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    You need to visit the hospital and file an in-person request at the FIOA office. They will usually just print them on the spot. I am amazed that the DAV rep refused to print them for you. If they are not there to help you what are they doing there? This just goes to some of the conversations we have had about reps unwilling or uninformed enough to serve the veteran.
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    The pyramiding rule applies here. The VA would evaluate you for each disability, but would grant you single highest the percentage of them. It is very helpful to read the rating criteria for each disability because one might worsen and you might be able to request an increased rating, which could in turn increase your rating. If the disability, or the medication the VA prescribes to treat it, causes a secondary disability, you could also file a claim for that. For example, I have chronic asthma and took inhaled steroids since I was in the service. Last year I was diagnosed with Cushing's and filed a claim for secondary service connection. One important thing is to read the entire section of the rating criteria, not just the specific disability. Some diagnostic codes (DC's) might be considered under pyramiding while others might not.
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    Prepare for the bottle neck to get worse.
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    I had called the 800 on a HLR that had not shown up in eBenefits or Vets.gov, the person told me she could see it in the intake but she said the VA is supposed to under the new procedures get them into the system with 2 weeks. I would ask the DAV how they submitted your HLR and when they did. vetquest is so right, the VA is creating a single point of failure. The VA needs several intake centers to handle the workload.
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    Mover 1993. It took almost 90 days from the time my case was faxed in until it showed on Vets.gov. It seems that one central office for all claims is creating a backlog.
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    Take it to the Barney level so they can’t miss it.
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    The VA might be supposed to be working in the veteran's best interests and applied SMC to my case without my asking but I do not see them looking into the side effects of medication. One of my medications that I used to take caused cognitive dysfunction but they never looked at that. I would spell it out for them if it was me.
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    I agree fully with broncovet and paulstrgn. If you are a citizen you have rights. If you are not a citizen and get into trouble it could turn out bad for you, like deportation.
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    Broncovet's comment on this topic is inconsiderate, rude, snide, and sarcastic.
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    I think this is huge news and could really force the VA to actually start doing their jobs. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/06/17/court-allows-a-class-action-lawsuit-against-va-for-the-first-time/?fbclid=IwAR1HsZ8l8bnrI03WUb0uESmLH7BRAuRU0s1eawehDaabl8y0ufBeTjghQrQ#.XQgJRO27m0Q.facebook
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    You know full well that the VA is always going to try and keep the costs down, especially when it comes to meds prescribed by non-VA docs that are not in their formulary. The VA basically is saying that if you chose to go to the outside, we aren't going to help you. Not a lot you can do, Sometimes, they just don't have the best interest of the veteran in mind, and simply just don't want to help get over the hump.Just try to go up the chain of command; ask the pharmacy and/or the patient advocate who to go to next and just emphasize that you went to the outside doc they directed you to so why don't they honor the prescription now. Best of luck Vetquest.
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    I think you jumped to a conclusion about a power chair and that was not even what the complaint was about... I got the new chair... I always do... but your remark was callous....... and Its not about being ungrateful when they write stuff they never said to the veteran. Today I actually got a call from VA rehabilitation because of what he wrote in my record. At 65 years old no amount of rehab is going to do me any good..... it fact it just might make things worse.... I get steroid shots in my knees, and I have been offered them for my back and neck.... because the va will not do surgery due to my Lung disease, and pain pills do not help... First I injured my back in 1974 when I was thrown from a moving jeep, it came with a TBI, and neck injury and a drop foot. Iwear a brace just to hold my foot up... ..as well. I also have two service connected knee conditions, and I have COPD.. You can bet your butt the VA owes me a new Power chair when I need one !.. I have used a power chair since 2001... and I have to go thru the same stupid review to get a new chair each time, even when they break down and won't fix the old one. I recommend you read https://www.prosthetics.va.gov/Docs/Motorized_Wheeled_Mobility_Devices.pdf then the next time you talk about what is owed to the veteran you might know a little more than you do now. But you already know that anyone rated over 50% is entitled to all va care free of charge......... to include any medically necessary prosthetic items... I am 100% for my lungs alone the va will give me oxygen tanks because I need them, they will however not give me a portable concentrator, that never runs out of oxygen, last for years, and cost less money in the long run... I chose to purchase my own oxygen concentrator for the convince of it... I however have no reason to run out and buy a power chair when I meet the medically necessary rules... Its very likely you did not qualify for a wheelchair under va rules.. I was really surprise by your comment " the va does not owe us a new power chair"..... ACTUALLY THEY DO Don't get me wrong.. I am grateful that I am able to get care at the va... but they do not do it out of the kindness of their heart... and when they do something wrong they need to be told they are wrong
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    @GBArmy, I understand fully this sentiment but my civilian doctors recognized my disabilities ten years before the VA did and I get complicated care outside the VA, including medications the VA will not dispense. I can truly sympathize with vets that get all of their care at the VA. I just cannot afford to do this. Now I am trying to get one non-formulary medication through the VA. They sent me to an outside neurologist and he approved the medication but so far the VA has not been forthcoming.
