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  1. Thank you guys for your timely responses and good info. And Buck52 the DMII is 20% SC.
  2. How can a vet win a rating while on medication for a condition that he is filing a claim for? If he files a claim for Diabetic Polyneuropathy secondary to DMII and his PC has him on maximum dosage of Gabapentin for neuropathic pain and his symptoms have deminished to the point he can get around without dibilitating pain and he is able to walk into the C&P Exam without a lot of trouble, then the examiner will deny the claim because in his opinion the symptoms don't meet the guidelines for a rating! So should the vet stop taking the pain meds until after the C&P exam?
  3. Thanks for the reply, Since I am SC'd for DMII should I file secondary to DMII or file for the presumptive Peripheral Neuropathy?
  4. Thanks for all of the excellent info here. My VA neurologist told me he was diagnosing my condition as Diabetic Polyneuropathy and that I should file it as secondary to DMII. Peripheral Neuropathy is a presumptive, shouldn't I file it as a stand alone presumptive instead of going the secondary way that gets confusing?
  5. The Neurologist daignosed me with Diabetic Polyneuropathy instead of Peripheral Neuropathy. Does it matter or are the two terms the same? He told me I should file Diabetic Polyneuropathy, secondary to Diabetes. If the two terms are the same thing then why shouldn't I file the presumptive Peripheral Neuropathy?
  6. Your rank is based on the number of post you make and it has nothing to with your military service.

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      Thanks for the info pete992.


  7. Why does it have Seaman under my profile name? And why does it have rank as E-2 Recruit? I was Army and my rank was SPC-5/E-5.

  8. How do nonSC'd ratings effect SC'd ratings, and do secondaries increase the original rating.
  9. New Hearing Aids

    All I got with my Audeo S Smart was a Pilot 1 remote. I didn't get the TVLink S or the ComPilot, do I have to ask for them?
  10. I have been using a CPAP with Nasal mask for quite a few years. For the first few years I also had Dry Mouth due to opening my mouth, also my sinus's would dry out causing sinus drainage for several days. I tried the chin strap, but air would still blow out through my teeth and lips. This may sound a little extreme to some of you but it works for me. I use J&J Waterproof Tape, 1inch wide to tape my mouth shut, along with the chin strap, Since doing this I have NO problems with dry mouth or sinus drainage and sleep the entire night through without waking. I've also tried the face mask that covers the nose & mouth but can't get a good seal and always wake up with a dry mouth.