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    Vync, nothing to worry about.You are too mean and lean for things to start going downhill.
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    On your prior claim, you might have got an agent who knew what they were doing. This time you might have got gomer pyle. Sympathetic reading might not have anything to do with it. That's why I had a strange suspicion they will come back and tell you to come out and ask for it. You and I are in the same boat. After the heart attack, I decided to get up and go back to correct the wrongs. This way when I am gone, I can rest peacefully knowing that I did not let the VA get one over on me. It's about principle. Additionally, the increased ratings can help with the potential for SMC if/when things start going downhill.
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    Killemall...Follow Vync and Vetquest advice for you, you will be fine. You have plenty of time to make sure your rep to be thee and do their job. Good luck
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    Killemall, I have been to in person hearings for the BVA and NOD's. My rep was always there. At one my rep asked few questions of me but otherwise sat there. Try to feel your rep out before the hearing. If he is willing to sit down with you and discuss the hearing he might be good. If he does not have time for you, you might want to find someone else in the office. If they ask you why explain that you have a very important NOD coming up and want it to be well thought out and planned. I have learned that some reps are just marking time like the VA which employs them, yes the VA employs your reps. Good luck.
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    @Valhalla0321, Sometimes when you request a new disability or increase they will add your other ratings. I do not know why they do this but they can so they do. The PTSD and TBI are inter-related especially if you have had a head injury so I would not be worried about those. As for the nose, it is also new so I would not worry it. As far as the other two increases it might be a concern. Any VA rater knows 50% is max for headaches and I do not know about the fractured jaw. If you have been rated for more than 20 years they cannot reduce your rating except of proof of fraud. Have you been rated over five years for these? There is some protection after five years. They cannot decrease a rating over five years based on one exam. They also must show improvement, I doubt a fractured jaw can improve. I asked for an increase on some of my disabilities and the VA threatened to reduce my benefits by letter and sent me to two C&P's back to back in a moth's time. This was not kosher. The VA is not supposed to develop to deny. Long story short I was not reduced.
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    Bradley v Peak made it is possible to be rated 100% and still get awarded TDIU.... Bradley v Peak held that the VA has an obligation to maximize ratings so the the veteran can receive the highest compensation possible. The Court also held that a TDIU rating based on a single disability may satisfy the statutory requirement for a total rating for entitlement to SMC at the (s) rate. It found that the phrase “a service-connected disability rated as total” contains no restriction to a total schedular rating and no exclusion of other total ratings, such as TDIU. The Court noted that restrictive language precluding a TDIU evaluation from satisfying the “total” requirement of section 1114(s) was dropped from the implementing regulation, 38 C.F.R. § 3.350(i), in 1995 following a General Counsel opinion that held that section 1114(s) did not authorize such a restriction. In considering the circumstances of the veteran’s case, the Court indicated that a TDIU rating for PTSD alone would entitle the veteran to SMC benefits. Thus, VA should have assessed whether the TDIU rating was warranted on the basis of PTSD alone before substituting a combined total rating for his TDIU rating, as a finding that the veteran’s PTSD is sufficient, on its own, to warrant a TDIU rating, would mean that the veteran is also entitled to SMC. The Court vacated and remanded the issue for the Board to consider whether the veteran is entitled to a total rating based upon PTSD alone to determine if entitlement to SMC at the (s) rate is in order. So requesting a TDIU rating when a veteran has a 100% rating is not automatically moot.
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    @Valhalla0321, Sometimes when you request a new disability or increase they will add your other ratings. I do not know why they do this but they can so they do. The PTSD and TBI are inter-related especially if you have had a head injury so I would not be worried about those. As for the nose, it is also new so I would not worry it. As far as the other two increases it might be a concern. Any VA rater knows 50% is max for headaches and I do not know about the fractured jaw. If you have been rated for more than 20 years they cannot reduce your rating except of proof of fraud. Have you been rated over five years for these? There is some protection after five years. They cannot decrease a rating over five years based on one exam. They also must show improvement, I doubt a fractured jaw can improve. I asked for an increase on some of my disabilities and the VA threatened to reduce my benefits by letter and sent me to two C&P's back to back in a moth's time. This was not kosher. The VA is not supposed to develop to deny. Long story short I was not reduced.
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    Maybe that is at least some of the reason why the status goes so often back and forth from waiting for decision back to gathering evidence than back again. Multiple items on the claim. It would help explain "some" of the indecision on the status page.