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    Isn't it ironic how a "tech" problem has delayed implementing a program for so many disabled veterans yet they can find ways to implement other things?? I call BS..........
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    These are the words written above the GATES OF HELL in Dante's Inferno : " Abandon hope all ye who enter here ". VA medical providers WILL falsify medical evidence to demonstrate improvement in service connected disabilities. Remember, the VA CAN reduce benefits if they have medical evidence showing improvement unless one has attained the twenty year threshold of protection.
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    It is really their choice which citizenship they choose. I have 2 daughters that are German Citizens and 2 with U.S. Citizenship. I have a daughter who graduated high school in Harker Heights, Texas and moved back to Germany. She applied for her German Citizenship. The German system put her through the apprenticeship program and paid for everything and then help placing her in a position that she is really happy in.
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    If you have biological kids then they derive citizenship from you, if they are stepchildren then they could also naturalize (providing they are under I believe it is 21 and are not married).
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    Or, just file a secondary claim. They can't infer side effects from medication because the list of side effects are only potential ones, not everyone has every side effect of a med, and some don't have any of them. VA is not going to infer a secondary claim for every side effect for every med out there if that was the case we'd all be getting 100% for no reason.
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    The rater can contact the C&P doctor and request clarification. Your only option if the rater denies the claim is to appeal. Some of these guys could not read the instructions to get out of a paper bag. The good news is that once the doctor's addendum is that another rater will most likely be handling this due to the new system in effect. Try to get a copy of the C&P for yourself. I would also request your c-file. And remember that you never throw anything from the VA away.
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    Maybe I should write my response to them in crayon
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    I would try request your case be sent to the BVA. It seems that the HLR is just a higher level of denial lane to me.
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    With a green card you cannot be outside the US for than one year (there are certain times this does not apply) you can lose your green card. There are pros and cons to not becoming a US citizen. I have a friend whose spouse is Japanese and she does not want to naturalize because Japan does not recognize dual citizenship. If for no other reason you want to naturalize because immigration benefits is very expensive and is always going up in cost.
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    Good advise from Bronco and Buck. You might do the ITF to lock in your date and go out and get some good medical opinions in the mean time. You might write a dynamite memo, but you are not a doctor, so your opinion on an increase in severity of a disability isn't going to be very convincing to a rater. He can easily refute your opinion by getting a medical opinion in house. Get a supporting medical opinion. JMO
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    Your spouse does not need to be a USC (US Citizen) to get a SS card, she does need to be in the US in a legal immigration status that allows her to have a SS. Examples would be a green card. If she is here on a K-1 visa you will need to file for a green card (I-551). I tried to get a SS card for my wife right after we married, we waited 3 hours at the SS office to be told she can't have one just because we were married (which I should have known). But as soon as she had her employment authorization card (this is part of the green card packet) she was able to get a SS card. For most spouses of a USC they need to have their green card three years before they can apply for citizenship. There are exceptions such as active duty military serving aboard then their citizenship will be expedited.
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    I think the pain alone cannot be rated as just pain, but It is always linked to some other condition. Also like fibromyalgia you can get higher than 40% depending on the severity.
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    Now to POTUS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HR 299!!!!!! I just got the call . might know more tomorrow, but Now is the time for BWN vets to get their files in order ,and to start filing their claims. No word on Nehmer yet----I have made two wonderful friendships through the BWN saga- John Rossie and Carol Olzanecki- and I expect them to be there when the Bill is signed at the White House! What wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice has finally come to our nation's Blue Water Navy veterans- and to their survivors....................Thank God!
