with CBD oil, however, it is necessary to have THC in the mixture, which from state to state as ms Jane is still illegal. Slowly other states are approving the leaf for medical uses, however, they are so slow in the uptake and application.
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