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  1. i tried to get a VSO here in the philippines found the VFW the guy stalled and stalled except for the POA sheet then after 6 weeks i said hey we should meet i want to apply for this disability ... and he said back it takes a long time and if your in a hurry maybe you can find someone else
  2. i have been 70% IU PT over 13 years but during that time I keep getting help seeing a psychiatrist for 10 of the years out of pocket My reasons for out of pocket is often I need more then the allotted 45 min... This doctor writes a 10 plus page report every year and it says without help I can not function , My help has been wife and nurse daughter and sometimes outsiders of which I pay .. If I get 100% what would be my next step to try to get some of my out of pocket covered for care .. I hear terms like caregiver .. housebound etc .. I have the doctors reports so that is probably a big step and 10 years worth to me seems like a very solid evidence so any advise if I get to 100% scheduler?? my disability is PTSD I have others but because I am also IU and pt I never wanted to clog up the system for others..
  3. i have had a large dose of messed up left knew to many times flying cheap seats overseas might of added i sit 10 min and its hell to get up back of my leg feels like its on fire ... lift my left leg and pain shoots up back... walk DOWN stairs and left leg is not stable up stairs ok... nice doctor told me about a drug called DAFLON its a med and they sell a supplement but NOT the same the MED is micro ground to get into veins i have been taking 2 times a day now 2 months and my leg feels about 60% better i have one more month .. if this is you check out DAFLON
  4. Well i have been 70% PTSD PT IU for 13 years now ... I presently live in the Philippines and get this saw a a shrink and paid for it myself for over 10 years , reasons i paid myself was i could not fit my life into their 45 min allotment two to three times a month... Well i did manage to get a report written on a SS format and for the most part it says i am not all there most of the time one year i got a fair for being clean and on time . So now at 68 years old i see this budget crap and talk about stopping IU so i thought time to get back in the mix. I have an exam set up this Saturday and another in a few weeks To be honest i thought they would just read thru the 10 plus years of reports and decide from there ? This SS blank form has like 30 questions and a score Good Fair and POOR i get 28 poors and 2 fairs almost every year. Should i bring these reports to the cp doc or will that look like i am being pushy? The doctor i see on and off and the off because she gets to much religion into the session . I am also asking for a shot at other stuff back and knees both shot. My connection to the military is too many crashes in helicopters. My back first was hurt when i crashed as a gunner hard landing while wearing my chicken vest front and back . after that i would sit on it to protect my family jewels . I do have a question for you guys once i got sick really sick in viet nam in a FSB and woke up in Phuv Vin in a bathtub strapped down with ice was that ma lira ? My temp hit 106 maybe my brain cooked who knows..
  5. my only reason was to moot IU and have 100% now that I am over 65 I had a small SS check as the last years before treatment I really worked part time at best and no work for months .. I know this lets stop IU for over 65 people who can collect SS has been around and never passed but we are seeing a new president that does not bend to politics , So I am trying to cover my bases now just in case it stays in the budget , We think all vets are behind this but they are not in one forum I read some of the vets said it should be stopped why should a guy get disability , ,,,, IU bump and SS so to think all vets are going to back us up is not what I see so if a PTSD raise looks like mount Everest I will try another path... I am reasonably sure I had malaria based on a 6 day stay in hospital packed in ice with lots of IV units inserted I will see if that is a way to go , And a few other problems..
  6. dam sounds like they are describing a 100 year old Alzheimer's patient with major memory problems along with a host of other problems
  7. maybe I should start with looking at what the va thinks is 70% and compare it to what they feel is 100% once I received the 70% the IU and PT was easy so where can I find that info on the site that shows the differences between 70 and 100 % and what is secondary to ...I am not that well versed in some things computer.. its like I hear you talking and nod my head yes but really don't understand . Like when you take a computer in to be fixed the guy is telling you lots of information on why its doing what its doing and the different ways to fix it and then says ... OK what do you want me to do.. and you get that blank look on your face and say the only thing you can... What ever you think
  8. Life is a risk I know but I am on the fence many tell me don't risk asking for higher you might get lower.. or try other issues and leave your core rating alone... After I was awarded my 70% PTSD IU and PT in 2004 of course I did not find out till 2005 and was at that time still seeing a doctor 2 times a month private pay because the va only allowed 30 min visit and I often would take up 2 hours.. At that time I filed for SSD and was giving a form that says MEDICAL opinion Re. Ability to do work related activities MENTAL ... it has a 27 questions the SS ask the doctor to rate and write why they gave rating.. Out of the 27 questions they can be scored Very Good... Good fair or POOR ... almost all my ratings are in the poor slot with a few in Fair and I have these reports for every year from 2005 to 2013 some are worst others better but NONE even have one good and most have over 70% poor with some 90% poor.. . my question can I use these reports as evidence and if they are marked poor would it not be hard for the VA to reduce my rating.. And this doctor works out patient for non other then the VA so its kind of like one of their doctors.. any seasoned vets think this is solid enough to send as evidence and have very little down side on them requesting a reduction ?
