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  1. Ok hubby got the 100% permanent and total back to 2016. But he was granted 60% for ckd back to 2011 will they make all those adjustments all the way to 2016. We have not gotten the letter yet. I assume they are taking the time to make all these adjustments before they can send it out. Which they were waiting on Coast guard to do the aew before any of this happened. So we may be in for a wait for it again.
  2. Woohoo! Talked to va yesterday and she said a letter was sent out on the 7th. Looked on ebenefits today it says disabilities add up to 100% total and permanent. They granted 60 percent on kidney failure and another 10 for neuropathy for right lower extremities. Now if it shows 100% in the disability section on ebenefits it is not iu is it? I want to make sure I understand it. Thanks for all the advice from all you guys and Berta. I’ll let you know more when we get the actual letter.
  3. Oh wow, so we could be waiting for 400+ more days? Think I’m gonna cry. My husband does not like to file another claim will there is one in the works. We have been waiting to file for sleep apnea secondary to Diabetes/ cads. Of course he has been wearing a cpap for like 9 yrs now. He just had a new study done and he has very serious sleep apnea. I ask if he has pulmonary hypertension too, she told me we would have to ask his cardio, looks like they could tell from the pulmonary function test. So I’ll call cardio on Monday. But she did say as bad as his apnea is he most like does. He s
  4. Ok my hubby’s remand has just been forwarded to decision review officer. What do you think the time limit on it now. This is from a nod on Nov 2012.
  5. hubby had his C Nd P for iu. On the renal failure, they are saying because he is not putting out protenura out. Sometimes you do not do that until later stages. And they used the c&p notes from Jan. Where they are proposing to reduce his rating his cad. They did an echo, but I ca not find it in blue button c&p notes. We are your thoughts on this?
  6. Have they approved hypertension yet as a presumptive caused by AO?
  7. Congradulations on award. My hubby got his partial award in May 30, 2018. We have yet to receive any retro. But he did retire out of navy/coast guard, so they have to do an aew(audit error worksheet). And from what we can find out it is the Coast Guard holding it up. They said part of it was the gov shut down. But the only send them in once a month. Now the remand they sent to Cheyenne Wyoming, our ro is St. Pete. But they also did a c & p for his cads, which is service connected and they are proposing to reduce it from 60 to 30. It was a messed up c&p. They guy lied and pu
  8. HIs it better to file a soc, ask for another c and p. We filed soc. This was for a purposed reduction that will effect overall rating. And also to set up to deny a appeal which is in remand. Clearly examiner did not review uploaded material. Lied on stating hubby could work. Also stating he could use push mower for mowing our yard and heavy yard work. Took previous exam to rate. But previous exam had Mets at 3-5 and he put them at 5-7. I have letters from two dr stating hubby can not work, due to having dizziness and falling spells. It is really stressing my husband out, and I suspe
  9. Vetquest, Bronco, and Buck, I love you all. Thanks so much for your quick replies to lead us in the right direction. Hubby did go and get a copy of c&p. The PA made several mistakes on it. And the paper work we sent in from the hospital stay contradicts him. He says there is no cardiac dilation. Papers says there is right and left atrium mild dilation. He also checked no left ventricular hypertrophy. Papers says concentric lefy ventrical hypertrophy. He has him down 5 to 7 Mets with activities such as walking 1 flight of stairs, mowing lawn, with push mower, heavy yard work like d
  10. Has anyone had this happen to them. Hubby had his 3rd heart eval since 2014.. they reduced him from 60 to 30%. I’m puzzled. He had c&p at Pensacola by a PA. He said PA basically bad mouthed the va. He did not even listen to his heart. And we get the letter today saying they think his cads is better. They determined this from the ecg from the time he was in the hospital in aug/sept. When he had the lung embolism. The doctors at hospital did determine that it was not dot. So it is highly likely that it came from the cads. He never had surgery to correct the cads, so I cannot
  11. Berta, thank you so much.. you are awesome. Yes you seem to have A busy life, and we all appreciate your devotion too all of us. Take care of yourself too. We are still pushing to get the back pay for diabetes increase. The bva approved it on 5-30-18 and they did not finish their audit until 9-28-18. Sent it to Coast Guard for thei audit on 10-3. They still have it. They were furloughed for 5 weeks. Now it might get sent back on the 3-1-19. Tired of chasing this monkeys tail.
  12. Geuss Berta, didn’t see this or just does not have any info. It has been two weeks since the guy form Peggy sent in two inquiry’s on why they dropped the ball on hubby’s appeals, and retro pay.
  13. Is there anyone out there that might have a phone number for Cheyenne Regioal Office. Not the 8008271000. We keep getting run and chase the monkeys tail. If anyone has another number, I would really appreciate it.
  14. Got locked out of va.gov. Is there a way to get back in instead of waiting the 24 hrs!
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