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  1. I am currently receiving 60% for residuals prostrate cancer, 60% for loss of bowel control due to radiation treatment, 40% for hearing loss, 20% for type II diabetes, 10% for tinnitus, SMC K (loss of use) and was awarded SMC S in Jan of 2018. I have not collected the SMC S yet. I was just awarded 100% for NHL + SMC S. I am not housebound or need A & A. According to Ebenefits I have SMC S twice. I didn't think you could collect it twice.
  2. Gastone Thanks for the response! I am currently 90% with SMC K and SMC S. I was given SMC S in Jan of this Year and I have not gotten it yet. I was just given the 100% for NHL plus another SMC S. The 100% is temporary for one year but, I have to have a shoulder replacement due to the NHL. I am still in treatment, one more chemo, then surgery then radiation. Will they pay both SMC S's?
  3. I am currently rated at 90% and just received a rating if 100% for non-hodgkins lymphoma. What SMC rating will I get if any?
  4. Check the article http://militaryadvantage.military.com/2016/04/appeals-court-finds-the-va-wronged-vets-by-ignoring-2010-law/?ESRC=eb_160415.nl
  5. The mother of a friend of mine has been approved for DIC at 1149 per month. Question is will she be paid from the time she applied or the time of death of her husband?
  6. It is good that you were at least rated at 0%. I have been using hearing aids now for over 13 years and I will tell you that the last set I got in Dec of 2015 are by far the best I have had. I was rated 0% for 9 years and then went to 30% for HL. One of the things you want to ask for is the Bluetooth device that will enable you to talk on your cell phone thru your hearing aids. The new one I have is great I also use it to listen to the TV. I absolutely cannot talk to any Latins or Orientals on the phone I do not understand them even with hearing aids. An audiologist at the VA told me your aids should last about three years. Also, there is a hearing test being used in the civilian sector that has background noise with it. A much more realistic test but, the VA will probably never use it because all of us would probably be rated over 50%.
  7. Was this a C & P exam for HL? If it was you should file a NOD, they have to give you a complete audio test to determine HL and the word discrimination is a part of it. There is no test for tinnitus, they probably rated you from the MOS list they use to determine your risk of HL.
  8. You can get travel pay for any service connected issues that you have an appt for. i.e. if you are rated 20% diabetes and you have an appointment for blood work to test your A1C then you can get travel pay. Anybody rated over 30% will get half of their actual travel pay for the first 3 visits of every month after that you will get the full amount. At least that is what I was told by the Patient advocate at my VAMC. If anybody knows different let me know.
  9. Damn, Your hearing is good. Wish mine were that good. You'll get the tinnitus for 10%. Your hearing will get worse as you get older. You should keep up with your hearing, have it tested every couple of years. What was your MOS in the military. You can't fail a hearing test, it only gives you a DB level of what you can't hear and yours are within the normal range. If your medical records show a higher DB level then I would file a NOD and request a new test.
  10. check the website. http://www.knowva.ebenefits.va.gov/system/templates/selfservice/va_ss/#2a
  11. This was not a denial for TDIU. I have been rated at 100% for PC for the past 2 years and this is the re-evaluation. I am in the 60 day time frame after the notification of intent to reduce. I am trying to get TDIU for the loss of sphincter control and urinary issues. I am 71 years old so I am not working. I will check into the chapter 35 benefits.
  12. I was recently re-evaluated for PC and my new rating will be 90%. My disability ratings are 60% for loss of sphincter muscle control, 40% urinary incontinence, 30% HL, 20% DM II, 10% tinnitus. I want to have my gastro doc write a letter stating that I am unemployable due to the sphincter issue. Any ideas how it should read? I have sent a letter of disagreement to the VA.
  13. I recently got my re-evaluation for PC and I will be rated at 90% total. I am rated 60% for loss of sphincter control, 40% urinary issues, 30% HL, 20% DM II,10% tinnitus. I am going to ask my Gastro doc to write a letter stating that I can not work due to the sphincter issue. My question is. Is there a specific way the letter should be written i.e. verbiage?
  14. Rootbeer22 Ask the VA for a Bluetooth device for your hearing aids. Tell them you can't communicate on your cell phone. It helps to understand the conversation I have one and it is probably the best thing they have given me. You can listen to your TV thru your hearing aids. I mute the TV and I am the only one that can hear it.
  15. You will pay a small amount for trash pick up. I pay like 175.00 a year. You can also get a disabled vet auto tag for 5.00 a year. But, as broncovet says it is expensive to live here. In fact I am considering moving to Tennessee.
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