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    Paul, excellent. We are all very happy for you. You can miss details when you get good news from the VA. Just another example to re-read your stuff one exam it after the dust settles. Congrats!!
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    Something like that happened to me when I filed my DRO appeal six or so years ago. I was not expecting to get 100%, let alone 100% P&T. Many of the claims in the shotgun appeal were initially opened 2008, so they backdated the EED to then. The BBE letter indicated I got P&T because my conditions were not expected to improve.
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    LOL from 2019 to 2015. I will take whatever they want to send. I was looking at the VA letters for the heck of it and discovered that I am now 100% P&T, this really surprises me. I am assuming the woman who decided my effective date made me P&T. Needless to say I am very thankful for this now. I have not received the offical BBE yet so I will assume there will be a letter there too.
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    Yeah I have a CUE in right now for a 1999 decision that would change my 20% to 60% so it is well worth the effort. I haven't investigated CHAMPVA yet but will be doing that as well.
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    My initial rating was 40% from 1995 to about 2008 when I discovered Hadit. If one or both of my CUEs are approved, the initial rating for those years should go up to 50% or 60%. 100% P&T is really worth it. My wife went to college and used it. My daughter is currently in college using it. CHAMPVA is a huge benefit for them too. Knowing that when I am not longer able to work, I don't have to rely solely on social security and my retirement.
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    Because the worsening was noted two months ago, you are well within the 12 month window and could file for an increase. If it was SC bilaterally, the increase would contain a nice boost. Here are some other things to consider. On one hand, the VA has the duty to maximize your benefits, but on the other hand, they want to do as little as possible. If they really cared about protecting the interests of the Government, they would get claims right the first time because the appeals process wastes everyone's time and money. As info, that's the regulation governing increases. You are stuck in the famous grey area blended into the VA red tape. I speculate they come back saying you never specifically requested the increase, but can file one via supplemental claim. The HLR is supposed to only use evidence present in your records, nothing new. Proof you qualified for an increase is in there. They should have took it seriously. I had something interesting happen earlier this year when I filed a claim for heart attack secondary to long term NSAID use. During the C&P, the first question the doc asked was which med I thought might have contributed to the heart attack. I said I am not a doctor, but asked for them to explore all medications used to treat SC disabilities within the past year, including some migraine meds I took. The doc nodded. Claim got denied and no mention anywhere about other meds. Had another C&P for something else a couple of months later with the same doc. I brought up the fact that despite me asking them to consider other meds, it did not happen and was not noted. The doc told me that they must focus specifically on exactly what the VARO tells them to check, not what I bring up. I then thought about this and will be appealing the denial: I think it comes down to VA laziness for both of us.
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    Bigoc, I once had a doctor with a beside manner that was terrible but he wrote my disability letter. I find this common with neurologists, lousy bedside manner. If he helps and is willing to go to bat for you do not find another. Having a doctor that is willing to go to bat for you against the VA is a good thing and you might not find another.
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    So the benefits letter changed as of this morning. Showing the P and T! Any input on how long for the retro now?
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    Thanks everyone, I may punt after-all, because, I don't think its an appeal of the decision for the increase to 10%, but rather, why they didn't use the same logic they used in '18 back in '09. So, the one year thing is not that big and I can come back to this in the future. Possibly a cue, I don't know. But what I do know is I need 40% to get to 100 scheduler, or a bilat of 20 and a 10. So, with that said, a loss of 10% now, might make that harder to attain. I'm at 91 raw points currently. I have a new secondary claim (recently diagnosed and attributable) that I will be working on this winter, to busy now, and we will see where that takes me. Thanks again for the input, Hamslice
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    Accuracy and the VA have never been in association with one another.
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    Definitely promising. Let's just hope they don't substitute speed for thoroughness/accuracy.
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    I agree with you, so far I think the AMA is moving very quickly. Hopefully they do grant both issues. My HLR is actually going quicker than a claim I uploaded in eBenefits. It was like that when I saw that the VA moved my effective date up.
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    @paulstrgn Initially, it said the estimated date of completion was sometime in March 2020. I normally check the status on Fridays, but am actually kind of glad I checked it today. Here's what it shows: I'm actually quite impressed with the change. That's a huge difference in turnaround time. The fact that the change occurred yesterday and the estimated completion date is only just a couple of weeks away is kind of like receiving a non-monetary birthday present from the VA. Just hope they see the obvious and grant both issues.
