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  1. According to this, we are looking at "about" 1.3 percent Cola, but It could be better, or worse! However, most noticed food prices went up in the past few months. I am gonna guess 1.5 percent or better. My guess only. https://militarybenefits.info/cola-increase-watch/
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  2. Me too and I feel your PTSD claim is solid.
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  3. Also Remember You will need to be diagnose by the VA Dr's psychiatrist or psychologist and a VA L.C.S.W. can also diagnose PTSD they are the ones you normally see when referred to them by your Dr or VA PCP the Dr signs off the the L.C.S.W. Diagnose. THE L.C.S.W. is the first person a veteran sees when getting help for his MH Issue If your claiming MST I can only refer you to the MENTAL HEALTH COORDINATOR FOR EVALUATION. Just remember anything you say you can back it up, when you go see a C&P Examiner this is when things gets fairly rough and you may become emotio
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