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  1. Yeah I wish I could. I hand delivered all other records except this one. But I'm just curious as to whether these records even matter. The hospitalization I went through should warrant an increase on those records alone. But, I could be wrong. Thanks for the welcome. Any other ways to fast-track a claim? Express claim or something like that? I'm still waiting for the temporary 100% from being in the hospital for 90+ days. "Hurry up and wait."
  2. Hi guys, So I have a couple of claims in and as I am reviewing them through eBenefits, they both have a caveat that shows a date/time when treatment records were requested by the VA from a psychologist I saw outside of the VA around the middle of 2007. I've contacted this doctor several times and am still waiting for him to fax treatment records to my VSO group, the Military Order of the Purple Heart. His records are all that is needed to move forward with these claims. Since seeing him - again, back in 2007 - I have gone through an Inpatient PTSD program that highlights an increased severity for PTSD (including a GAF score of 44) and a bunch of other details that are current as I finished this program in October of this year. I know that all evidence can strengthen a case but in the sake of time, can I just send my VSO a statement saying I have no further evidence to include and have them decide upon what is available (i.e. the inpatient treatment records from the PTSD program)? In other words, do the inpatient program records trump previous evidence in relevance? Or, should I keep bugging this doctor for my treatment records from '07? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks so much for your response Berta! Perhaps I do need to wait a little bit more. I have been in touch with some of the other guys from the program and they've gotten their money already (and they graduated around the same time I did). My real curiosity was how much compensation would be dished out due to the amount of time I was in there. What's clear is that after 21 days, the compensation can be granted. But, are my two weeks in the stabilization period counted? The convalescent leave time - is that counted too? Your response was you were not sure but I'm sure other vets are in similar situations. And, there was a regional rep that came to the program every other Wednesday. I know I already satisfied the 21 day requirement so I filed a claim with him when he visited. But then I brought my certificate of completion to the regional office and filled out a statement in support of that claim noting the extended amount of time that I was hospitalized for. Maybe I filed too much? True, since going back to work - which is a bit more do-able now with medication on board (all 9 medications) - probably would deny me of 100% SC. I do have a claim in for the increase for PTSD and a separate claim in for TBI, Short-term memory loss due to PTSD and for my back. I have gone to C&P for all claims noted and, obviously, it's a waiting game. But, some vets have mentioned that if I get an increase awarded, let's say up to 70% from 50%, and I have 10% for tinnitus, that my TBI could be awarded and possibly combine with everything to get to 100%. I'm unclear on this idea too. And, furthermore, I'm unclear on the VA math system that is applied to percentages awarded after you recieve your initial 50%. Not only does the VA make you wait forever but they've cleverly figured out a way to round up/down and short change a compensation award which makes a combined 100% verrrryy difficult to achieve. Not to sound so money-hungry, but that significant amount of time in the hospital left me high and dry. "Hurry up and wait" is almost non-applicable - I can't afford to hurry right now. Thanks again, maybe there's something I can do to get this moving along.
  4. Hi all, So I've just gone through an Inpatient PTSD Program at the VA Hospital in Lyons, NJ. Had a panic attack at work on August 3rd of this year and was admitted into a 2 week stabilization period on August 4th - started the PTSD program on August 23rd going from the VA Hospital in East Orange to the Lyons Campus. I was finally discharged on Oct. 7th. I had a follow up appointment with an outpatient psych (in a VAMC) and he made the determination for me to return to work on Nov. 5th. So...if we tally that all up it comes out to 93 days (hospitalization and convalescence combined). This total time was all due to my SC for PTSD of which I am rated at 50% for. Can someone please tell me what kind of temporary 100% disability I can look forward to? Will it cover the 4 months (Aug - Nov)? I have a claim in for it , and this might be a dumb question, but, does the claim take forever like other claims do? I hand delivered my certificate of completion from the program to my regional office in Newark and work with the Military Order of the Purple Heart (VSO) for claim support - anything else I can do? Plus, I have an increase claim in for PTSD. I've heard so many stories from other vets on what kind of increase I can expect - some have said I'm headed for 100 and others have said I'm probably just gonna get 70% - can anyone clearly advise on this? I would love to share more of this story: returning home, getting my initial award, struggling with but finally getting some employment and then having severe issues with that employment due to PTSD, being hospitalized and pursuing an inpatient program...maybe we can get some chatter going on this topic. I know some of the vets I went into the program with looked very confused when I mentioned the temp 100%. This is a tragedy. But that's why vets help vets. This is my first post so, hopefully, I put it in right. Thanks for those who have made this site possible. I've obviously grown tired of waiting and being unclear as to what I should get for a benefit, but, haven't we all? Hope to hear from anyone soon - thanks.
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