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    Congrats on the bump: As waiting is such a tough part of the entire process and it can be grueling at times. As many know even if you have good evidence sometimes, you may not get the win and sometimes spend years battling the process. I have not been on Hadit.Com for years because I've had a lot going on in my life. But veterans helping veterans is wonderful and what we should be doing as we all share similar bonds. I don't know how this new process is working with lanes and such but I'm going to try and learn more about it and if it's really helping veterans to get their claims adjudicated faster and clearing up some of the bureaucracy that we used to have to endure?
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    After checking the mail religiously for weeks...I finally got the letter bumping me up from 90% to 100% P&T! I still have more claims to fight for, but this is such a relief to finally have this milestone met. I am sticking around here in this community to help others get what they deserve and I can't wait to hear more success stories!! Now I just have to figure out the additional bennies outside of the increase...
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    As of today, I think we won the appeal. I'll have to call my lawyer tomorrow for a briefing.
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    Never miss a C & P exam, if you are sick in bed, call the VAMC prior to your C & P exam and inform them. Send them an Iris letting them know you can't make it and why.
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    I recently woke up to a sobering realization.. Without finding HADIT.com, I wouln't know a damn thing, nor would I have been granted a damn thing in VA disability benefits. That is the truth. I appreciate your patience with me and the guidance that those of you have freely given . My donation is to help HADIT help other veterans in their time of need, just as HADIT did for me. There are members here who truly are heroes in my book. Thank you.
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    Rat Bastards are working against us. "I don't care what you say" My dad's favorite line, Hamslice
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    Just another example of the VA making it harder for a veteran to get what he or she has earned. I think what JustGettingStarted suggested is a great idea as a parallel action.If we have a blog or something and make blank copies of dbq's available, it will do a lot more good than harm. The VA isn't going to change materially a whole bunch of dbq's because it will be too hard for their medical people, Besides, if they needed changing they would already have done them. The symptoms for disabilities will not change, nor will how they evaluate them. If Hadit has an ongoing Library of dbq's available for veterans to reference, it would be a great draw to the sight. IMHO.
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