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  1. I'm on this just waiting for the RO letter that I have yet to receive. I usually receive the letter within days after it post on ebenefits but it's delayed this round. I was told that this is normal and they are mostly going to schedule another exam to properly rate it. Weird thing is I am P&T no future exams. Oh well I will wait a couple more weeks to see if I receive the letter. I just can't believe the RO is doing this, mainly after 2 VA MDs diagnosed it already, one being a GI surgeon who in fact wanted to implant some kind of stimulator in my body. I asked the surgeon "Will this help the pain in my lumbar and sciatica and she says no", so I didn't see the point of bandaging a symptom but the VA not addressing the issue causing the problem. If you only knew how many times I was denied surgery that could have corrected all of this. I provided non-VA MRI reports that showed herniated discs but the VA thinks their medical care is the best they have their heads deep in their duffel bags. I even had the MRI reread and the same result was the same. I understand scar tissue and fail back surgery are problematic but three herniations in my cervical spine knowing now there is a surgery called MOBI-C that is a true disc replacement and it doesn't cause upper and lower level damage it's upsetting, very upsetting. The VA medical is crap. Think, how come they don't conduct own's body stem cell treatment? I met somebody who needed both knees replaced but he went to a stem cell clinic where they use one's own stem cells and now the guy has new knees!!!!! But the VA is suppose to have the most advanced medical in the world!! Sorry I had to vent.
  2. The VA ratings system needs to be overhauled because those of us that has medical records from the military showing everything still gets screwed one way or another. one thing is for certain I'm glad I left the VA Medical 4 years ago, that was worse than the claims process. I could or still can keep bombarding the RO with all kinds of claims such as Thyroid issues because of the long term pain killers I was on and the Obstructive Sleep Apnea but I decided sometime ago I don't want to go that route unless I end up having more issues related to these things. Yes if you take pain killers you will most likely end up with thyroid issues..,One of the "hidden" side effects long term.. BTW the SSDI judge approved me in 2014 because of DR Bash over the VA because the VA didnt giver her the EMG reports. Luckily I keep copies of everything, so the VA got caught lying, again..
  3. Well it looks like the ruthless folks at the RO wants to keep playing the game because in all their wisdom they rated both at 0%....Time to bypass the RO completely and go back to the BVA!!!! I haven't received anything yet but noticed the changes on ebenefits. Well time to work on Form 9 I guess because I'm going to bypass the RO completely. You know what is bad about all of this? The VA in their wisdom tried their best to Doctor shop on these two issues because I already had 2 C&P exams then they ordered a third which I refused to drop my pants and told the examiner no more probing!!! The first C&P examiner did this and it didn't go to well for her as I warned her. Oh well, they want to keep playing so be it...
  4. Thank you TBird...I haven't forgotten you, JBasser and many others on here all these 8 / 9 years...
  5. On the VA.gov website where I looked at the case, instead of only 2 they added a 3rd contention. Granted Service connection, anal stricture Service connection, Neurogenic bladder Service connection, External popliteal nerve paralysis I guess this may take a month or two for the RO to update everything.... thanks, it's been a long painful road. Been on this road since 2010 with all claims...then 2012 started all the claims on appeal...
  6. A few years ago I was granted TDIU then P&T...If the older posters here recall, I was the person Dr. Craig Bash did an exam on up at the airport in DC right in the middle of Starbucks and AskNod wrote an article on this!!! Well, because of Dr. Craig Bash and his NEXUS and medical opinions, I was not only granted TDIU then P&T and SSDI some years ago, but last week I received a Board of Veteran Appeals Decision GRANTING my final two contentions, of Bowel and Bladder Incontinence due to ALL the Spondylosis I have throughout my Cervical and Lumbar spine. The Board granted both and stated the independent examiner (Dr. Craig Bash), "The Board finds that these opinions are the most probative medical opinions of record."...Basically Dr. Craig Bash's TWO opinions he wrote shut down all VA fake MD contractors they us to constantly deny veterans. The Board stated "The Board acknowledges that the May 2014 VA examiner provided negative nexus opinion concerning the contended etiological relationships at issue in this appeal. The Board notes, however, that the VA Examiner's opinion was based on LACK OF DIAGNOSIS of neurogenic bowel and bladder disabilities.".... I am here writing this because I gave up on these two contentions whenever the VA granted me TDIU & then P&T. I didn't expect this but Dr. Craig Bash deserves the credit and it needs to be made known that because of his two medical opinions he wrote to connect everything his opinions won my case. I am DONE, no more contentions, no more appeals. I am currently 90% TDIU P&T. I know this will place me in the 100% schedule P&T but I am curious about the extra scheduling on these issues. Nothing yet on ebenefits, I guess it will take awhile to get back from DC to the RO? But on the VA.gov website instead of showing the original TWO contentions it shows THREE were granted: Granted Service connection, anal stricture Service connection, Neurogenic bladder Service connection, External popliteal nerve paralysis Does anybody have any idea how they are going to rate these? Yes I do wear the Depend Fit Flex..
