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  1. Remember, the va doesn’t care how jacked up your back is! I have 7 herniated disks in my lumbar region with no disk left at L5-S1. Its all about ROM(range of motion)!!! I receive 10% for my lumbar region since 1998. I’ve tried for an increase over the years with no increase. You can claim ricopathy ( or how ever it’s spelled) in both extremity separately. I get 20% for each leg. I also think that you can claim sciatica separately. DDD and IVDS are very different claims. IVDS is very hard to get rated because of the bed rest thing. DDD is what ,in my opinion, you should claim! Remember though,
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  2. ... how come we have to FIGHT it for years? And If this is true, how come when the VA loses records, the Veteran is at fault? Good read: Pro-Claimant_Paradox_Widener_Law_Rev_Article.pdf http://www.eagleveteranslaw.com/uploads/Pro-Claimant_Paradox_Widener_Law_Rev_Article.pdf
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  3. No real tests for Tinnitus. Your self-described symptoms, MOS are basically what it comes down to. If your MSRs show combat exposure and your MOS backs up your exposure claim, shouldn't be hard to get SC. To the best of my knowledge, all Military Branches incorporated hearing protection beginning around 1975 or so. In mid 60's no hearing protection was offered to Marines other than Air-wing. I think it was the same for Army. After 1975, Hearing protection was mandatory for all non combat firearms training. It will come down to how plausible your linkage to your Service Exposure is. Wit
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