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  1. Another question. As some of you know my husband has remand for iu and chronic kidney failure. He was in the hospital the last part of Aug. he was admitted for blood clot in the lungs again. The diagnosis beside that was acute kidney failure. Should we at least inform them to the fact he was in and the diagnosis. I don’t know what that would do. But it may be worth a try to push them to advance things. Or do we file claim and link the embolism secondary to a service connected disability. Just don’t know if we could link to diabetes, or heart, or both. The doctor at hospital did say it put pressure on heart and kidney and diabetes.. just don’t know how to go about it all.
  2. Omg, just so sick of the run around. from everyone. Called Peggy, and he says they have not got audit back from the coast guard pa office Ras. Called uscg ras office and she said they had gotten it on oct 3 from va. And they have 90 days to get it back in. Do they have to do audit every time you get an increase? He did see the one they did when he was at 50 to 80 %. Oh. Btw he is retired from the uscg. We are supposed to get a bit of retro back. They have paid the monthly increase for sept. And Oct. on another note, I ask about the remand for kidney disease and Tdiu. He Peggy, said, it was sent back to the ro to do what the bva instructed them to do. In our case send out a form to file for tdiu. Which we did. Then we had to upload the employers address. Then it goes back to the bva for decision. So now I wonder do we go back to end of line now? Heres my other question, after we filed for the tdiu, which they told him to file for, they sent a letter saying that there was a claim filed in Jan of 2012 and we could not have two in. We didn’t file one in Jan of 2012. Could this be a cue on their part. That was at the same time we filed for the increase in diabetes and chronic kidney failure sc to diabetes. They did not send us anything at that time to file for tdiu at that time. In fact they denied it at the ro. So is this their way of covering up a mistake?
  3. Ok my hubbys remand is in Cheyenne Wyoming and regional offic in st Pete is supposedly handling retro pay for the 20% extra on increase in diabetes. You can never get ahold of them thru the 800 number. Geuss what I got numbers to there personal office. Calling them tomorrow. Will probably be get rimmed. And want to know how we got them. Never telling them.
  4. treysnonna

    TDIU awarded

    AFV, congradulations. Very fast. What is your secret? Enjoy it relax.
  5. treysnonna

    Ebenefits and vets.gov

    Shows historical claim of ihd. It reads “ihd also claimed as mitral regugatation and valvular heart disease, and scar.” Reopen. Ok hubby had claim in in 2009 for aortic valve problem, which was denied. It was looked at by nehmer, brokered out to Ronoake, etc.. they showed it reopened on ebenefits etc but we never got any paper work on it, back then. My question is if they are including it as part of the ihd claim, why didn’t we get paid at the 100 percent rating for a period afte his surgery for replacement of the valve and that is when they found the cads?
  6. Sounds like it.. but we need too do. Thank you so much for that advise and links.
  7. Buck, I just had a Boston scientific stimulator put in. The trial period was good. The actual procedure is a little more complicated. They ask me what side I slept on and I sleep mostly on me right side. The still put it on that side. But I can sleep on either side. Thank god I had the pain pills. Bu t I’m cutting down some. I hav gabapentin. That she had given me. I never really noticed the neuropathy before, but it has advanced now too. So I’m getting off these hydrocodon and sticking to the gabipentin if I fel like I need something. I was getting mad because I was not getting any relief from the stimulator. I think when you have been put under for any thing they need to right instructions down for you. My husband was there, but you just can not remember everything at our age. I got to playing with programs tonite and II found one I like better. I go back in a month I think. We did get a new bed. We had a queen and we went back to a king. I don’t have all the pressure point pain I had with our sleep number. And it is adjustable. I was not getting very much sleep at all. I stay up late, and I would still be wide awake after three hrs of trying to go to sleep. Now I go to bed earlier and fall asleep right away. I’m sure pain meds help. But dang they make you itch a lot. Have had to take Benadryl with them. Another reason to nix them.hope your wife gets the relief she is looking for. I’m still not there, but I’m hoping to be able to get more exersize.
  8. Yes I will go thru what we have here. He filed for arotic valve problem. The did inferred it. But we were not aware of it then even after they denied it secondary to diabetes nehmer reopened it. He had to have it replaced in 2013. And at that time he was also diagnosised ihd. So I will pull all that back up. How long does it take to get a copy of your c-file. Could I possible get the atty with American legion that is going after earlier date for diabetes increase. They may be able to inlighten us on all of it.
  9. But wouldn’t that have showed back then as denial. This is the first we have ave heard of it. The only thing I can think of is they are approving the kidney, which was filed as a nod at the same time. That would have quilafied him then.
  10. Back here to update. The only Iu claim we have ever put in was filed on 9/12/2018. Now we got this in the mail yesterday. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on? And this around the time we filed nod for increase in diabetes and kidney failure. I know after we got increase on diabetes it was only back to aug of 16. Lawyers, I think cave, got involved saying the increase should go back to when we filed in Jan of 12, nov of 12 was when we filed nod with bva. But we never filed What does pending appeal mean?
  11. Back here to update. The only Iu claim we have ever put in was filed on 9/12/2018. Now we got this in the mail yesterday.
  12. They ask hubby to file for iu, because his physician said he was not able to work. We had an appeal at bva they approved increase in diabetes and for chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes. . They remanded the ckd and iu. They sent us forms to file iu. It showed on ebennefits as a claim. We up loaded forms they requested. And they took it off. We were told it went back to remanded it with ckd. My question is the Vso that helped to file it said it was a fully developed claim? So will they make a decision on both at the same time? When it was on ebennies it showed that it should be completed between dec 17 and feb. 2019. And are they possibly holding off on paying us the retro on increase in diabetes so they only have to do one audit. But I really don’t think an audit should go back to the coast guard pay center. Since he has been over the 50% since 2012.
  13. Still waiting for retro, but started receiving increase in pay after the 120 period. Had to call and quote the regulations on that. And that is when I started receiving that... but can not find out what is holding up the retro.
  14. treysnonna


    Thanks hamslice, that sounds encouraging. I just wish there is a place where you could check on remands.

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