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  1. GbArmy, it was done at va clinic in Pensacola.
  2. hubby had his C Nd P for iu. On the renal failure, they are saying because he is not putting out protenura out. Sometimes you do not do that until later stages. And they used the c&p notes from Jan. Where they are proposing to reduce his rating his cad. They did an echo, but I ca not find it in blue button c&p notes. We are your thoughts on this?
  3. Have they approved hypertension yet as a presumptive caused by AO?
  4. Congradulations on award. My hubby got his partial award in May 30, 2018. We have yet to receive any retro. But he did retire out of navy/coast guard, so they have to do an aew(audit error worksheet). And from what we can find out it is the Coast Guard holding it up. They said part of it was the gov shut down. But the only send them in once a month. Now the remand they sent to Cheyenne Wyoming, our ro is St. Pete. But they also did a c & p for his cads, which is service connected and they are proposing to reduce it from 60 to 30. It was a messed up c&p. They guy lied and put down that hubby could use a push mower to mow yard. And he did not tell the c&p doc that at all. My husband has fallen twice this week. My daughter had to help him up. He is having a lot of problems with his ears now and sinisus, but I think it is due to to the cpap. They put him on some kind of spray for his nose and 30 days of the highest dose of penicillin. The c&p doc also put that hubby did not have any hytrophy in his hearts left ventricular, etc. I down loaded papers from his last hospital stay in aug that said all that. Left and right are both in larked and thickened. He never even looked at it. We still have not heard when or even if they are going to set up a hearing. Do any of you guys think that if we sent in iris and pointed out where it says he has hytrophy in left ventricular and both left and right atrium our in large and thickened. Do you think they would go ahead and really stop the reduction? Kelley, I hope you get your retro soon. Hope we get ours too soon we owe my daughter for our bed. Ha ha
  5. HIs it better to file a soc, ask for another c and p. We filed soc. This was for a purposed reduction that will effect overall rating. And also to set up to deny a appeal which is in remand. Clearly examiner did not review uploaded material. Lied on stating hubby could work. Also stating he could use push mower for mowing our yard and heavy yard work. Took previous exam to rate. But previous exam had Mets at 3-5 and he put them at 5-7. I have letters from two dr stating hubby can not work, due to having dizziness and falling spells. It is really stressing my husband out, and I suspect the stress in turn is causing his blood sugar up into 300 to 476. We don’t want this to drag on for ever. My husband is 72 and has to mow with riding mower. No way he can do it with push mower. And I’m not sure he will even be able to do that much longer.
  6. Vetquest, Bronco, and Buck, I love you all. Thanks so much for your quick replies to lead us in the right direction. Hubby did go and get a copy of c&p. The PA made several mistakes on it. And the paper work we sent in from the hospital stay contradicts him. He says there is no cardiac dilation. Papers says there is right and left atrium mild dilation. He also checked no left ventricular hypertrophy. Papers says concentric lefy ventrical hypertrophy. He has him down 5 to 7 Mets with activities such as walking 1 flight of stairs, mowing lawn, with push mower, heavy yard work like digging. Lol. Hubby’s doctor has him down 3 to 5 Mets doing light yard work . Mowing yard on a riding lawn mower. He also says his heart condition does not impact his ability to work. Totally opposite of what the examiner that did the c&p in 2016.he also stated that hubby only brought partial study of echo along with a ekg. It was an ecg, and our private doctors offic did say it was the same. Pensacola examiner went with results of echo from previous c&p in 2016.. but with different opinions. Thanks again guys, will keep you informed.
  7. Has anyone had this happen to them. Hubby had his 3rd heart eval since 2014.. they reduced him from 60 to 30%. I’m puzzled. He had c&p at Pensacola by a PA. He said PA basically bad mouthed the va. He did not even listen to his heart. And we get the letter today saying they think his cads is better. They determined this from the ecg from the time he was in the hospital in aug/sept. When he had the lung embolism. The doctors at hospital did determine that it was not dot. So it is highly likely that it came from the cads. He never had surgery to correct the cads, so I cannot imagined it would get better in 5 yrs. It did have his left ventricular ejection fraction has 55. And I think they went with that. hubby did say he told the PA he did have spells he explained them to him. It was the syncope ( which is feeling like your going to faint, loosing muscle control). Which he will be walking and have to grab something and stands with his knees bent a little and bounce afraid he is going to fall. He has fallen several times. He experiences his dizziness. Dyspena ( shortness of breath with any type of exertion.And that is what 38cfr ejection fraction of 30 to 50 or experiencing dizziness, dyspena, syncope. His heart doctor had him Down for 3to 5 Mets originally. So we are going to see him as soon as possible. I think the OR is the answer here. Now we have to have a hearing and they said it will be at our expense. I assume it will be in St Pete, which we are6 hrs away. Any ideas?
  8. Berta, thank you so much.. you are awesome. Yes you seem to have A busy life, and we all appreciate your devotion too all of us. Take care of yourself too. We are still pushing to get the back pay for diabetes increase. The bva approved it on 5-30-18 and they did not finish their audit until 9-28-18. Sent it to Coast Guard for thei audit on 10-3. They still have it. They were furloughed for 5 weeks. Now it might get sent back on the 3-1-19. Tired of chasing this monkeys tail.
  9. Geuss Berta, didn’t see this or just does not have any info. It has been two weeks since the guy form Peggy sent in two inquiry’s on why they dropped the ball on hubby’s appeals, and retro pay.
  10. Is there anyone out there that might have a phone number for Cheyenne Regioal Office. Not the 8008271000. We keep getting run and chase the monkeys tail. If anyone has another number, I would really appreciate it.
  11. Got locked out of va.gov. Is there a way to get back in instead of waiting the 24 hrs!
  12. I also sent in an Iris, about two weeks ago. Never got an answer. Perhaps because they could not find it. When you call Peggy push for answers if it does not sound right. How long do I wait to check on inquiry #. Sent to Ro Electronically. I think hubbys iu and ckd claims were lost at the intake center. I’m going to call next week again, if I do not get answers I’m calling the hot line and our congressman. I’ve come to the conclusion they are just jacking with all of us.
  13. I’m not hijacking here just explaining from my previous answer. We called Peggy, but it was not a Peggy. He was very nice and helped tremendously. Yes they are still waiting for AEW to be put in system for the back pay to be paid. However he checked on Iu claim and evidently it had been lost in the system. Because they had told us it had already been claimed. We received notification of that in Oct. but no it was never claimed, so then they both got lost in system! So he sent an inquiry to RO to ask them to get this straightened out. Gave me the inquiry #. So then he checked on the remand for CKD, now the IU was also remanded with it. But the CkD had been lost in system too. Sent an inquiry for that also. Sometimes you get. Someone that really does help. We have called about this before and no one volunteered to go as far as he did. We could have been setting for ever here. I even had a girl tell me the other day that hubby did not have any back pay coming. I will not tell you what I said. She was lookin on the break down sheet from the va!
  14. What exactly is SMC? And can you get it if you are 100% scheduler?
  15. Hume, my husband has not got his back pay either. They say they are waiting for coast guard to send AEW.
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