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  1. I have been fortunate to have only been climbing that last 10% for three years. I have pushed VA doctors to correct patient treatment notes in myhealthevet, been sure to explain my symptoms to them in rater's terms, and I've been relentless at using every test or procedure available through the VA to document the ailments and I still have three more claims to continue to fight on. I would encourage you to make a move up the mountain, especially if you are having conditions worsen as time goes on. The claims and appeals process has sped up, but just because the shade of lipstick became mo
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  3. Yeah, this sounds like textbook "Treatment Emergent CSA". It's supposed to eventually go away in OSA cases after continued use with the CPAP, so if it dropped your amount of obstructives to be lower than the amount of centrals, that is proof positive that it is necessary. On my original sleep study with no PAP titration, I had 6 obstructive apneas, 19 central apneas, 2 mixed apneas and 31 hypopneas. Because of the inability to distinguish a "central hypopnea", they label them as obstructive and boom, I was labeled OSA. In my case though, the sleep doc noted that the amount of central apn
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