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  1. What to look for in a c and p exam for Migraines? Also, for the other two, they should be service connected since they were diagnosed as secondary to both conditions....vasovegal episodes and severe gerd condition....your help and reply would be appreciated. Thank You!
  2. pwrslm (Chief), these diagnoses were when I was on active duty. There was notes from my Service Medical Records. It was lD'd before I was discharged. I was discharged from active duty "97. The C and P examiner did a Gulf War Exam("17), and determined, Direct Service Connection for Migraines. And, two other conditions secondary to conditions I'm already service connected for, now. I have submitted claims in, for all of them. I am presently 80%. Thank You for your Help. God Bless.
  3. Okay, Thank You Chief... Should I File on this...? EROSIVE GASTRITIS of the GASTRIC CARDIA is a Secondarily Service Connected Condition as a result of Service Connected HIATAL HERNIA, within the my Gastoresphoageal reflux disease (gerd)...Rationale: Service treatment records via VBMS, Civilian Treatment Records, Laboratory reports via VBMS AND CPRS as well Examiners Clinical Experience Should I file on this....? Vasovegal syndrome causing syncopal episodes-12 Times per year affecting employability is a secondarily caused service connected condition...Rationale: Service Tr
  4. So If the compensation and pension examiner diagnose you with a condition, you can file on it? Like, the Migraine diagnoses, the rationale should say what..."servere economic adaptability"...it says that on my c and p exam!
  5. So let me understand, if i am already service connected for a condition, I can file a claim that is secondary to that service connected condition? Please Help me understand? Both of these conditions I will file a claim on. Any suggestions?
  6. Yes, the C and P examiner gave a rationale for both of the conditions citing service medical records (smr) and his years of practice in medicine....my exam took nearly three hours. Yes Ma'am, I'm still working, because I have a family to support. But, working in the sun all day and migraine headaches don't mix....Thank You for your reply!
  7. Looking up the actual remedy for Migraines and Headaches is 38 cfr Part 4.....you will see how Va rates your claim accordingly to severity. Good Luck and God Bless America.
  8. Hello fellow Veterans, I am trying to figure out, if I can pursue a couple of service connection claims, that I was examined for during my C and P exam/ Persian Gulf exam. The first one is Esophageal Conditions: It states EROSIVE GASTRITIS OF THE GASTRIC CARDIA IS A SECONDARILY SERVICE CONNECTED CONDITION AS THE RESULT OF SERVICE CONNECTED HIATAL HERNIA. Do I file a claim for this diagnosis from my C and P exam/ Persian Gulf Exam? This was the diagnosis from the C and P examiner! Second One is for MIGRAINES....The Opinion was MIGRAINE HEADACHES IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF GULF WAR MILITARY SE
  9. Hello comrades, I need information on how do I pursue getting a upgrade to my Ptsd service connection granted, when my VA mental health doctor wrote two letters diagnosing with Chronic Ptsd and  I am Unemployable, but VA , I believe missed it on the letter prepared and written by the VA Doctor. At this point, what should I do with the two letters?

  10. Update: I received a phone call from the regional office in St. Petersburg, florida with an apology and that my claim was being expedited asap. And then not believing none of that, I looked at my ebenefits webpage and it is true, I am 90% now. My lawyer called me affirming that my retro would be coming in days. You know he is thrilled too. So the email to the Honorable undersecretary is valid and it could turn your situation around instantly. I BELIEVE. Hadit.com, is the BEST. Information on this website is on point!
  11. Does any one know if you are 90% and in school voc rehab, and I could I file for TDIU if my condition is mental and my va doctor says I am unemployable? Could I apply for SSI also?
  12. Mikemmlj, Good question. I have to wait and see, when I get my award letter breaking everything down my percentage. When it said, "Reopening of the claim for generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder, is granted." I was 50% and now I'm 90% due to my PTSD. I am waiting to see if I am tdiu eligible. Do anyone think I have a case?
  13. Remember vets, NO SOLDIER LEFT BEHIND, and I am a witness that if you use the advice from this website, you will be looking pretty good, if you have won your appeal and you need the right information, to get action. Well, this is the one to check out and tell all vets, that have pending appeals backdated for years. I won my appeal and took the advice given to me, and now I am 90% and looking for an increase. This website isn't for Ultimate Fighting rants. Remember, we are all working to get what has been selfishly held back from us, Our service-connection Award. Respectfully, thrill101
  14. Update; Good evening comrades, I looked at my ebenefits' account today in the VA letters section and to my amazement I am now 90%. Wow, and just think I only been on hadit.com for just under a week, and got perfect information, to pursue my due award from winning my appeal back in July 2014. I am truly grateful for the information from everyone on hadit.com website. Now, for anyone, who is struggling to get their voice heard, go to Thadine on this website and get an early Christmas gift. All can say is WOW! Respectfully, thrill101
  15. Well said Thadine....Its time to clean the vba act up. I believe!
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