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    First, just because he was denied doesn't mean the RO is correct. Next, Are the issue claimed in his medical records? If they are, does he have medical documentation the issues are still present current? Last, will the doctor write a nexus connecting the current disability with the issue listed in his medical file? Get the information needed and file a NOD. NEVER GIVE UP
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    That child was HIS child and is also entitled to HIS benefits after his death, also that child was his FIRST child and in many States that child's financial needs come before any subsequent children (which often is the case for child support purposes, also not relevant in the situation). It matters not whether the child's father was active in his life. That child had no choice in the matter. The child should also be receiving part of his social security benefits and I hope the child's mother has also applied for them as well. You said you have children (plural) but one child with your spouse who was killed while serving. You either have children from a previous relationship or subsequent children, do you not think their father should support them in life and death? This isn't about you, this is about the child.
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