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    Congratulations that is great news!
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    SO I went to the sleep study at a civilian hospital and it was done Friday night. The next morning, the nurse told me I did have issues with OSA, and though she was just the nurse and could not give me too much info, she said I did need a CPAP and she could see why I was prescribed one. So it sounds like I passed (or really failed) the sleep study. She gave me some info on where I could see the results in a week or so and they would be also sent to the VA. I will report back when I have more info.
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    Look here: https://www.benefits.va.gov/WARMS/bookc.asp Find knee (probably under muscular skeletal) and compare your symptoms and diagnosis from your doc notes to whats listed. Each percentage rating has criteria you have to meet, primarily range of motion, though pain can be rated as well. Make sure you have a relatively regular attendance to doctor appointments so you have a good record of how the condition affects you, then file.
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    Victor, Even if the raters weren't trained, but told to apply the regs to the best of their ability, we'd all be in so much better shape SCD % wise. At least the raters could read the evidence, the examiner's opinion, and the CFR regs, and more often than not, make the right decision. But...that's not the case, they are trained, and told to deny most claims, at least the first time around. And if that's not the case, then how do you explain why we're even here, on Hadit, in the first place? Much less why Hadit even exists? As for being kept in the dark, if I didn't know better, Victor, I'd say you have got to be the single oldest living mushroom! All those years being fed bs and kept in the dark! Makes you quite the fun guy!!! But hey, I love mushrooms! Lol! Semper Fi
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    You would think that they would want the Vets to give them good word of mouth advertising, instead of what we do give them.
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    I also revoked the DAV's POA, just recently. I had a few claims denied back in Jan/Feb of this year. However, the DAV recommended a decision in November of 2015, before these claims were even at the RO's office! When I called them, and waited the 4-6 weeks for their return call, the guy on the phone told me that all my claims were denied...so, that tells me the decision the DAV recommended was to deny all my current claims. So, in my personal experience, all the DAV did for me was stand in front of me and block my every move. They should be ashamed of themselves.
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    I recently joined the ramp for my ptsd and scars in May 2018. I previously filed appeal 2015 for my scars and 2016 for my ptsd . I was granted 100% 11/2018 on my ptsd.My scars never was answered . When I appealed my scars I had c&p in 2017 which I nevered received a SOC . So I didn’t think much about it due to joining the ramp 5/2018. In 6/2018 i filed secondaries on my scars and infection I developed due to old appendectomy that caused serious infection. I did not know that I could not file on secondaries while primary is in appeal nor did the regional office notify me and say we are rescinding this claim. On Jan 23rd 2019 I had another exam of my scars. So I recently seen update on ebenefits showing the same as before with my scars 0 % from 2012 and 30% from my secondaries in 6/2018. I realize the DRO did nothing because the va granted 30% on secondaries which includes my infection and scars. Can I claim CUE with the BVA. Please advise.
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