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  1. Can someone with knowledge of supplemental claims for retroactive VA disability help me?  I want to make sure I have all the right forms and would like to talk with someone who has had success.  I am a caregiver to a nephew who has waited 15 years for his rating for severe PTSD and TBI, which he just received in November but has repeatedly tried in the past since 2004 after leaving the war.    I'm new to your forum and a little unsure how all this works.  


    Thank you!


    1. vetquest


      @sderoy, please go to the forums and start a new thread there.  Explain your position and then someone will be willing to help you.  Place it under the forum "Appealing your Veterans Compensation Disability Claims." 

    2. broncovet


      There is no "application" for "retroactive" disability.  Instead, if you dispute the effective date of a decision, you can file a nod.  If, however, you have waited until "more than a year" from the decision, then your choices are more limited.  

      You can file a cue, if applicable.

      You can also "reopen due to New and material evidence" via 38 CFR 3.156.  

      If you file a supplemental claim for a condition already SC, it would be "moot".  

      To find out if you met the criteria for an eed, it would mean a review of your files.  I agree with Vetquest, best is to start a new thread and ask. 

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