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  1. BUZZ


    This woman's husband pass away about a year ago from a heart attack ,he was receiving compersation for CAD (AO) at 10%, is she eligible to file for DIC.They had no children,if so,what amount would she receive if she is eligible,he belong to the DAV
  2. My friend pass away recently,he was a vn veteran.He receive disability for CAD (10%). He die from having trouble with his lungs ( I think). Could his wife file for Dependency and Indemnity Compersation, could it be related to his CAD or is that a separate disability and not related to his disability (CAD).
  3. I was looking at some old papers and one paper said under (va benefits information) Are you entitled to a higher level of disability due to being unemployable ( it said YES) receive another paper and it doesn't say that.I am not iu
  4. I understand that you don't have to pay real estate,county,school tax if you are 100%PT veteran.Question I have is ,each state has a certain amount of money that you have to be under that sum to receive the tax credit.(example PA. is $88,800.00 for 2017,my question is say you apply and your under that amount for a few years and than one or two years you go over that amount.How much do to you have to pay back and how do they figure that amount you own back.I know every year the total amount goes up but curious about if you go over that amount what happens then.
  5. BUZZ

    need more information

    Thank You Berta, this information that I wanted to know is for my vn friend,trying to help him.
  6. I get different answers to this question,I ask this a long time ago,if someone has cad and gets 10% for it and now has trouble with his lungs.Could you fill for a secondary condition for cad (could the lung problem be related to the cad
  7. I get 50% rating for my headaches and I am a 100% pt vet.Every year they schedule me an appointment to ask me about my headaches and keep giving me different pills to try to correct my problem but nothing seems to help me.I do not want to keep taking more pills for these headaches,do I have to keep going for these appointments or can I just stop going.
  8. BUZZ


    Can a vet file for IU, if he has only 50%,he is 68 years old,or does he have to have 70% for one disability to file or can he have different disabilies that equal 70%,with being 68,what are the odds of getting iu
  9. Got called in for two appts. when I got there one woman said she made a mistake and to come back tomorrow to the va,(I WASN'T VERY HAPPY) came back the next day another women told me a don't have a apt (I AM VERY MAD OVER THIS ) who can I CONTACT to turn these two girls in for making me to come in two times for there mistake
  10. Thanks Buck52,I got it done on wed.probably will show up Monday,will check. Thanks again
  11. I went on this sight and sign in,I wanted to find out my x-ray results that they took,(could not find them),would they post the results at this site.
  12. BUZZ


    Friend gets 10% for cad,he now has fluid on his lungs,should he file for an increase
  13. I have other disabilities that total 100% now with this SA and taking couple pills for HBP, thats not SC,I'm thinking,should I file for both?
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