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  1. 100% at last.

    Finally, awarded 100% TDIU P&T on Oct 21, 2016. Paid back to April 2012. Still more hanging on appeal. A lot of help from this site. So far I have been able to help 3 others make some headway. (one to 100%) One other has filed intent and should be submitting documents this week. Thanks to all. Never forget HADIT. GLW
  2. Sorry, just seen your question. YES! On yourself. Short and to the point on your issue and what happen during your service that caused or made your issue worst.
  3. Call DFAS 1-800-321-1080 and work your way to the audit folks, They will tell you the current status. If completed and returned to the VA, e-mail a FOI request for a copy. You will get it. Then go to work on the VA. They have a view that retiree's already get theirs so they can wait.
  4. My claim. Sworn affidavit was used for my statement and seemed to work better. I used buddy letter for people that had served with me for their input.

    Get an attorney. You are in a legal issue.
  6. Thanks Gastone and broncovet. I get the info/answer I needed. However; my questions weren't clear. This is a hearing at the RO before sending the file to the board. My past DRO hearing was informal with recording and transcript provided. I agree with the 20%. I took an attorney with me to the DRO hearing and I will have one with me this time also. I am just like a few of you, it is my claim and I want to be in total control. The attorney earned his 20% at the DRO. It was a nice sum and this one will be also. I taught him a few things I learned from this forum. Thanks again.
  7. Can a C&P examiner opinion on a IME/IMO opinions? It seems, I recall seeing this was a no-no. Also, I have a formal hearing coming up on a NOD to the appeals board, I think I can request this hearing to be informal at the hearing opening. Any help. My DRO hearing was informal and still recorded. I think the informal hearing allows for a little more leeway in presenting the evidence. Thanks to all.
  8. Short answer is yes and they should combine all NOD's into one. This can give you a second RO shot at your claim. You need to ask for a formal hearing on your NOD's. This hearing should be by a different DRO then the one that did a DRO hearing. Most lawyers like to keep the claim at the RO as this give you more bite's at the claim. At any DRO hearing, ask for an informal hearing and ask for all pending issues to be combined.
  9. eBenefit Letters Down?

    I was informed this AM by the Columbia, SC RO that there is an issue with generating letters and it is being worked.
  10. Try e-mailing MaryAnn.Wentzel1@va.gov. Just a short note should work.
  11. I think IU is moot per the VA letter. You have a 100% rating on one issue, plus others. I think you need to apply for the SMC's you now qualify for, based on the various rating.
  12. I suggest you look at Facebook Group; "VA IS LYING". Group is run by Ronald Nesler. There are VA folks you can contact for assistance in a pinned post. Seems to help many.
  13. Hadit Story Update

    Thanks all. VA called this AM and confirmed all. Letter sent out yesterday.
  14. Hadit Story Update

    My Hadit Story Update. Short Recap: Found Hadit in Dec 2009 during claims research; 3 Items, Oct 1978. Never adjudicated. 9 Items, June 2009. Denied; DRO Review Denied Dec 2011. Appeal Filed. 8 Items, April 2010. Denied July 2012. **At this stage I listened to my wife and signed on with an attorney.** Dumped DAV. DRO hearing on 8 January 2015. DRO took all issues except one. Sent issue for development. March 9, 2015. Submitted VA requested additional/updated records plus an IMO I was able to obtain. May 2015 Sent DBQ to support issue sent for development. August 7 and 12, 2015. Completed 14 C&P’s exam. Oct 2015 to today. Several back and forth questions/update’s to me from VA. Today. E-benefits updated. Oct 1, 1978: 30% Jun 6, 2009: 70%, plus one SMC-K Apr 12, 2010: 80% Aug 7, 2015: 90% Now; waiting on official letter and payment. Next; don’t forget HADIT for all its great information/advice. Also, get ready for the additional 20% to Oct 1978 and the 100% Apr 12, 2010. MY THANKS TO ALL!!! GLW