  7. I guess I should chime in. I went with Dr Bash, who first reviewed all my records then a year later I flew to DC, I think JFK, and Dr Bash did a full head to toe exam, clothed, on me in the airport, right inside Starbucks!!!!!!! Today im 90% IU and P&T!! I should be SMC but decided to stop other claims and now new stuff arising from SCd issues. May e in the future I may file but for now I just done with everything VA.. Dr Bash knows his stuff and the SSDI Judge said in her own decision hismedical opinion held more weight than any VA MD becausethe VA hid th eir own EMG reports from her!!!!!!!!!I had to give her the reports at the hearing in 2014!!! Bestof luck on who you choose… Hes been 100% correct on my diagnosis every single one of them...
  8. Yes sir it has helped very much so far. I had to start slow because I was at first getting night sweats taking that medication but after talking to my pharmacists he said it has to get into my system so cut it in half. So I did that for about 2 weeks and decided to take 3 full ones in one day...NO NO!! Man I was hearing and seeing things not there. So I had to cut it back in half. I had to do a little more research and well since I take pain killers which also releases Dopamine I was getting too much of it which caused me hearing and seeing things not there. So now I will take one full one in the morning then one half one in the afternoon/evening. It has brought my pain levels down from a good 8 to a 6 but I still have a lot of bad days because of an issue between my shoulder blades which I believe I am going to really need surgery there or in my neck very soon. Anybody here who has Spondylosis knows what I'm talking about, you can feel the changes happening. Now, on a good note, I do have more energy and one of the side effects from this medication is it will bring your Testosterone Levels back up. I will say my wife is loving every bit of it!!!!! Whenever all this pain hit me hard in 2010 it went to once every two months, now we are back "baby"...LOL Seriously some of you should give this a try, it really works.
  9. Sorry for such a late reply. I tested Medical Marijuana here in Florida for about a month or two and all that stuff did to me was cause me to sleep all day and all night. What kind of life is that? CBD oils does nothing even the CBD they were selling at these "medical marijuana shops" here in Florida. I tried everything they had because my Pain Management MD told me I had to find what works for me. I just felt stoned all the time, and well that is no life for me. It didn't matter if I took a full 5 second hit or a 1 second hit man I was OUT COLD..... I'm sorry to say that stuff doesn't work for everyone. IMHO I believe Florida Legislation for example, should create a new law forcing pharmaceuticals who sells their medications here in Florida to open up a testing facility here in Florida to see if they can come up with a pill form of it. If they did that I bet it would help because these folks who are currently growing and creating the oils really do not have the background education like many of the Pharm doctors / chemists do nor do they have the hardware they use. I don't want to be stuck on these pain killers the rest of my life.
  10. They may but its real cheap medication. If the VA doesn't go to your local MD and ask him just show him the studies done on it. This may be the medication we really need....
  11. Nope its just a Parkinsons Medication and I can tell you in one week it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I started taking it last Wednesday, January 9, 2019, and yes since I decided NOT to fill my monthly Extended Release Pain Killers and only the instant release I have noticed a HUGE, HUGE change. My T-Levels have risen once again and my sex drive has gone way, way up which the love of my life has enjoyed it. I've been dealing with this muscle spasm next to my shoulder blade for about 4 months, its still there, and trust me it has nagged me so bad, Its very painful. My local PCP says its coming from my neck and he is sending me to see a surgeon. Please understand this is my medical issues: 1. I have Moderate to Severe Cervical Spondylosis. For people who do not understand Spondylosis its a combination of Cervical DDD and DJD. My discs are deteriorating progressively and as of right now, currently, I don't have any cartilage left on the back side joints. So my neck has bone on bone rubbing. In Jan 2010 I awoke with tingling in my arms and hands and muscle spasms in my pectoral muscles. One year later I had an ESI which helped the tingling go away. In 2011 I had Physical Therapy, outsourced by the VA and after a 4 week session of that therapy I ended up with Crepitus in my neck, basically bone on bone because cartilage disappeared. A Feb 2011 MRI showed THREE herniations, one at C2-3, C5-6 and C6-7. I presented this MRI to the VA and since that time I have been denied decompression surgery THREE times by the same ole' surgeon by the name of Dr. Graham who is a contractor for both James A. Haley and Bay Pines. He is the one who decides who needs surgery. 