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    Reductions are something every SC veteran worries about. Its often a fear that keeps vets from seeking increases in disabilities that have worsened or appealing bad decisions. I had my own scare a few years back when i filed for an increase, had a bad C&P on a disability and the VA sought to reduce me which freaked me out. I eventually beat them at their own game but i wanted to put out some information that are preventative measures to stop reductions from occuring or provide the evidence needed to fight them if the VA decides to push it. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet that makes a reduction ironclad, just as there is no ironclad approach to filing initial or increase claims that that VA cant argue with. Since rating is done by humans and humans are prone to fault and bias there is no guarantee with anything only higher or lower probabilities with getting claims granted and providing more armor for the appeals process. 1) Schedule regular checkups I know alot of vets here dont have access to secondary care outside the VA whether its location or money. If you do have the money/insurance outside the VA to see a outside primary care/specialist or can access the VA's choice program to see non VA medical professionals take advantage of that. I am lucky that I have access to this through my employer so outside of my annual checkups/specialists at the VA i go to private doctors at least annually to document the state of my current conditions. I am honest with my doctors and ask them to make detailed notes of each condition i talk to them about and its current symptoms, etc because i need to provide the VA with documentation of my disabilities. It doesnt matter if my condition hasnt worsened i still talk to them or a specialist about it so that i have the documentation. If you dont have access to this make sure that when you do your VA checkups you specifically talk to them about all your disabilities as well, how its impacts you, pain severity, how often it bothers you, etc. If your VA provider DOESNT address something in your medical record make sure you send a secure message through myhealthevet so that it is recorded that you spoke to them about it. 2) Start a Diary I would start a diary, preferrable on a word document or even better on the "activity journal" on myhealthevet and record symptoms, sick days, etc for ALL your disabilities and even things not SC that might in the future be something that is secondary to a SC condition. I prefer to keep these journals on a word doc, you dont have the write a novel just the big things like, "ran today, bad pain in shins after 10 minutes, 4/10 then 7/10 after i walked back home. took naproxen and stayed off for the rest of the day", "back pain after being at work for 2 hours, no relief with 800mg IBprufen and flexeril" This diary especially when its updated on myhealthevet in a timely manner say every month or a couple times a year is great for establishing what symptoms you have been experiencing regularly day by day, week by week or month by month in between doctors visits. The VA likes to take one or two visits where you are stressed, rushed or dont want to be there and answer "fine" to "how are you doing" or "how has _____ disability been " and use that as a justification that you are showing "material improvement" in your condition. The main takeaway is NEVER approach a C&P or ANY VA MEDICAL VISIT as routine. You dont need to stress but always describe how X disability is doing as how it feels on the WORST day not on the best or how you are felling at that moment. That being said meticulous diary entries can help bolster your case you have not experienced material improvement. Regularly updating you myhealthevet journal also timestamps it to show this has been done regularly over months, years or even decades so that a rater cant just say you made it up on the spot, and you can point to that you ahve regularly updated this journal to show over X number of months, years or decades to show what its like with your disabilities on a daily basis. 3) Dont let Medications Lapse Never let your medications with the VA lapse. If you need 3x daily naproxen and 1x daily muscle relaxant to deal with back pain and your med refills show a 6 month gap the VA can make the claim your condition has improved. The VA CANNOT reduce you if your symptoms improve with medication, but if you are not taking your medication it can be an indicator that you are getting better. I know i sometimes get private Rx's not throught he VA and have them lapsed so i document and keep records of those medications (the sheet they staple on the bag with the name, doseage, date, etc) so i can scan and upload as needed for C&P, claims, reductions, etc. the VA may not prescribe the Rx you want so i get why you would go elsewhere but send a message to your primary care stating that you have gotten a Rx through a private physician, ask to be prescribed it through the VA, if they refuse then keep screenshots of these discussions for reference as well so its documented. 4) IMO's are key I know when i got hit with a reduction attempt by the VA my IMO saved me. 100%. no doubt. I had a terrible C&P for PTSD increase, they took me to a deserted wing of this old hospital and scanned me into what i think was the psych wing with no lights, was put in a dimly lit room where a psychologists was on a telecon line. It freaked me out and i wanted to leave, so i rushed the exam to get done. This was my fault, but it resulted in him saying my symptoms had gotten better. I started looking for help and came to HADIT. the best piece of advice i got was about IMO's so i found a psychiatrist who did a full workup and submitted a fantastic IMO. It was hard coming up with the money but $500 vs losing $600 a month was a no brainer. You dont need to get preemptive IMO's thats a waste of money but I would make sure, if possible, that you take a little money out every month and have $1500 in savings for an IMO if this ever happens to you.