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    I submitted mine last month. It took a couple of weeks to show up on both ebenefits and va.gov. However, when I tried to initially open it on ebenefits, it said that I needed to go over to va.gov. Once there, I was able to view the status.
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    I checked eBenefits today and it shows that my HLR has been partially approved, they gave me my EED for SA. It went from 7/2/2019 to 9/11/205 (needless to say I am hoping for a good check). This half of my case was completed in 37 days which is pretty quick. They did not change the EED for my hypertension, when I spoke with the senior office she said if she could not approve my hypertension for 20% she would schedule me for a new C&P. Hopefully they will schedule this C&P soon, not sure what I will get I will find out soon enough.
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    Thanks for the response Vync. I have been in contact with the DAV for several weeks. My claim was waiting on a 3rd signature 6 weeks ago and the DAV rep had already told me I was granted P and T. It looks like all I need now is the retro and that BB envelope. After 7 years this may be coming to an end
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    Talk with your VA primary care doctor. Ask them to put in a referral to the VA urology clinic. Here in Birmingham, that clinic is probably one of the busiest clinics in the facility. They don't have clinic every day though. Don't expect the VA to get you scheduled too quickly. If it might take a while to get you scheduled, you can always ask if they will use the Mission Act and refer you to a non-VA specialist. I did this and the doc had a whole lot more experience. Keep in mind the VA uses resident docs in their specialty clinics. Up to you though.
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    I'm rated 60% for my lumbar spine.. been rated for 20 years.... I also have a dropfoot because of this injury, and I live in constant pain with sciatica both legs. This is one rating that even I won't try to get an increase on... first as someone already said doctors don't prescribe bed rest for back pain very often now and you must have bed rest for 6 weeks within the last year to get a 60% rating under the newest rating guidelines. One to 2 weeks bed rest is only rated 10%. This is to get a rating under incapacitating episodes. Otherwise you get rated for range of motion.and unless the spine is frozen the most you can get is 40%. And an examiner can say an abnormal range of motion is normal for this veteran, and then you get no rating. My injury is so bad that it eventually put me in a wheelchair. Getting pain rated outside of a know medical issue I am guessing will be very hard. Right now the guidelines for pain alone have not even been published yet. Right Now my back, neck, and knees are so messed up that I live in pain. While the VA says pain is taken into consideration when rating joints.. the minimum rating you will get for knee pain is 10% based on x-ray of arthritis. They rewrote the rating guidelines so to prevent veterans from getting high ratings, at least that is how I see it.
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    I have challenged many C/P exam when the examiner decided that my condition should not be service connected. If the examiner did not complete the exam properly, or contradicts his own opinion, ( and this happens a lot). If an examiner is asked for an opinion for one leg and gives it but for the other leg says he would be speculating you can challenge this. If a examiner fails to mention scars or that you wear a brace or use a wheelchair, that can be challenged. I don't always win my challenge but I win more than I lose. You just have to go through the exam line by line item by item.. and point out the false or incorrect answers.
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    @fat, and others. I am going to attempt to test this when I have my NOD hearing. I have neuropathy in the legs and also suffer pain for this that is treated by my doctors. I am going to raise the issue since my pain has increased. I do not know if they consider that neuropathy is painful when they rate it but I sure am going to test this presumption on chronic pain. I will keep you updated but I may die before I have my NOD at the rate they are going.
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    Vync is spot on. Veterans that have a s-c should do a very simple check. If they are prescribed a medication, they should look at the warnings on their spec sheet that comes with the med, and also look up in the internet, any problems or warnings when taking that med. If you have any of those symptoms you should try for a secondary because the VA prescribed it. You would might be better served to get an IMO on it from a doc because it is a secondary condition. NSAIDS taken for heart problems causing GERD is a good example. IMO
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    10 months is a lot better than two or more years. I would expect a DAV rep would attend the conference with you. I recommend that you go over your plan with the DAV rep before going in, preferably earlier the better and then again just before the video conference. I say this because I used a rep back in the 90's for my BVA traveling board appeal and they didn't do anything except sit there. After finding Hadit 10+ years ago, I learned a lot. I had an in-person DRO hearing and used a different rep. They called me about a week prior and we discussed the approach and got a lot of questions answered. On the day of the hearing, I came in very early and we went over everything to make sure it was airtight. As far as hearing loss, I assume they would accommodate you. Let the rep help bridge the gap regarding your hearing. After all, they are there to help you.