2. I have spondylosis throughout both Thoracic and Lumbar Spine. In June 2016 my L5-S1 herniated, again denied surgery from the VA. Now I live with Chronic Bilateral Radiculopathy and Bilateral PolyNeuropathy. Besides my spine issues I have lived with Thyroids issues caused by the pain killers I've been taking since 2014 because I now have GRAVES Disease. Yes Pain Killers will kill your thyroid and I should have filed a claim on this but I have decided I am done with filing claims because I'm TDIU and P&T. I do have 2 contentions about to be heard at the VA Board, one is Bladder Incontinence and the other one Bowel Incontinence. The Bladder isn't has bad now like it use to be but the bowel issues are bad. if I didn't take pain killers I would have to wear a diaper which i REFUSE to. I'm only 50 and don't want to go there just yet. Anyway, its been 7 days and I can tell you I REALLY FEEL the difference. Whenever I get struck with pain I keep going compared to before where the pain would have me stuck in bed. I am up now playing my audio keyboard/Piano more. I'm an avid pianist self taught for 20+ years now. Its what helps my pain levels and keep my brain exercised. I pray more veterans will try this medication, give it a shot because I can tell you the pain killers only work for so long. I've been taking them since Sept 2013 and can tell you I don't want to take them anymore, they are NO GOOD for your body or liver. I was on Morphine ER and Oxycodone for a few years, weaned myself off both and told my local pain management doctor we have to try something else because ANY medication like that only last for so long. So he said we would try Hydrocodone and Hysingla. They only work for a couple of months and now my body is use to them. Next month I am going to request and increase in the Carbidopa/Levodopa because right now I only get 10/100mgs of that stuff. Remember DOPAMINE is also activated with Tramadol but with Tramadol you can actually overdose or get Serotonin Syndrome which will kill you. You cannot overdose on Carbidopa/Levodopa but you can have withdraws if you suddenly stop taking it but thats with any medication. I use to take Topimax and let me tell you I ended up in the ER because I suddenly stopped taking it. The withdraws of that was worse than opiods because I could not move my arms nor legs. It was like I was paralyzed. Crazy stuff. Talk to your MDs and show them printing research on this medication, IT WORKS trust me.
  12. I’ve been doing my own research on pain and using other meds besides the opioids. I was watching some documentary and came across this. The brain actually gets rewired because of chronic pain. The chemicals in the brain gets all out of whack and we who are in chronic pain gets addicted to pain. This addiction is not an addiction on narcotics or alcohol but it’s a brain addiction without the cravings. Read this below to understand more in detail: https://www.iflscience.com/brain/parkinsons-drug-could-treat-patients-chronic-pain/ The medication Carbidopa/Levodopa causes our bodies to release dopamine in the brain which in turn helps with pain. This medication was first used for Parkinson’s and after attempting to get the BA to prescribe it and getting the normal denial I was able to get my local Pain Management MD to prescribe it to me. Its been 5 days since I began taking it and it has cut my pain in half, down 50%. This has allowed me to not even get any extended release pain meds filled. I use to take Oxycodone and Morphine ER but had enough of them a few months ago so I requested a switch to Hydrocodone and once a day HYSINGLA ER. So now I only take Hydrocodone and if the Carbidopa/Levodopa keeps working I will come off the Hydrocodone. As as of right now I have no withdraws from the ER meds whatsoever. I don’t know if this is due to more dopamine being released in my brain or what but I’m still stun this med is working. No thanks to the VA this could be the medication we need and if it works on me I’m sure it will help others. Best of Luck
  13. More people die each year due to alcohol related issues and accidents where’s the outcry over this?
  14. I have a daughter who is a Junior in college utiling Chapter 36 Benefits… So, Since she is using those benefits I do not receive any dependency pay because of this… But my question is this, during the summer months she does not receive any pay for Chapt 35… So, Since she does not receive any Chapter 35 pay during those summer months shouldn’t the VA pay me dependent pay? I have not found any CFR, policy or law that says anything otherwise so I’m thinking the VA is just being real lazy of setting this up for us veterans!!!! your thoughts opinions needed and as always thank you in advanced!!!! Rob
  15. I received a letter from DOD Finance and Accounting, DOT and IRS all on letter head. It appears in December 2016 the POTUS signed the Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016 into law. What this does is if you were separated from the military due to disability your severance was TAXED and it shouldn't have been taxed. So Congress fixed it so you can get your money back. Your injury while on active duty happened: 1 Resulted Directly from Armed Conflicts, or 2. Took place while you were engaged in extra hazardous duty, or 3. Took place under conditions simulating war, including training exercises such as maneuvers, or 4. Was caused by an instrumentality of war. The Standard Tax Amounts are: $1750 for tax years 1991-2005 $2400 for tax years 2006-2010 $3200 for tax years 2011-2016 The above is if you don't want to go through the hassle and call IRS to figure out how much exactly what taken out. You can just use the standard tax amounts. I recall they took approx $2400 out of my severance pay not no $1750 so I don't know where the IRS gets that from. Anyway if you received this letter I would file to get that money back because its yours and belongs to you!!! If you haven't and you were given a severance pay and they took out taxes I would get a hold of the IRS and or the DOD to figure out why you didn't get a letter. I'm sending my 1040X along with a copy of the letter to IRS so lets see what happens. BTW You only have ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF LETTER TO FILE TO GET THAT MONEY BACK!!! I don't know if I put this is the right topic or nor, my apologize... Here is more info on the ACT: https://www.thetaxadviser.com/news/2016/dec/injured-veterans-improperly-withheld-taxes-201615746.html Rob
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