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  1. Ok thank you both for your comments. PEB in 85 for a significant fall with elbow, back and foot injury. Walk out the military in crutches. Timely filed in 86 with to first BVA in 87 was denied. Continue to file a claim in 1990, 1992, 1996. Had back surgery in 1997 went on SSDI. Then a stroke in 2000. Filed again in 2009, 2010 was in the 2 years waiting backlog denied again, but had first IMO more likely then not shot down. It went to another NOD another 2 years backlog, finally made it way to traveling judge BVA in 2013. With another IME to the BVA came out a remand in Dec 2014. Stil
  2. Been fighting the VA for benefits since 1986. Never had a C&P just sent in private IME and IMO with New materals. With all denial made it to the BVA with remand to get a C&P. They sent me a SOC with old denial and mention the remand but did not denied those yet, plus had a VA doctor opinion only on the SOC. My question since I am 62 year will get a C&P for my remand, or will they try and use the opinion only from the VA doctor?
  3. Does anyone know Dr William Snigner email? Looking for an IMO
  4. I email to the Secretary Robert McDonald and haven't gotten a response yet, that was Saturday.
  5. Has anyone been stuck in Prep for decision for a long time and see any good results? I have been in PFD for 125 days 4 months and getting very worried. Thank you in advance for comments.
  6. They wouldn't let me be my hubby fiduciary so they find a bank to do it and it should have his back pay in 30 days but we are not holding our breath.
  7. Thank you so much Aggie
  8. I received one never had a AB8 but the new Summary of Benefits is saying I have no service-connected disabilities is everybody getting this letter or is suppose to be people with disabilities ratings?
  9. After 31 months denied everything even with private doctor more likely than not mad as H---
  10. Do anybody know of doctors filling out the new DBQs for claims
  11. My claim was 31 months closed in 3 days May 18, 2013 no AB8 and can appeal no BBE YET I think I Just receive a Provisional decision
  12. concern


    Found out RTEX mean rountine exam
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