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  1. Then the attorneys is appealing the the effective dat of increase of diabetes, is that going to hold everting up again? I wAs going thru the joint ambulatory paper work for his cads. And there is a question checked YES, if the Patients heart condition effects his ability to work. So I’m copping that and sending it. So maybe they will go back to that date. Opinions! Statement made by c and p doctor!
  2. My husbands was granted May 30. Called amc today, and was told they were holding it up till the remand was worked. Which tome line is 7-17 months! I told her I thought they were supposed to work the award, while the remand was being worked. She said no as far as she knows. I did tell her the kidney failure needed to be expeditited.. and that he was in hospital with a pulmonary embolism the last of aug. she said if we could send any new evidence in to speed it up to do that. Ug. This feels like a three ring circus!
  3. Hume was told the same. About they may be holding it to see what remand does. That was actually told to me by Vso!.? But then I see they need to work the award before they can start remand.!
  4. Going to go call amc. Last time I called them the guy was very rude, saying are you sure your going from 80 to 90%. I’m going to see if I can list them here. 20% for diabetes 10 for histoplasmosis ( happened when active duty) 10 for neouropathy left lower extremity 20 for right lower extremity 60 for cad 10 for hearing I think tat is it . Now the extra 20 for diabetes.
  5. So, hubby is hitting that 120 days the last of September. They have not even started paying the monthly increase yet. Has anyone else not getting the monthly increase it. You ask your Vso and they tell you anything to get rid of you. No bette4 then Peggy! Lol
  6. Paul, the bva approved increase in diabetes from 20 to 40%. That was on May 30. They remanded renal failure and suggested he file for Iu. We finally got that letter from ro and got it filed. But no retro yet on increase in diabetes.
  7. I’m hoping that they do make a decision fast. We have not received anything on the retro for increase on diabetes. And ebenefits does not show any increase and no pending disabilities. I do not know what to think about that. Any opinions?
  8. Will they rate the renal failure. Should we send anything in on hubbys stay in hospital o aug 27th with pulmonary embolism. Since it did effect his Kidney and heart? They did send us the Iu papers to file. We did not originally file. That was their suggestion. So we did file last week, and got it sent back. Should we just wait now and see if they are going to approve it quickly. And will they go back ten yrs on contacting the employer. We gave them the address. So it is up to them if they contact his employer. We are waiting for a referral from our private dr to a private pulmonologist.
  9. treysnonna

    Finally Won Asbestosis Claim

    What are your symptoms. My hubby just got out of hospital recently, with pulmonary embolism. The doc wanted to send hi. Home on oxygen, but something about if it was at 90 they would not pay for it, maybe I should have mentioned that they call va to see if they would have covered it. But he has been doing good. He is on blood thinner. But he was on a Destroyer to. One was the Shelton, I believe.
  10. treysnonna


    What is the difference between deferred and remanded. Hubby finally put in for iu. Now during original claim we did not put in for iu. Bva remand the kidney problem and iu. They (remanded office). Sent us the paper work and gave us 30days for to get it in. How long do you think it will be for a decision on it. Or doe you think bva has already decided and just waiting for paper work to for final approval
  11. Not sure wher to start. My husband was admitted to hospital on 8/27. HIs o gen was down to 80. Diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. THIS IS HIS SECONDD TIME FOR THIS. So he was put on blood thinner for life now. the doctor did say it was putting pressure on his heart, kidneys, and his diabetes was running high. He was diagnosised with acute kidney failure. But he is also already in third stage and really close to forth stage. He also has mitral valve leakage. And he had replacement of his aortic valve in 2013. And it is leaking again. He is already service connected for cads. I’m thinking of filing claim again for the valve problems. I have seen several getting service connected for it. Also he has had sleep apnea for several years. He had to wear it in the hospital. So I’m just throwing it all at the va hard and heavy. Lol ok, can someone give there opinion on this. Bva just approved an increase on diabetes to 40%. This was May 30. still waiting for retro. Been told different stories. They remanded the claim for kidney failure and sent paper work for tdiu, for him to fill out and send back. So then our Vso told us that it looks like they are going to hold out the retro until they approve the iu. Is this the normal procedure?
  12. Pacannon, May I ask if your 10% for your mitral heart valve is service connected due to agent orange? Good luck to you.
  13. treysnonna


    He is doing pretty good. When he went in yesterday morning, his oxygen level was 80. They put him in icu and this morning the got him to 97-98 now. The did the leq ultra sound and did not come from there. They did echo today. We will see what this shows. His glucose was running like 250 for about a week. They did say he would have to stay on blood thinner. Would that be considered on going therapy. We just had a claim they did an increase on the diabetes... Had filed at the same time for renal failure. And bva wants him to file for tdiu. They still have not paid the not paid retro pay for the increase. That closed May 30. They remand the renal failure and tdiu back to ro which is st. Pete, but they have Cheyenne Wyoming. Working it. Have not heard anything from them yet. We have American legion lawyers working on the diabetes retro effective date. Should I just call them?
  14. Hi guys, my husband is in the hospital with blood clots in lungs. He had this in 09 and I was new and did know what to do, so we missed filling.. and for when he was in hospital for for his replacement of arotic valve. He went in yesterday morning. They have not discovered where they came from. Same as last time. They did not come from his legs or feet. Hope they can figure it out this time. He will probably be going on permanent blood thinner. What is my nex move here? Advice appreciated ahead of time.

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