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    A lot here does not make sense-Voc Rehab is not the same thing as the GI Bill. My husband did not have the GI Bill. He had a SC disability that fell into the Voc Rehab Criteria. Although that as many years ago, the formal APP form was revised recently- but still basically like what he filled out: https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-28-1900-ARE.pdf Is that what the Voc Rehab person had you fill out? Or Are you waiting for a SC claim to be processed? This is a very concise rendition of this program, done by Ben Krause, who is an attorney: https://www.disabledveterans.org/vocational-rehabilitation/ My husband applied in the late spring for this program, knowing it would take VA time to process his app, and etc etc, so that he was ready to enroll in Fall semester. He was outside the deadline, but as the info at the link says, he was found to have a severe employment handicap due to his PTSD. The VA liaison at the college helped him get the books, etc etc, he needed in time for the classes. This regards Voc Rehab, but maybe you mean you had the GI Bill???? "Over a month has passed. I finally let it all go, but I still can't find work, I am about to be out of money. I started selling off anything of value but it won't be enough to sustain my family much longer. Lesson learned is that if you do VR&E do not quit your job until you have books in hand prior to classes starting." I dont get that-my husband had no intention of quitting his job when he started Voc Rehab. He worked for the VA. His career plan ( part of Voc Rehab process) was to get a better job, as he had been a former Nuclear Power Plant Operator, and also had a PHVAC license. He quit the VA when he got hired by the power company here in NY. Can you scan and attach here the denial? Cover your C file # name, address prior to scanning it
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    Sherk I am sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    We are also sorry for you Shrek. Not a lot we can say that can possibly make things better. I don't know the circumstances but if he left behind family of his own, try your best to stay connected to them. My condolences my friend.
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    any retro pay can only go back to when you first filed the claim not the date in service that you got the diagnosis. For example if you were diagnosed in 1986 but did no file until 2000, 2000 is the earliest date you could possibly get retro too. The one caveat is if you filed within a year of getting discharged. those veterans can get retro to the day after their discharge date. I am not sure when that rule was implemented but based on my reading of your post it may not apply to your situation. We would need to see ALL your decision awards and denials and the DBQ;s. Redact them and post. if you chose not to post, then no one here can really give you an on-point answer. The reason is that a CUE, unlike a NOD, must be based on documented fact that is unarguable by a reasonable person. That means that the actual words matter. Not your opinion of them. Not the line you think is important but the entire document you are trying to attack. We humans like to read things to our liking, and that does not fly with a CUE.
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    Congrats!!!! now make sure you save that phone number to your contacts list! same old geekysquid, not letting up on that issue. Breathe for a few days, treat yourself and your kids to something nice...not extravagant just nice. pay your bills. put aside some of that money. get your husband in to that in patient treatment. things are looking up... smile!
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    Lagin02 Yup, fantastic news. Cultivate your new friendship with the Senator. Follow up with a thank you note to him and ALL. Pay attention to when he might be in your area and when he does try to meet and greet. This is also a PR event for him, so he will also appreciate and remember in the future. Hopefully, you won't need his help again, but I kinda doubt that your relationship with the VA is somehow going to continue! You know?
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    The money hit our account today! The senator called me (the actual senator not an aid) on Friday and told me to call him if we have any further issues. I definitely expressed my appreciation for his and his office working so hard to make sure we were okay. He told me that our situation had his whole office upset and he’s happy they could help. I just sent my rent payment for October. I’m about to call my gas company to get my gas turned back on. I am so relieved. Thank you everybody!!!! You all saved me and my family from financial ruin!!! Every single one of you are incredible!
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    VA insists ILP is still a vehicle to take you back to work. If you can't work, then how is that possible? VAOGC Precedent 34-97 says "avocational" as in hobby. No one will acknowledge that yet it is one of the few precedents that control. The other one is that all your disabilities, not just SC ones, must be considered in awarding ILP. VA refuses to acknowledge that as well. ILP is 7/8 of the VR&E iceberg you never see.
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    Where do they find these jerks ???? I heard the same horror stories about Seattle........
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