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  1. The BVA Decision Clock Appeal for the CAVC Starts Ticking! Your VA lawyer should have addressed the trip to CAVC already, this is where Legal Fees get Awarded on outright Wins or Remand Decisions back to RO. A friend got his BVA Denial (repped by VLC, DC) for SMC K Remanded by the CAVC, Legal Fees $16K paid by VBA, his final RO Remand Award netted him about $7K for the 6-year Appeal wait. No, For Fee legal Firm would have ever signed on to rep him, he was turned away by (2) well-known Firms.
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  2. yes the board issued effective date of Feb 2018 and gave DC 8521,8522,8524 and gave percentage of bilateral 10% the reason i keep bringing up new questions is because with this award i hit 100% and of course thats an ACHIEVEMENT... SO THATS WHY I KEEP ASKING AND ANSWERING
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