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  1. 0 is good- er, well, bad as in you don't get compensated for it, but good because now its acknowledged as an SC condition making it easier to raise. The hardest part (IMHO) is to GET condition X SC. After that, whether it gets worse or not is, based on whether it gets worse or not. But getting it on your list of conditions is the hard part. If you haven't (and if your symptomatology warrants it) I would have them look at the headaches, too. The chronic sleep impairment looks like its encompassed with the PTSD. Im rated for hypsomnolence in part because of MDD and in part due to my OSA, so that condition is encompassed under both. I've seen it also classified under Narcolepsey and also circadian rhythm disorder, since its more of a symptom than a condition in and of itself. It's commonly rated under OSA at 30% if you don't have to use a CPAP or Bipap.
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