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Common Veterans Affairs Disabilities: Tinnitus - Hearing loss - PTSD - Post-traumatic stress disorder - Lumbosacral or cervical strain - Scars - Limitation of flexion, knee - Diabetes mellitus - Paralysis of the sciatic nerve - Limitation of motion of the ankle - Degenerative arthritis of the spine - TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury

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My checked was routed to another bank via phone fraud as ebenfits information was hacked. The agent that took the nefarious call should also be held responsible, he was duped. VA filed a report and it has been a week. They say 3 to 5 days to repay me. We shall see. Stay off ebenefits it is unsafe. 100 percent TDIU, USAF.

" how do i force them to include the FCA as they refuse to accept it as evidence?  "

You file a CUE on any decision that did not comply with the evidentiary requirements of the regulation above. ...38 USC 5109A.

We have considerable info here in the CUE forum and even some templates.

   Did the VA use a goinometer in the  C& P exam?

Do you have the results of that exam.   If so  did you scan and attach that in this thread already---if so I will try to find it.......this is a long thread.....

Hello everyone,

This question feels incredibly silly, but it's stumping me.

Would like to claim Migraine headaches due to TBI

Not currently rated for TBI

Not (currently) seeking anything related to the TBI other than migraines


Are the migraines secondary to TBI, or

Are the migraines directly service connected with TBI being the in-service event?

If the migraines are secondary to TBI, how does one ever get a current diagnosis of TBI, seeing as it's an event sort of thing? Or, how do you work around this? In other words, if I broke a bone ten years ago I wouldn't be able to get a current diagnosis of broken bone, thus there is no "broken bone" disability. I would claim the actual disability that exists today, but referencing the broken bone incident as the alleged in-service event and cause. I imagine this is how it works with TBI; claim the current disability but reference the TBI as the in-service event and show nexus between them.

Or, am I way off?

Thank you in advance!
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