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    Many of us have experienced this crap. I found the stuff they said they never got ,in my C file. "I will estimate half of all appeals involve "loss of" or VA not reading the evidence, but that estimate could be low. " I would think probably 30% or more of C & P exams are faulty. I have had many claims issues with the VA since assuming my husbands claim when he died and I received denials on everyone of them but I fought back. The biggest reason for the denials was their ability to ignore the most probative evidence I had. Ben Krause ( disabledveterans .org) did an article on the right to file veteran's class action cases, due to Monk V Wilkie- I posted that here in a different topic, and the comment section ,up to 41 already , was closed. He mentioned some of the paperwork and problems getting a class 'certified" but I think it could be easier than he thinks.
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    Thanks for your response, broncovet. You are absolutely right. I will to wait for the final decision. But your response gave me a much-needed laugh, thanks.
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    What type of rating would you receive for a cervical strain of the lower back?
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    would anyone know what is the difference in rating/pay between these two: "intervetebral disc syndrome" vs "lumbosacral strain" or "back strain"? mil medically discharged me with herniated disks a few months later, VA switched it to back strain over the years i have yet to have mri's that showed anything but bulging disks, severe degenerative disease, radiculopathy. so would "back strain" be correct or would "intervetebral disc syndrome" with regards to correct rating?
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