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    This (inferred claim) is also possible.As much as some like to bash on VA employees, there are a lot of us that actually try to help veterans within the constraints that we are saddled with. I have caught 3 errors this week that caused 2 claims to wait for over 2 months for exams (due to covid) that they didnt need because I found buried on page 100-whatever of their medical records entries (in one case) for something they were already 0% SVC connected for, making the claim not a NEW claim but a simple increase request, and they had evidence already of record. I was able to change it from 'pending exams' to RFD and have it rated that day. In another, I waved off a veteran from applying for a job (that I had seen in their phone weekly checkin notes on their VAMC records) because I could see that they had a pending approval for IU that they hadn't gotten the letter for, yet. So I emailed them. I explained IU and told them it was their choice, but I felt they should have all the information before making the decision to take a job because they needed one economically and it was causing them a lot of stress and anxiety.
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    Same here bro. But I had the IMO in hand when I went into the C&P for a PTSD increase. Thought I would save her some time. She got pissed and did her damnedest to discredit my Psycs IMO. Except she failed. I immediately upon getting my hands on the C&P filed a complaint with the VARO. Three follow up C&P's later, 100% P&T.
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    Congrats! Benefits include: • At 100% TDIU you have restrictions as to income. • Full healthcare with no copays at 50% or more. • Travel pay at 30% or more. • Dependent's pay at 30% or more. • VR&E at 10% or more. • Base IDs (Exchange/Commissary/MWR) for Veteran and dependents unless you are retired military. • VA dental or with VR&E or SC mouth or jaw injuries. • Possible SSDI (Time Limited!) • S-DVI waiver of $10,000 life insurance at 100% IU or SSDI (Time Limited!) • CHAMPVA (dependent's medical) if you are permanent (P&T) unless you have TriCare. • DEA (dependent's education) if you are permanent (P&T). • Federal student loan forgiveness or with SSDI. • VADIP (VA Dental Insurance Program) for Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare • VADIP (VA Dental Insurance Program) for dependent's if CHAMPVA eligible • Space-A Flights (Cat VI) - Veteran only • Non-VA ER if you are permanent (P&T) • 3 free non-VA Urgent Care visits per calendar year at 50% and above • Check if you are also permanent as in P&T. • Don't forget, you may be reviewed in the future! Keep all your doctors informed of every rated conditions! • Hearing aids and eye exams and glasses are included with VA Healthcare. • Here is a link to all the federal benefits. https://benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/derivative_sc.asp • Don't forget each state has benefits also and may include tax exemptions, tuition waiver and more. Here is a link but check your state VA website for more details. https://www.va.gov/statedva.htm
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    I would trust IRIS to follow through. I was just awarded 100% and downloaded my benefits letter from VA.gov, award dollars were wrong on the benefits letter. I fired off an email to IRIS and two days later my benefits letter reflected the correct amount. I'm sure others will chime in.
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    I am really excited and surprised to learn that I finally reached my 100% P&T SMC from the VA. I just wanted to express my appreciation to this website reading about others success and not giving up. I was truthful with my disabilities to my C&P examiners and when I doubted my issues would not be looked at seriously I found that they were. I often think about how I wish I would have done this years ago. I know back then that I did not understand the system and that all I needed were my medical records (enlisted and VA) along with understanding how my illnesses/issues were connected. I always thought that being female in the military was really hard, but proving your disabilities afterwards seemed unimaginable. However, I did it and now I am 100% P&T SMC. I am not going for TDIU because I really love my job and have no intention of quitting/leaving at this time. Thank you HADIT for assistance with my guidance in this process!!!
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    Earlier this month, I submitted a supplemental claim. Today, I went on va.gov to see if it showed up yet.
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    Congratulations! Not sure how you are thinking but as long as you continue to work, you don't qualify for TDIU. TDIU (Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability) this benefit is for those veterans who disability(ies) has not reached 100% and their service connected disability(ies) make them unable to work and unemployable. VA would then grant them TDIU. If you did decide to leave/quit your job, you would still be rated 100% P & T SMC and you would not qualify for TDIU because it would simply pay the same rate.
