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HadIt.com Anniversary 24 years on Jan 20, 2021


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  1. Those who served from 2002-2015 and filed a claim for tinnitus to have it denied by the VA. This maybe your culprit if you wore them but the 3M ear pieces they issued us overseas were defective and the company 3M paid the military 9.1 million dollars very sure someone got ripped off on this BS. So if you have evidence you wore these I’m sure proving the benefit of the doubt would swing in your favor.
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  2. So the day yours closed on ebenefits your rating increase changed too. My appeal closed today and my rating remained the same so I guess my appeal was denied : no increase in rating.
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  3. Love those good ol' VSO Resolutions. " A journey of a thousand miles starts with that first step"... Resolutions are an excellent example of veteran unity, WHEREAS..., WHEREAS..., WHEREAS..., ....... THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED
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