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  1. I was successful on my first attempt at claiming OSA secondary to my PTSD. Like you, I had my pulmonologist state that my OSA aggravated my PTSD and my PTSD aggravated my OSA. The only difference that I can see is that I had my sleep study done through the VA at a civilian hospital to verify my OSA. I would recommend going to the VA requested Sleep Study and letting your appeal play out. Hopefully you'll be successful at the BVA!
  2. Hi Wjason777 - here is what my decision letter said regarding my request for an increase: - The overall evidentiary record shows that the severity of your disability most closely approximates the criteria for a 70 percent disability evaluation. - We have assigned a 70 percent evaluation for your posttraumatic stress disorder based on: *Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances *Difficulty in adapting to work *Inability to establish and maintain effective relationships *Suspiciousness *Depressed mood *Disturbances of motivation and mood *Difficulty in adapting to a worklike se
  3. OEF 21B ,when you had your sleep Doctor write the DBQ and Nexus letter did he have your C File or any other medical records? Would you be willing to share a redacted copy of your Nexus letter and DBQ either on this forum or perhaps E Mail? I read somewhere that your Dr. is supposed to have your C File in order to make an opinion that the VA will recognize.

  4. Hi Broncovet - Finally got the BWE (mine have all been white envelopes)... - "Service connection for sleep apnea has been established as related to the service-connected disability of posttraumatic stress disorder." - "We have assigned a 50 percent evaluation for your sleep apnea based on: Requires use of breathing asstance device such as a continuous airway pressure (CPAP) machine." That's all it says. The rest of it just mentiones what is required for a higher evaluation of 100%. I think that using the wording of aggravated instead of caused, was the key for this...
  5. Hi Rocket - 1)My VA Psych told me that he didn't believe that there was any connection and that he wouldn't complete a DBQ or write a nexus letter for me. I ended up going to a civilian sleep doctor that was listed on my civilian health insurance. This doctor completed the DBQ and well as a nexus letter for me. 2) I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. My doctor stated that my OSA was at least as likely as not is aggravated by my service connected PTSD. And that it is at least as likely as not that my PTSD is aggravated by my OSA. I think that key issue here was that he/we nev
  6. Hi Broncovet - I haven't received my BBE yet, so I can't post the VA's rational for award yet. Once I get it, I'll post it. I provided my civilian Sleep/Pulminary Dr. with a "sample" Nexus Letter and a Sleep Apnea DBQ with sections VI-Functional Impact, and VII-Remarks filled out with 'suggested' language. After a quick exam, the Dr. agreed to sign the DBQ and Nexus Letter with a few minor changes. I'm pretty sure that the DBQ as well as the Nexus letter were considered fairly highly since both contained a statement linking my OSA with my PTSD... The wording didn't say that my OSA
  7. Thanks everyone! I was a little leary of using the Veterans Evaulation Services (VES), but both of my C&P's (PTSD increase and Sleep Apnea) were schedule within a month and the doctors for each C&P were very familiar with what the VA is looking for with regard to claims. I'm defenitly NOT an expert in getting service connected for Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD, but I know this has been a hot topic around here. My claim was with the Waco Regional Office and I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. Semper Fi
  8. Just saw on E-Benefits that my Sleep Apnea claim as secondary to PTSD was granted at 50%. For the Sleep Apnea: - No history of sleep issues while on active duty or in STRs - VA Psych requested sleep study, Sleep Study completed by VA-Outsoursed Hospital, Diag. w/mod. Sleep Apnea and issued a VA CPAP in May 2013. - My private Sleep/Pulminary Doc completed Sleep Apnea DBQ & wrote nexus letter stating "Based on my evaluation of the veteran, it is my opinion that it is at least as likely as not that Mr OEF21B's diagnosed OSA is aggravated by his service connected PTSD. I al
  9. Hi Wjason777, Here's what I just submitted for an increase for my current 50% PTSD rating on the 17th of August 2015. I didn't include copies of the actual notes since the VA should be able to pull them up. I just listed the date and the major symptoms noted in each Dr.'s treatment notes. Hopefully I'll either get an increased rating based on the treatment notes, or will have a PTSD C&P scheduled. E-Benefits is showing "RVSR for opinion exam" so I'll probably get a PTSD C&P date in the mail.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I request
  10. Added the actual DBQ and Nexus letter from civilian Doc.   Any additional feedback for my claim of Sleep Apnea to include as secondary to PTSD?   thanks!
  11. Thanks Pete! I forgot to add the file, and also mention that this was from a civilian doctor. Sanitized Sleep Apnea DBP and Nexus Letter_27 JUL 15_Redacted.pdf
  12. Finally got my Sleep Apnea DBQ and Nexus Letter back from my doctor. E-Benefits is showing Disabilities Claimed: sleep apnea to include due to aggravtion by ptsd (New) I had my military treatment records, C&P Report for PTSD, VA Claims File for the doctor's review, but he said that he wasn't comfortable stating that he reviewed these documents since it would take him several days. Just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are on my DBQ & Nexus letter that doesn't state that he reviewed my VA documents or military treatment records. Thanks! OEF 21B Sanitized Sleep A
  13. Yes, I requested a DRO on my original denial with my first NOD on 11/21/2010. I provided new evidence with my first NOD, but it wasn't "New & Material Medical Evidence" (pages from my deployment notebook that documented three blood pressure readings over three days. I also provided a buddy statement verifying that I was treated for high blood pressure while in Afghanistan.) The main reason for denying a higher rating in the SOC is that the blood pressure readings that I took in July 2008 while on active duty are not included in my service treatment records. My service treatment re
  14. Finally got a response from my NOD that I sent in on 21 November 2010. I'm working on preparing my NOD for the SOC and would like some feedback on the format before I finish my other contentions. Thanks in advance!! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VA FORM-21-0958, Part III – SPECIFIC ISSUES OF DISAGREEMENT, 11A. 1. Hypertension continue 0% Rating. I disagree with the continuation of my service-connected 0 % rating for hypertension and request a higher rating of
  15. ****UPDATE**** Retro hit the bank today! Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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