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    In reference to the hospital records. If you can find out the hospital name, you can ask VA to request the records or you can contact the hospital and ask them where do they send their old records. Years ago I filed a claim for aggravated condition because I fractured my ankle prior to military service and the VA said I never had a fractured ankle. I contacted the hospital where I was treated and they found the records and sent them to me. It was at least 20-25 years but the records were found.
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    Absolutely. The VA can and in many cases will ignore evidence at the RO level no matter how compelling. IMO's done by legitimate specialists are REALLY hard for them to ignore especially at the appeal level. I will however say that not all IMO's are equal. The VA is very military in its approach to expert opinions, higher rank always wins. If you had a NP do your C&P exam for migraines and you get a IMO from a neurologist youll win. Conversely if you see a sleep specialists and VA psychologist and they say you ahve sleep apnea but its not caused by your PTSD and you get your local NP to write up a DBQ/opinion that states it is you will lose. The more experience, more degrees, more boards they belong to the better.
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    Vync, I'll have to try that myself. But it really is little or no usable info you get from Peggy. Once in a while you get some rep who usually is a veteran or at least understands where we are coming from and offers some good intel, but really that hasn't happened to me very often. I called on a supplemental claim last week and got a really green rep. She told me that the claim moved to BVA and asked if I wanted to be transferred to someone in the group. Now you and I know that can't happen; the VA can't send it directly to the VBA; the Veteran has to decide on that path. So I played along and said sure, transfer me. The next rep was really put out that is what I was told. After dancing around for a while she said that it was "just about" at "decision;" no letter cut yet. I called my VSO and had her check thru VBMS. Nothing happening and no indication of any decision coming in what she could read. My point is, we tell people on this site all the time that calling Peggy may make you feel like you are getting info, but it is limited, inaccurate, out of date or just plain wrong most of the time. But I admit, sometimes is fun.
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    @RBrogen It sounds like you might be dealing with two issues here. 1. Your c-file and any document authored by the VA is considered part of the record -- even if the documentation is not present before the person at the VA who makes the decision on your claim. I have a HLR/CUE idling at the VA for this. My C&P doc performed an exam, but misplaced the results. I was brought back a couple of weeks later for a second exam with the same doc and was granted 10%. Years later, I got my claims folder and found the original exam notes. I also found a radiologist report that they completely overlooked, so it's kind of a one - two punch. If successful, my initial rating will be increased to 20% or 30% depending on how they read the evidence. 2. The VA says when we file a claim, we must identify the benefit that is sought. My initial C&P exams from 20+ years ago included diagnosis of other issues, but the VA only made decisions on the specific things I claimed. They didn't bother to even consider if the additional diagnosis' were considered to be a secondary. It's a case of the VA doing as little as possible just to get the paperwork off their desk.
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    I would disregard what this is saying. Yes you are in line and they will inform you once the judge has your case. watching this will drive you nuts. Mine was at about 42K when the judge picked mine up. Mine was an appeal from July2015and was completed in March2019. So if you go off of mine yours is moving like a rocket ship. sounds like you are getting closer to the front!
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    I know; first time I saw that on mine I had to laugh too. Ebennies isn't going to tell you anything else on your status until the very end. Call peggy every few weeks and see if they can tell you anything.
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    That sucks! Sorry they are doing that to you. Mine was at the BVA so the judge granted my 100% TDIU and the RO has to assign the effective date to determine back pay. Dont give up trust me. 21 yrs later...21 yrs..oh man I never thought this day would come. I finally hired Woods and Woods. They are great. File the TDIU paper work yourself asking for it.
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    Medical records are only kept by facilities for a certain number of years. After that they are purged. If they didnt notify you when they closed (the hospital) those records may have been put into some form of storage for a period of time to allow people to get them, but the most ive ever seen is 7 yrs. Your VSO was probably looking at the actual claim file, and service treatment records, which will be different than any treatment he (your brother) may have received afterwards at private doctors. If you submit a claim we look for whatever you have for medical records on the federal side, and have you sign a release so we can go after private records (the 21-4142/21-4142a). Those records then live in your claim file. Your brother may have submitted a claim before where those records were pulled. Without knowing what you mean by "received from the hospital" vs what your VSO was reading its hard to say. When we request medical records from a facility we have a blanket request for everything between dates X and Y that you provide. If you didn't request everything on your own from the hospital they probably only sent you whatever you requested, whereas when WE do it they send us everything they have.