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    A nexus letter is part of the triumvarte. 1. Inservice incident or current service connected issue. 2. Current diagnosis of injury. 3. Nexus letter connecting the two.
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    I'm not sure how degenerative arthritis rating works but the 5002 type for an active disease it pretty clear on minimum rating. 10% is given for painful motion if service connected. I don't need to move for pain but sure doesn't get better movement. The only thing movement does for me is break up the morning stiffness but the pain never goes away. Be sure to mention pain and don't under estimate the effect complaints of painful motion have on a decision for the start of a claim and getting service connection.
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    Hello all, It took me years to finally submit my first claim to the va after exiting the service in 2012. I had no idea what I was doing and had no idea that I was entitled to anything, I just knew I had problems and they were getting worse. I started out getting rated 30% in 2016, then got to 70% in 2017. And finally this month I was officially rated 100% sc. I keep logging in to make sure the rating is still there. 10% tinnitus 30% IBS 100% PTSD And a few more still pending. I still have to battle for P&T but I’m grateful to have a site like this with fellow veterans so willingly to help with their experience and expertise. So thank you and any tips or guidance for me would be extremely appreciated!
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    Below is a link to the spine ratings table, plus the contents of the table. Don't forget that 38 CFR 4.40, 4.45 and the DeLuca precedent ruling apply. There should be two measurements for each axis: maximum ROM and limited ROM where pain begins. Example: If you can bend to 35 degrees, but pain starts at 15 degrees, they are supposed to use the limited motion measurement of 15 degrees where pain began. §4.71a Schedule of ratings—musculoskeletal system.
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    I am bumping this up because , whether the Secretary adds HBP to the AO presumptives, or not there is still a way to get service connected for it, as the above veteran did. I have claimed my husband's HBP is due to his established AO exposure- He wanted me to leave no stone unturned,if he died due to VA health care , an although we had problems with his care in his lifetime, we had No idea what his true medical situation was....until after he died)and I have been dealing with an audit request that is being worked on ( and that could potentially alleviate further adjudication on two of my pending CUE claims). The end product of all that and this new claim would be the end of turning over the 'stones.' Also our very astute member here, jbasser, has pointed out- if you fall under the AO Nehmer regulations, and have been deemed to have "essential" HBP by the VA, possibly rated already as NSC with a % in any past VA decision, the medical term " essential" ,means no known cause, but the report the veteran used in the above BVA cause is what I am using as well-the same report Secretary Wilkie is considering for any potential new presumptives. This is directly from my claim and it might help someone else: (The 1151 part is expanded on in that specific CUE,that the audit might resolve) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " "---Claim Exhibits C and D Claim (Exhibit C)for accrued benefits due as direct service connection of my husband’s Hypertension due to his proven exposure to Agent Orange In Vietnam and CUE claim )Exhibit D)for accrued benefits based on my husband’s 1151 Hypertension, as it regards Office of General Counsel Precedent Decision #08-97. I am providing two theories of entitlement. The September 4, 2018 CUE ( Exhibit D) rests on proper application of General Counsel Precedent Opinion # 08-97 and proper EED. Exhibit E Claim ( Exhibit C): I also claim entitlement to accrued benefits due to my husband’s proven exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, as causing his “essential” HBP.The VA deemed his HBP as essential because there was no known cause for it. However the National Academies Press has published the same study referred to by the BVA : “The rationale provided for the hypertension was that research from the National Institute of Health indicated there was a direct connection between Dioxine exposure and hypertension. “*** Source: https://www.va.gov/vetapp19/files5/19141330.txt *** that is how the BVA spelled Dioxine in the opinion) I include page one and page 8 of that study, as published by the NAP, the same study Secretary Wilkie is considering. Exhibit F pages The veteran in that case had an IMO/IME. The Medical opinion I have is from Dr. XXXX XXXXXX , VACO Exhibit G I also cite https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/38/3.816, regarding “Awards under the Nehmer Court Orders for disability or death caused by a condition presumptively associated with herbicide exposure.” I also cite this statement from the VA’s Web site: “If you have an illness that’s not on the list of Agent Orange‒related diseases, but you believe was caused by Agent Orange You’ll need to: You’ll need to: Provide scientific and medical evidence that the condition is related to exposure to Agent Orange, or Show that the problem started during—or got worse because of—your military service Scientific proof may include an article from a medical journal or a published research study.” Source:https://www.va.gov/disability/eligibility/hazardous-materials-exposure/agent-orange/ On March 4, 