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  1. Shrek Take the easy way out and just call Peggy. If she is wrong so what.You might get a good direction from her. Or, you could just try the dental or vision folks at your RO and see what they say the process is. You might also want to explore outside the VA for some of those benefits though.
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  2. Ducato90 Welcome to Hadit. The best thing to do is to issue a supplemental claim. The examiner may have "sounded like he was sympathetic," but you need to get a copy of what he actually wrote up. Request a copy of the C&P exam. You are not qualified to diagnose your medical opinion and if it is service connected; you need a medical opinion, IMO from a specialist to do that. Without it, appealing the denial will be a waste of time. You're not likely to get that kind of eval from a VA doc, so start researching getting a doc to do the medical opinion.
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  3. My Brother Sg. Richard Barnes USMC served with the WTS-37, MWSG-37 3DAW, MCAS El Toro California for 2 years. His military papers are showing this to be factual on DD-214 Form. He enlisted in the service in later 1969 and left the service in 1985. He served with the 37th as a heavy vehicle operator for hangers 296 and 297. He has been sick since leaving the service and has run into many brick walls with the VA. Does anyone here know if R.R.Thrasher LTCOL USMC WTS-37 has any information concerning hanger 296 & 297?
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