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    Many years ago (1998) I had a doctor write a letter to my employer that I could not work in temp's lower than 72 because of my lung condition. ( I was working in a main frame computer room and anyone who worked with mainframes knows that the room has to remain cool to protect the equipment. ) My doctor was a va pulmonary doctor, and when I handed the letter over to my boss, I got a call from personal who threatened to terminate me because as he said I did not disclose my disability when I was hired. I told the idiot he better do his homework, my condition was service connected and it was in fact disclosed when I was hired, in fact it was because of my disability that I got the job... I was working for the federal government and I was also protected from any reductions in force. Anyway this was a VA doctor and back then they were allowed to write letters and I believe they still can. see the attached. VHA Directive 1134.1 Provision of Medical statements and forms by va doctors.pdf VHA Directive 1134 Provision of Medical Statements and form by VA doctors.pdf
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    Based on what you posted you do not have one condition rated 100% alone so you would not qualify for housebound unless it was based on the actual need. If your heart condition was not service connected.. you will not get housebound either... Now if it is rated service connected, you may get housebound back to the date of the claim but only if it is rated 100%. Housebound can in fact be awarded temporary if you have a temporary 100% rating.. otherwise no it will not happen....
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    Its really hard to believe anything about claims that is listed on ebenfits at least up until the claim is listed as a disability or increased rating.... I have had claims go from stage 7 back to stage 3 it happens to a lot of veterans. Its going to happen , find something to worry about that you can control and take ebenfits with a grain of salt.
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    Well, get with it Buck. This board needs you. I need to lose thirty-five and have not been so good myself.
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    Will do and keep fighting them as it will get easier for others if we can smooth out the path! Also they try to not give a diagnosis unless they have too. Especially if you have the information.
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    You need to see if they will put that into your records. The other advice about getting them to write a letter for you is good. I would take the prior decision and the current one with me to my appointments and talk with them about whether they agree with what the rater had stated. I would also make sure they understand how you feel about this as you have told us. For TDIU have you contacted VR&E? In my experience they had me do tests online and gave me some papers for my PCP and MH to fill out. This is one way to get VA docs to state you are unable to work. I had one rater state in one of my decisions that I appeared to be getting better and it implied to me that if I didn't stop bugging them I might be reduced. Nothing ever came of it and I am still bugging them. So like the others have said, don't let it get you down.
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    I am sorry you feel as if I am a hothead.... I have never insulted you anyone nor make insulting comments to anyone ... I try to be respectful of everyone and do my best to not instigate confrontation... I am a big boy and I know that we will not always agree , but I hope we can disagree respectfully... In the case of Broncovet's comment . he was insulting and out of line, but he will be ignored for the most part because he has a position of authority on this board, as do you... I know how this works, this it Tbird's home and you are a part of her police force.... if you don't want me to be a member of this board all you have to do is ask me to leave....but to be sure I am not a hothead..... and while Broncovet's comment did in fact anger me, I responded with factual information... not name calling as you have done here.... I have a wealth of knowledge because of my 35 years history dealing with the VA ( no I do not have all the answers, but I try to be factual always) and as a past Veteran Adviser who assisted veterans with their claims.. I hope you can see this. if nothing else...
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    Gee, how about waiting 26 months for a DRO review? IMHO the VA purposefully strings veterans along to avoid paying benefits the veteran is entitled to. In my case, stringing my case out to ten years the VA avoided having to pay for my kids schooling.
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    First off I do not believe your mental health people are screwing you over. They have to be very careful about putting things in your records that could be used by a rater. If your health is in enough of a downward spiral and you are stressed about the reduction, especially if you are contemplating bad things or if you are drinking with your medications, maybe you should talk to your LCSW or doctor about checking into the mental health facility for two weeks. During that two weeks they will perform a full workup on you and make a report. Just know that you will be in a locked down ward. I was asked once to come into the facility before they would give me any more medical treatment. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?
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    I was told recently that you only have 30 days to submit for reimbursement by the travel folks. I also was told by someone else when I applied for direct deposit for travel pay 2 months ago that the VA was doing away with sending out reimbursement checks directly to the veteran. Don't know if that is in effect yet though. One more thing about not bothering to submit because it isn't very much and not too far: a friend of mine told me once that WE have to be sure that WE ask for and receive every benefit that we have. Not to do so will allow the VA guru and anti-vets to say "it isn't needed because they don't use it "(whatever the benefit may be.) That is how I view using VA Health care. If we don't use it and end up going to private doctors and clinics, they are going to start to consolidate and reduce the number of VA hospitals and clinics. Think how bad that will be for some of our brothers and sisters throughout this great nation of ours.