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    Case Number:20-3907 Docketed: 06/05/2020 Luis Negron-Ortiz v. Robert L. Wilkie Appeal From: Department of Veteran Affairs Fee Status: dfh "On June 5, 2020, the petitioner, Luis Negron-Ortiz, through counsel filed a petition for extraordinary relief in the form of a writ of mandamus compelling the Secretary to take immediate action to implement a December 6, 2019, Board of Veterans' Appeals decision that granted a disability rating of 20% for right and left lower extremity diabetic peripheral neuropathy and a 70% disability rating for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), both throughout the claim period, and a total disability rating based on individual unemployability from January 1, 2009; and remanded the issue of entitlement to an effective date for PTSD earlier than May 30, 1997. Petition at 1-2, 8; Appendix at 9-18. The Secretary responded to the petition on June 18, 2020, and asserted that a VA regional office issued a rating decision on June 15, 2020, implementing the awards. Secretary's Response at 2-4. Later the same day, the petitioner filed an unopposed motion to voluntarily dismiss the petition. Motion at 1. Accordingly, it is ORDERED that the petitioner's June 18, 2020, motion is granted. It is further ORDERED that the petitioner's June 5, 2020, petition for extraordinary relief in the form of a writ of mandamus is DISMISSED." https://efiling.uscourts.cavc.gov/cmecf/servlet/TransportRoom?servlet=CaseSummary.jsp&caseNum=20-3907&incOrigDkt=Y&incDktEntries=Y Maybe the petitioner sent a copy of this writ to the VARO---I cannot tell if that caused the RO to act swiftly on his claim or not- and I assume he still has an EED claim still open. Very unusual to see this type of situation.The veteran, upon receipt of the award ( this also was a hardship case) correctly filed the Motion to dismiss the Writ.
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    I do one or two a week right now. It will ask for your information. Only things they would know to verify you and then will let you sign into the video call. It is self explaining.
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    Karl If you were wounded but the award wasn't submitted by your CO, this is what I found for procedure: on https://www.hrc.army.mil/TAGD/Purple Heart 2. Any member of the U.S. Army who believes that he or she is eligible for the PH, but through unusual circumstances no award was made, may submit an application through the member’s chain of command to the Commander, USAHRC, ATTN: Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRC-PDP-A), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5408. The application will include the following documents: DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) (Only required for Active Component, Army Reserve, and National Guard); Chain of command endorsement (through the first general officer in the Servicemember’s current chain of command for Servicemembers currently serving); Deployment orders or Mobilization Roster; Officer Record Brief/Enlisted Record Brief/DA Form 2-1, 2A, 2B, or 2C; One-page narrative describing the qualifying incident and the conditions under which the Servicemember was injured or wounded; Statements from at least two individuals other than the proposed recipient who were personally present, observed the incident, and have direct knowledge of the event. Alternatively, other official documentation may be used to corroborate the narrative; Casualty report (if applicable); SF 600 (Chronological Record of Medical Care); and, DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) (if applicable) My question is if you received a Bronze Star for that same action, wouldn't that citation also include the fact that you were wounded in that action. You may have an easier time on getting this corrected if you can get statements from your CO.
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    Still nothing here. No update on ebenefits or a letter. Maybe today will be my lucky day...doubtful though. I figured if ebennies doesnt update today, then come the 1st, it will still be the same then also. How many times can a person check that site a day...HUNDREDS lol. Good luck.
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    So let me understand this. You had a warrant and had no idea of it? Or did you just not report in or go to court like the paperwork stated? I know normally if you get a ticket of whatever nature it is there are instruction along with what you have to do. Any time there is a bench warrant they will inform you at you legal residence. It sounds like you need to ask a lawyer a few questions, because without that Felony status being removed it sounds like they will keep coming after you! I know I had a ticket before joining the service and the judge ripped me a new one for not showing up. He was like it was $300 bucks why did you not pay it? it is was just $60 if i would have taken care of it. When you let legal things fester they only get worse. In this case it sounds like you need to talk to someone about the law and see if you can ask for some sympathy or something.
