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  1. if you have a CPAP machine that will get you 50% for sleep apnea. So, file for increase and goget a machine by the time of your appointment
  2. Start with what percentage you were in 2007. Then calculate what the percentage is with the rating from appeal that was awarded. if your rating is higher now in 2007, subtract the difference in amount they paid you. then continue until you get to 2018
  3. Bertha, my rep was able to see my C&P. my claim was for increased in depression, but when I got thee for the exam, I was told it was for PTSD and MST. The reason my VA rep look at my C&P is because I told her that the examiner from VES, said I have PTSD from MST with depression and a TBI and that was going to be her diagnose. I can't filed for TDIU, because I work. REDDIT MST and a very bad fall is the reason for the depression. Head injury
  4. Had a C&P last month for mental health for increase for depression(30%) and new claim for Ptsd, MST, and have on appeal for TBI. Well, I can't see the C&P because it was done by VES. I was told by my VA rep. that I was diagnose with all four and that it doesn't matter about my stressor because I am already service connect for depression. I know Va only pay for one mental illness, so my question is will VA take all four inconsideration, when rating my claim.
  5. one last thing, I am now service connect for every thing except: post concussion asthma right sciatica
  6. I have tried ever means necessary to located my service treatment records, VA said they were never turned over to them and they are no where to be found. VA said" there is no reason to continue to look for them because they have look everywhere.
  7. Hello, I was going through some old claims and I cam across this statement on a denial. The cited VA examination was review. Diagnoses of migraine headaches, status post concussion, right sciatica, anemia and allergic rhinitis were noted. However, without service medical records there is no evidence which can link these conditions to the veteran's military service. My question today is should these be service connected. let me give you a little background. 1. service member filed less than 30 days after active duty, and C&P was done less than 5 months after active duty. 2.active duty service medical records are lost. cant be located no where.
  8. Well, now what do I do. Now, I have another Va.examier for depression says I have a TBI? TBI.docx
  9. I would NOD/file for reconsideration and for depression. You have been diagnose with depression and PTSD, so you should of file for both. Never talk about the negative of your family, (drugs, alcohol and family divorce) because they will blamed everything on that.
  10. this is for increase in Depression. I am rated at 50% now. will I get an increased with this your opinion. In the Opinion of the Examiner the current continuation and progression of the veteran's symptoms pattern with increase impairment in occupation and social function is more likely than not (greater than 50%) due to exacerbation of her dysthymic disorder.
  11. Is TBI and Post Concussion Syndrome the same ? Will both fall under TBI?
  12. This is on my C&P exam for depression, do anyone knows what this means? In the opinion of this examiner the current continuation and progression o1.docx
  13. can I see a template of what your doctor wrote for sleep apnea so my doctor can write one.  thank you Reddit

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