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  1. BUZZ


    This woman's husband pass away about a year ago from a heart attack ,he was receiving compersation for CAD (AO) at 10%, is she eligible to file for DIC.They had no children,if so,what amount would she receive if she is eligible,he belong to the DAV
  2. My friend pass away recently,he was a vn veteran.He receive disability for CAD (10%). He die from having trouble with his lungs ( I think). Could his wife file for Dependency and Indemnity Compersation, could it be related to his CAD or is that a separate disability and not related to his disability (CAD).
  3. What are the price of the rooms and are they in anchorage,kodiak island and Fairbanks,that is where I want to go.
  4. I talk to a guy,who just got into the va health system and he said that he is going to get free hearing aids and glasses from the va.He said he does not get any disability fro the va.I thought you had to be at 20% dsability rating to get that.Also,can someone tell me who to contact (phone number) to make reservations to stay at a military post in Alaska,planning to go to Kodiak island,anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska.I am 100% pt and heard that I can pay a fee to stay at these bases.
  5. I see that you are 100% ,I think you should get your dental work free,from the va,someone here will know the answer to this.
  6. Sorry,this information was aready posted
  7. I agree with the rating maybe I am saying it wrong, the only thing I am concern about is the wording they wrote down about me decideding to retire instead,nothing else.Maybe I am worrying about nothing.
  8. I understand what you are saying,I am 100% PT, what I am concern about is what they printed on paper about me that I was offer work in another town,(but decided to retire instead.) I am probably worrying about nothing,like the dav rep said,don,t worry about it.
  9. apply for tdiu and cad,got rated for cad and not for tdiu because my told disabilities came to 100%
  10. Recently I receive my rating and came across a statement in my papers that isn't right.It deals with my past employment.It said that I was offer work,but decided to retire instead I think they misunstood me,because I agree to work,but my back was hurting and they decided to put me on retirement. The Dav rep told me not to worry about it,what should I do?
  11. I didn't miss another 10%, I look at the letter and I am PT
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