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    I would go for the increase! Sounds like they lowballed you.
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    Peaches1962 Congrats! It's been a difficult process for you but at least now you will now receive the compensation that you should be receiving, and that is worth a lot more than just the bucks. We hope you can hang in here and help others with what you have learned; help your brothers and sisters thru the process too. When you get your back pay, we hope Peaches that you consider donating a little also so we can continue. Best of luck!
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    I see my post yesterday did not go through-??? This is exactly what HRL is for- to find legal errors , and any other errors, before the decision is finalized. Asking for HRL review, and/or filing CUE on a recent decision, if successful- will take YEARS off the claims. I see many cases at the BVA that never should have been there----on remand for what the RO should have done in the first place. A CUE on the RO decision might have changed that picture significantly for some of those veterans. I am glad you took that "route" too. CUE should never be viewed at as a "last resort'- it should be the first thing in a decision ,that the claimant seeks.I say "claimant" because many VSOs and reps and even lawyers who rep vets do not really know what CUE is- in my opinion. And even if a lawyer or agent saw a CUE in recent denial, they might never raise the issue to the veteran because they wont make much money unless the vet goes to the BVA. CUE is explained in the CUE forum ad finitum.....I think they are the easiest claims of all, in most cases.Particularly when the decision is recent ( within the one year NOD period) They should be filed ASAP on any recent decision that you believe contains CUE.
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    Easy fix is to request your Congressman or Senator to intervene and get it for you.
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    Two new updates, I did in fact find out that they assigned my effective date correctly, so there will be no more fighting them on this claim! Retro-pay already showing through the DAV so it should be hitting my account next week sometime. AND the best news of all, my rating is not actually TDIU, they assigned a scheduler 100% P&T so I am truly DONE with all of it for good! I am incredibly thankful to all of you here for your support and encouragement on this one; I felt so defeated and you all really made me feel like I could get through it, so thank you!!
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    Thank you, for going a little deeper into the SMC subject matter, Buck52. ie. 100% plus another disability rating at 60% or more. lmtanner1972 did write: I interpreted lmtanner1972 as having other disabilities that may be 50% or more. I thought he was also asking if he will get retroactive VA disability pay back to his initial filing? IDK, maybe or maybe not! It depends on what was written in his NOD? It's extremely difficult to give an accurate assessment without seeing what all of his current SC VA disability ratings. He may also be eligible for A&A. Hence the reason I mention joining Veteran 100% SC disability groups on Face Book. In one of those groups he would be able to take a screen shot, then redact his VA award letter, and post it to get a more accurate assessment from other VA SMC Veterans with similar SC disabilities. I'm rated at SMC now. Although my total VA SC disabilities add up to 370%. I'm before the BVA now waiting for the VLJ to make a clarification from the previous inept VARO remand decisions. I wish I would have filed a claim with the VA when I was discharged in the 70's. But, because I prescribed only Fiorinal by the USAF exit exam evaluating NP and was told I had to be missing arms or legs to get any VA benefits. Similar to AskNod, I finally woke up to the false and misleading information given at discharge and from VSO's along the way. I initially filed my 1st VA SC disability claim back in 'January of 99. I'm still on the VA hamster wheel sorting out the previous inaccurate VARO ratings and waiting for CUE retro pay. It should all coalesce by this October - November time frame. Good Luck to all with their VA travails!
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    You are now eligible for the additional VA SMC rating, if you don't already receive it. It all depends upon how this increase came about. Generally the answer is NO. Only if you filed for a CUE back to the original date of your SC disability? Now is the time for you to join one of the many SC 100% P+T groups on FB.
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    ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! That's why you have to have your c-file before your BVA appeal because the RO can delete certain documents, it's all digital, and you would never know it. Now if you appeal the BVA decision to the CAVC, you get a chance to agree to what's in the record before the agency (RBA), and ask that other documents be added, but the RBA probably is not your entire c-file. The General counsel picks what documents are going to be in the RBA based on the issue before the BVA that the judge made the decision on, but if you two can't agree, then the court has to decide it. Further an appeal to CAVC is adversarial so a good experienced veterans appeals attorney who has done at least one CAVC appeal, and at least one before the CAFC is essential- or a pro se veteran who's on top.of his case and the law. This is not legal advice but my experience in going through this. The CAVC uses the ''clearly erroneous'' standard but there can be no plausible reason found for the BVA's decision or it won't be remanded.