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    For those of us waiting on the enactment of the caregivers program for pre 911 veterans read the attached. https://www.veterans.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/FINAL Veterans First Act Caregivers Provisions.pdf To be sure it looks like the program has been delayed due to tech problems in the new va software.....
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    So to show a secondary condition you need to show how you Diabetes has affected your other service connected disabilities. It only has to affect one, but you do need a Nexus or IMO to show the link. Also medical articles and medical journals all work to support your claim. Have you checked your medical records to see if you have a direct service connection? Is this something that can be see by a blood test? If so it is very likely the key to this could be right in your medical records.
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    please do ! that is another of the very important paths we need to get a better handle on under the AMA. There is so much to learn about the new process steps and out comes and we all have a stake in getting a handle on every aspect of the changes.
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    I faxed in a supplemental claim/review for an earlier EED for ED on 6/11/2019. There seemed to be a system glitch where I lost my February intent to file date and instead game me my filing date of 5/15/2019. This claim as geekysquid knows was filed. C&P and approved in 20 days. I am hoping the EED claim goes just as quick. No matter what I will post the time frames for this supplemental claim/review. @GeekySquid thanks for starting this thread.
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    I would not be surprised if it was a glitch. I went over to va.gov and looked there. It shows my claim as closed. I look under files and it shows two things: "<VA Medical Facility>" and VA 21-686c Declaration of Status of Dependents I can understand the VA screwing up HTML tags, but for the life of me I have no idea why a dependency form showed up under it. I haven't filed one in years. Yup, glitchy...
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    Prednisone is a very special drug. It can be a miracle drug if used in low doses for short periods of time. I was on it for a non service connected issue for a year. I got grumpy and mean and developed a hump on the back of my neck. I did not know about the cataracts part though. I now have small cataracts forming in my eyes. Such is life.
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    We cannot tell the time for a rating decision. It could be months to years. The fact that she spent two hours with you is probably good. Most C&P's last fifteen minutes to an hour at max. Please do look into counseling. One of the things they look for is continued treatment. If we are not being treated they will try to say your condition is not chronic or has improved. Hang in there, the second hardest part is the wait for a decision by the VA.
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    Sometimes I read stuff on here that I just find hard to believe.... I have first hand experience concerning drugs causing secondary medical issues... I lost most of the sight in my left eye because of steroid use for my lung condition. The VA doctors owned up to the problem as being a know issue, steroids cause cataracts, cataract surgery went terrible and I was left with almost no sight... Now I am having problems with my vocal cords again due to steroid use... VA doctor indicated in medical examination that the steroids caused the problem and this is a know secondary issue.. I am also looking at diabetes as a side effect to the steroids...The VA and the entire medical community know about these side effects... the va will not deny a claim if you have your medical records to back you up.. just like any other claim....
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    This is sad but true. Maybe the AMA will process your claim sooner. I know under the legacy system NOD's are ten to twenty-six months out at the RO.
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    @Blessed, we are not attacking you. We are attacking a system that encourages denials of claims. When we see a claim denied for something like, "the veteran is receiving long term disability so is still considered employed", we have a reason to complain. This is an actual excerpt from one of my denials. Some of the raters are obviously looking out for veterans but some of them are biding their time to retirement. As you say you transferred out, maybe the good raters opt out because of the pressure of making grants. Much like the good doctors are run off by the VA, I know a lot of good doctors that used to work for the VA, they just could not hack it. One of my best doctors at the VA did some serious testing on me and some other vets, he was just gone one day. Please do not think we are attacking you personally. We are just frustrated with a system.
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    Just thought would stop in and give an update. VA has acknowledged a duty to assist error in overlooking existing evidence. They take the deployment surveys as evidence. They also acknowledge injury occured in service, and have me listed as bilateral shoulder strain. I am now just waiting to see what they will rate them as. The higher level review, if anyone is curious has taken UNDER a month to return. So it seems likely to me this new rating will push me to 100% Good news.
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    Three days ago, I went and got an IME that was 194 miles away, and two weeks will post the results in the IMO section. I expect to be at 100% by October.
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    About a year ago my wife tried to get caregiver through va but they said not eligible because only post 9/11 vets. My doctor filled out the aid and assistance form 21 something for me at the time.
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