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    haha, yes I know.. being patient in as system designed to stall is very hard. yesterday I saw on the news that it can takeas little as abt 5 months to make someone who is a migrant, to become a citizen of the US. Yet the US govt finds it ok for veterans to wait 3,5.10 years to get thier claims done. It is not a priority. When the govt wants to get things done fast. they surely can move fast. If there were no money or benefits involved there would be NO backlog. The RO would be like the maytag man commercials. Sometimes whether or not you get service connected has little to do with your claims, the numbers of vets service connected are throttled. I think its an attrition thing, when a vet dies, a comp slot opens. The GAO tracks the money being spent. There are budgets within the govt that do not even have to report thier expenditures and every year, the GAO cannot acct for all or even most of the money spent. There are black budget programs that spend millions without accounting for it. There are MANY who have thier hands in the pot. I believe alot of the money that is supposed to be spent at the VA on veterans get squandered by organizations that have no connection with helping vets at all yet that money gets taken out of our piggy bank. Its a free for all of fraud waste and abuse.
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