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    @Vync i appreciate your reply and advice. i will go through the motions. not really a fight. just going to let the evidence say yay or nay. not much i can do
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    In January the criteria for CRSC -Combat Related Special Compensation changed: Jerry O raised a question on this and I feel the whole shibang needs to be posted here again: from: http://www.military.com/benefits/military-...-compensation#2 Also Mil.com has an active CRDP CRSC forum to explain these programs. Benefits Home > > Combat-Related Special CompensationCombat-Related Special Compensation Simply put Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) provides military retirees a monthly compensation that replaces their VA disability offset. This means that qualified military retirees with 20 or more years of service that have "combat related" VA-rated disability will no longer have their military retirement pay reduced by the amount of their VA disability compensation. Instead they will receive both their full military retirement pay and their VA disability compensation. The following is a summary of Combat-Related Special Compensation: Expanded CRSC Coverage Combat-Related Special Compensation Eligibility The Value of the CRSC Benefit The Application Process Expanded CRSC Coverage The 2004 National Defense Authorization Act, Combat Related Special Compensation was expanded to include disabilities incurred as a direct result of: Armed Conflict Hazardous Duty Conditions Simulating War An Instrumentality of War Unlike concurrent receipt, CRSC will not be phased in over ten years. Once a military retiree has been determined to be qualified they will receive their regular retirement pay plus an additional sum based on their VA disability rating. Note: CRSC is relatively new legislation, and was recently revised. Many of the policies and procedures are left to the discretion of the parent military branch, and are subject to change in the coming months. Back to Top Combat-Related Special Compensation Eligibility With the inception of the CRSC program on June 1, 2003, the following eligibility requirements were established: Retirees had to apply to their respective branch of service to be approved for CRSC. Retirees had to be in receipt of VA compensation. Retirees had to be in receipt of military retired pay or be in a suspended pay status due to receipt of VA compensation. Retirees had to have an approved combat-related VA disability rating of 60% or greater. Retirees having an approved combat-related disability associated with a Purple Heart had to have a rating of 10% or greater. Retirees had to have 20 years of active service or, for reservists, 7,200 reserve points in order to be eligible. Effective January 1, 2004, CRSC eligibility was extended to retirees with combat-related VA disability ratings between 10% and 50%. Additionally, reservists needed only 20 years of qualifying service (supported by documentation from the applicable branch of service such as a 20-year letter, retirement orders or a statement of service) in order to be eligible. Please note that qualified reservists will not receive CRSC until they begin to receive retired pay at age 60. Temporary Early Retirement Authorization (TERA) retirees are not eligible to receive CRSC unless they have returned to active duty and accumulated enough service time to meet the 20-year requirement before retiring for the second time. Click here for the exact wording of this new law. Back to Top The Value of the CRSC Benefit: The following table shows a sampling of how much extra you may get each month based on your VA disability rating. Combat related VA Disability Rating Monthly CRSC 100% $2,393 90% $1,436 80% $1,277 70% $1,099 60% $873 50% $690 40% $485 30% $337 20% $218 10% $112 Back to Top The CRSC Application Process: To receive Combat Related Special Compensation you must submit your application (DD form 2860), through your parent military service branch. Each service branch has the authority to determine your eligibility. For more information on how to apply contact your parent military service branch: ARMY: Department of the Army U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) 200 Stovall Street Alexandria, Virginia 22332-0470 Toll-free: (866) 281-3254 Hours: 8am - 8pm EST E-mail your questions to: CRSC.info@us.army.mil Or visit: http://www.crsc.army.mil NAVY AND MARINE CORPS: Department of Navy Naval Council of Personnel Boards Combat-Related Special Compensation Branch 720 Kennon Street S.E., Suite 309 Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5023 (Toll free 1-877-366-2772) AIR FORCE: United States Air Force Personnel Center Disability Division (CRSC) 550 C Street West, Suite 6 Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4708 (Toll Free 1-866-229-7074) COAST GUARD: Commanding Officer (RAS) U. S. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center 444 SE Quincy St. Topeka, KS 66683-3591 (toll-free at 1-800-772-8724) Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the new Concurrent Receipt and Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) laws.
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