2015 the Buffalo VARO denied my September 24,2012 claim for accrued benefits due to my husband’s 1151 HBP. The “examiner’s” report to deny the claim was ridiculous.The VA failed to consider the evidence and medical opinion from my FTCA case, thatI had from Dr. XXXXXX. I immediately filed CUE on the decision. Exhibit H On April 2, 2015 the VA awarded 10% under 1151, “hypertension for accrued benefits.” They gave an erroneous Effective date . Exhibit I But also stated “We have determined that there is no additional entitlement for accrued benefits for this award as the veteran was in receipt of benefits at the 100% rate at the effective date of this award.” This defies the whole point of General Counsel Precedent Opinion # 08-97 Exhibit E above" and so forth- I also added that : "Monday, October 14th, is the 25th anniversary of my husband’s death, Rodney F. Simmons, who died due to VA health care itself,and Agent Orange conditions ,that were malpracticed on.If the VA had sought a medical cause for his HBP, in the first place-November 1988,they could have treated him properly and he might certainly still be alive." November 1988 is the proper EED for his HBP. They gave me the date of his 1151 100% P & T stroke. There is no medical evidence whatsoever that ties in his HBP to his stroke. The VA medical opinion (Exhibit G) clearly shows that his medical care up to the Nov 1988 date, HBP diagnosis, and for the next 6 years, contained "multiple" deviations from acceptable VA health care, to include his HBP It ends with this statement : " All of the deviations hastened his death." The link to the NAP report is: https://www.nap.edu/resource/25137/111318_VAO_summary_table.pdf Under Table S-1 the "epidemiologic evidence is sufficient to conclude that there is a positive association." and than states again "There is sufficient evidence of an association between exposure to the chemicals of interest and the following health outcomes: It lists some of the established AO presumptives, and includes Hypertention and also MGUS ( monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.) I believe we did have a MGUS veteran here-but maybe on another site..... If any MGUS vet falls under Nehmer, they too should file a claim for MGUS as due to AO and use the study from np/edu as well.
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    Tomorrow will mark 7 years that I’ve been waiting for the VA to make a decision on my original claim. Currently I’ve been waiting 6 years for a DRO review to be completed, since August 2013, and while things were moving earlier this year with exams, it seems as if my claim has stalled since July of this year. I’m currently Hardship flagged and hopefully waiting for something soon but I’m just seeing if there’s ANYTHING I can do to get this thing moving. I have a current White House VA case pending, I’ve contacted lawyers who can’t help until I get an SSOC, my VSO can only give me the “hang in there” speech and my congressman hasn’t replied to my email for assistance. IRIS gives me the same statement that the 800# gives and I can’t opt into any AMA lanes until I get an SSOC. The RO in Oakland has no answers either and after tomorrow I believe it will be time I move on from this VA circus and focus on something else. I just need to know is there anything else I can do? If I’ve done all I can and need to wait then that’s ok. I feel like I’ve given this a good fight since last April to at least get this far but if there’s anything I can do can you guys let me know? Thanks for your guys help...
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    Demodemon7, it looks like you are in trouble. You need to approach your current psychiatrist and see if they will make a statement on your behalf. Maybe that was true some years ago but you have to show that you have made improvements like, did you stop D&D and start AA or NA? Have you done some serious inhouse treatment and shown progress there? The VA called me a drunk 25 years ago but that has past and I am sober, can you show the same?
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    The VA medical is crap. It really is! They are supposed to be the experts in AO, Gulf war syndrome, and whatever new disease the warriors 20 years from now will unfortunately get from the South America conflict. For those that are reading this--take the steps to GET OUT of the VA. Excuses, delays, and incompetence is everywhere in the VA system. I did and don't feel like a zombie anymore.
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    I do not know if the VA will award you for a disability that you did not claim but they are supposed to fully and sympathetically develop your claim. I filed for an EED on a DRO review and they added a request for increase. I do not know why they did this but the VA works in strange and unpredictable ways.
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    @kuwaitin08 what does your issue say under the issues tab when you click on it. Mines is blank.
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    There is a lot more to a writ of mandamus than what is listed above. Here is a link to one Ms. Berta wrote back in 2015. By looking at this one it will give you an idea of what to write. You may also want to write an email to the Chief of Staff for the VA. Her name is Pamela Powers, I have written twice to her and had a response back the same day. One of the responses came from the Chairman of the Board for the BVA and the other one was from someone on her staff. If you write her tell her what the facts are and ask for some assistance. If you have had a claim pending 6 years for a review then I would write her.
