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    https://www.hadit.com/va-claims-glossary-definitions-abbreviations-terms/ That list has the acronyms we use- I hope it helps.
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    If you got your 38 CFR 3.156 (c) info from beteranslaw blog, https://www.veteranslawblog.org/2-times-that-veterans-should-argue-for-an-earlier-effective-date/ this is Lawyer Chris Attig's site and he is a great veteran' s lawyer and also a member of hadit- "I just noticed that eBenefits said my old bipolar claim (this was my third attempt) was reopened, however, it also said that does not mean you will be able to be compensated that far back" I surehope your VARO heard of 38 CFR 3.156- but something triggered them to re-open the older claim (s)and that means they are on the ball- I believe it was this: "Does his examination count as New and Material Evidence? If so, and they go back that far, then I'm astounded." I dont understand their rationale on the EED- but then again they don't know yet what the EED would be- It should be - if you filed a claim for bi poar within one year of your discharge- and it was at least at 10% then- then the EED would be the day after your discharge- If that does not apply to you= and you filed beyond that first year- I bet-if VA owes you any retro they might go back (under 38 CFR 3.156) to the date that is most favorable- to them! And might not be the best EED date , based on those denials. I had a good friend and it took ten years ot more fr his claim to be awarded. The local VAMC kicked him out of the DOM because he had a SSDI award solely for bipolar but VA said he was NSC. When he finally followed my advice ( that took a few years for him to do-and mean time he did keep the claim going) his claim was awarded at the BVA. I was able to prove to his VA doctor that a Capt' Mass he had ( USN) first his first manifestation -of in service- 0f his bi polar. His VA doctor after reading my research and his SMRs and personnel file, agreed and prepared a great IME for him.His retro was close to or maybe a little over 1/4 of a million. His wife took him back and she became his payee because VA said his MH issue had rendered him incompetent. I told him he could fight that (I sure didn't consider him to be incompetent) but he said he was comfortable with the wife handling it.The wife was OK- dont get me wrong-I just feel VA uses their incompetence bull crap way too often. And has picked known felons to be the payee, in the past, for vets they stole $$$ from-all in our scandal section think. The other day I gave a link here somewhere to a vet whose EED went back to 1955- and it was a BVA award made maybe in 2006? I think it was a CUE however- but my point is Nothing is impossible.
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