  9. I am so non computer lit... I went to health vet and have a basic and it shows nothing I have not been to the doctor now for almost one year they tend to not want to see you more then once a year for a check up
  10. well they should have the records I would think sure never thought of that thanks for the heads up ,, all these years I have at times offered to donate at blood drives and the va always says thanks but no thanks I though it was from years ago doing drugs.. maybe there is something I don't know about...
  11. I did not file for the first time till I was 49 year old and it took about 5 years to get to 70% between Viet nam and 49 I moved 11 times ,, got married 3 times went to jail 5 times for over 6 months each , smoked crack,, drank,, smoked sherm , once started a fight in a frigging bank with the security guy because he was staring at me . it was a judge in Oregon who looked over my records and said .. I am confused you seem like a nice family guy but live a life of extremes and seems like your either angry at the world or want someone to remove you from the world. Last year you assaulted a man for following you to close on a public street ?? I am strongly advising you to seek some sort of counseling and I see your a veteran I suggest the VA hospital is the place to start I will postpone sentencing till I see a report from a lic qualified doctor telling me if this behavior is controllable .. Best thing that ever happened to me ...
  12. So maybe I did panic a little about the new budget proposal to cut IU so I contacted a vet rep and told him.. Of course he said probably wont be passed .. waste of time they could lower your rating if you ask more ..PTSD 70% TP and IU for over 10 years.. just wait and see if it passes then file ... OK and what would you do if it passes..?? well I am already 100% so it don't affect me.. ,, OK how about I file for other stuff there are a few solid things I never filed for because I received IU and did not want to clog up the system for other guys.. Sure if you want to but first I need a POA , I go on line find one and send to him... Well I need this POA and I see number 14 check this box to allow this organization to change the veterans address at any time.. <<< Why do they need to do that seems over the top ? So if this don't work out can a vet file his own claims and is there a generic form to use from the VA ? and does it need to be in tech terms... One I will file for is my back and right hip crunched up pretty good during a crash in a UH1 I was wearing front and back chicken plates and had a skid crushing landing ... Second is my lungs always bad JP-4 and or Agent orange .. ?? don't smoke and still huffing and puffing at times .. leaking heart valve its there but not bad enough yet to do anything , I was sick in viet nam don't know why but 6 days in long bin woke up in a tub packed in ice but tied down .. temp over 105 they said not sure why . I know I need to get to 95% to make up for the 30% not there tired of wondering when and if .. and suggestions on how I would write up this stuff to ask for a CP
  13. I have been a pro trump guy for a while i have gone on fb and keep bringing it up on the site females for trump they say the will look into it
  14. I know to many after reading this its a no brainer but truth be know I never finished high school so at times I can read something and not quiet understand it... I am going to try to get from 70% IU//PT to 100% for PTSD I have about 6 years of doctors reports from seeing a private doctor after after I was awarded this rate and most of them are all clicked as poor and a few fair she used an old SS form to grade and generally she even says I should not handle my own money ///// with the new budget in the usa and the most likely cutting off of iu for me I want to see if I can get to 100 without IU so if my understanding is correct you basically fill out the form and submit with all the evidence you have to the VA ?? I am in the Philippines so that is why at my own expense I keep seeing a doctor and small world she works as a private contactor for the va ... FDC Criteria (Claim(s) for Veterans Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits) 1. Submit your claim on a signed and completed VA Form 21-526EZ, Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits (Attached). 2. Submit simultaneously with your claim: • All, if any, relevant, private medical treatment records; AND • An identification of any relevant treatment records available at a Federal facility, such as a VA medical center. The Fully Developed Claim (FDC) Program is the fastest way to get your claim processed, and there is no risk to participate! Participation in the FDC Program is optional and will not affect the quality of care you receive or the benefits to which you are entitled. If you file a claim in the FDC Program and it is determined that other records exist and VA needs the records to decide your claim, then VA will simply remove the claim from the FDC Program (Optional Expedited Process) and process it in the Standard Claim Process. See below for more information. If you wish to file your claim in the FDC Program, see FDC Program (Optional Expedited Process). If you wish to file your claim under the process in which VA traditionally processes claims, see Standard Claim Process. Your service connected disability has worsened seeking Increased Disability Compensation If VA previously granted service connection for your disability and you are seeking an increased evaluation of your service-connected disability, we need medical or lay evidence to show a worsening or increase in severity and the effect that worsening or increase has on your ability to work
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