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    I can tell you that disability on the upper and lower back will not qualify you for the auto adaptive equipment or a vehicle grant . Does the va do C/P exams for the auto grant, and adaptive equipment ? Most of the time these are ancillary benefits, that are granted based on an actual disability award for one of the conditions that would qualify a veteran for the grant and adaptive equipment. In my case, I had no addition C/P exam the benefits were granted upon my rating for loss of use of my left foot. Normally a separate C/P exam isn't done for the reason I explained above. If a C/P exam is required, the VA could send it to a contractor or keep it in house. Yes contractors use the same DBQ as the VA. You should read the attached information sheet concerning these benefits, and the attached handbook that explains eligibility of the benefits, before you spend time trying to get a grant that based on what your asking you will not qualify for. Auto and adaptive equipment infor sheet..pdf Handbook 1173.4 Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program.pdf
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    Well put-I am bumping this up as there is still no lifting of the BWV AO moratorium, due to the lawsuit, but affected vets are still advised to File the claim. This link to NVLSP has some info on the BWN AO claims process: https://www.nvlsp.org/news-and-events/news-articles/nvlsps-faqs-for-blue-water-vietnam-veterans There is more here in the AO forum as well...... VA has done very little to make HR 299 public knowledge. Many BWN vets might be in their 70s by now and are not using a PC , or reading a national newspaper, and depend on TV to get news like this. Secretary Wilkie mentioned Blue Waters and the law signed in June regarding AO, in one short blip on Fox News months ago. If you know any vet who might fall under the BWN AO criteria in HR 299 ( No regulations yet)please advise them on what this might mean to them. Unlike what VAROs said they would do in 2010 ( seek vets who filed previously for AO conditions that were denied, but had listed in their rating sheets IHD, Parkinson, or Hairy Cell B lymphoma, coded and rated as NSC, the VA didn't do a good job of that anyhow, and will not be seeking any BWN vets ,under the New pending regulations. This goes for widows too who could potentially be awarded AO retro, and in some cases, even DIC.And if no living spouse, it could impact on accrued retro for their adult children.
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    I'd advise that you go to the Board Of Veterans Appeals website. Click on BVA decisions. When it opens, type in hearing loss due to JP8 exposure, and see if your search gives you any legal findings.
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    You will have a better chance if you do the follow things 1) order your C-file 2) go through your c-file and take notes categorizing it for reference - page 1 said this is your c-file, page 28 is lab results normal, page 193 is where the medic x-rayed my foot after it got broken, page 404 not found error unfortunately its not in order (but the copy that the VA has is in order, after they spent a billion dollars for that system) and you have to go page by page looking for the needles in the hay field. Keep your pages in a Spreadsheet for record keeping in Free Libre Office and this will take some time doing so, because half of your records are in "doctor script" and deciphering scribble will take time to decipher. 3) learn 38CFR
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    What are you trying to do? You possibly might not need it depending on your evidence, etc. We need a lot more info.
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    I would but I have been out 33 years. Acquisition of buddy statements is impossible.
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    For 20 years I've been taking pain meds for a surgery the VA performed in 1994 partial nephretomy kidney. I've had nerve pain every since. I just relocated to another state a year ago, and the VA here refuse to continue to treatment me with pain meds. I'm wondering how to handle this issue. I've gone through the pain clinic in Los Angeles some years ago, was put on the meds for pain. Now this abrupt denial of treatment for something that is a result of surgery caused by the VA. I have a 1151 issue that Berta and I discussed sometime ago. The doctors prescribed the medication for pain in LA, it appears some of the meds were apparently at the new VA not supposed to be prescribed with the oxycodone like valium. VA prescribed! Now the local VA tells me I'm abusing medication by taking the medications as prescribed. According to one of the surgeon recently told me I have nerve pain. He also said, he cannot operate for pain, because you only get pain with additional surgery. One thing I know about pain is, it can drive you crazy if it not managed. The Ibuprofen, muscle relaxing drug, and other meds do not address my pain issue. They tell me at my age 70 the pain medication does more harm if I continue to take it. My take on that is, quality of life is more important to me than quantity. I'm wondering if I can file against the VA in this matter or sue. Or should I move back to LA. Need some input! Theo
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    Hold on, I just checked, Nov 5th, I got time.... I do my best work under pressure, Hamslice Now where's that box of med records.......
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