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  1. Well, my percentage got bumped up to 100%, P&T (PTSD increased to 70%); however, the A&A got denied. Said I didn't meet the requirements, even though as I read the regulation, seems like I do. I am not bed ridden; however, because of my PTSD and other disabilities (I use a wheelchair, cannot drive myself, memory issues, back ailments), I am somewhat confined to my home. I am unable to cook, move around, need help dressing myself, hubby is my 'unofficial' caregiver and assists me in all aspects, including daily consitituional of hygine, etc. I think the doctor did not provide enough detail on the DBQ form and also, I did not have a C&P exam regarding A&A. Now I am wondering if I should leave it alone, file a reconsideration, etc. any suggestions?
  2. thanks for the good advice. Yes, the walker is for a service connected condition, as well as the wheelchair.
  3. Thanks. I have copies of the ER visit, both before and after. The doctor states the reason for the return visit was because of the fall. It also states the results of the xrays taken. have the incident reports from the VA police officer who responded, as well as from the security officer who witnessed the fall. I also have the disk from a follow up MRI I had to do after seeing the nuro doctor, who has referred me to the surgeon.
  4. **Sorry** forgot to add - falls under premises liability
  5. I did research, along with discussions with lawyers. Slip and fall accidents on military/government property fall under TORT. TORT is not just for malpractice issues.
  6. In august, after leaving the DC VA emergency room (high on pain killers), my husband was pushing me in my walker (extreme sciatica pain - which is why I was at the ER, plus I was under the effects of a pain shot), my walker's wheel got caught on a large crack on the sidewalk and I fell backwards onto the cement. I am an MST/PTSD vet, I had a panic attack and refused to return to the ER. Also, since I had received a shot for pain, I was not feeling any. I did return to the ER two days later, because when I woke up the next day, I could not walk at all. The pain shot had worn off and I was in extreme pain. I am filing a tort claim. I already am rated for herneated disks and sciatica. This fall set me back hard. I was in my weelchair for a month straight and still must use it more than I did before. Any advice on both the TORT claim and the amount I should ask for? thanks in advance.
  7. First, Carlie - I love you! Thanks for the advice. I apologize in advance. I have extreme memory/confusion issues. I am a federal worker. On the disability retirement application, one of the OPM requirements is that you must file for SS disability at tlhe same time and show proof that you did. I contacted SSN and was told that I would be automatically denied because I am still working. So, the only options I have are 1. file for disability retirement or 2. file for early retirement. I'm going to talk with my doctor to see if she will provide documentation which will support my retirement. My question is, if I file for early retirement can I still file for SS disability? thanks to all
  8. Exactly! I hate Ebenefits. Everytime I would go on that site, I would have a major meltdown. Don't even go there anymore. It's as useless as calling the 800 number.
  9. I'm still working; however, am going to submit for retirement this month. I have been having issues with my job/supervisor for the past few years. I had to file an EO complaint for disability discrimination. I had asked to be able to work from home in 2011 because my ptsd symptoms were getting worse and my rage/anger issues were increasing, plus my other disabilities were getting worse. After I filed the EO complaint, I was able to work from home; however, I am now to the point where I am not getting any better. I want to enjoy whatever time I have left on this earth. All the above to say, that I can't file for disability until I retire. I'm trying to determine if I should file for an early retirement and then file for social security or file for a disability retirement.
  10. I sent my VA Psych doc an email asking her to fill out the DBQ. My symptoms have gotten worse, so I think if she does fill it out, I will apply for an increase. thanks
  11. I am currently rated at 50% for ptsd; however, my symtoms seems to have gotten worse. I now suffer from paranoia (medication); extreme anxiety and panic attacks (medication); more mood swings, and I now am a permanent telecommuter working at home because I can't deal with people (rage issues). I lose track of time, can't remember things, and am seriously considering just retiring from my job. Can't take it anymore. I don't go out of the house unless absolutely necessary and my family ususally does all household chores. Do you think I should apply for an increase?
  12. Just an update on my question. My doctor filled out the Form 21-2680, attached my functions test report and sent it to the social worker, who submitted it to the regional office.
  13. hello, all. I currently receive VA comp; however, with my various limitations, I need dailsy asssistance and don't drive anymore. Can I qualify for aid and attendance? thanks
  14. Thanks for the information. Carlie - I really appreciate the link you provided, it was informative.
  15. I was wondering if anyone uses a therapy dog for their MST? Because of the anxiety, panic attacks, and other symptoms that go along with my PTSD/MST, I work from home. I have never been a "dog" person - I am a "cat" person; however, my daughter dropped off her 6-month old puppy with me last year and moved overseas. I gradually got used to the dog - she's a mixed hound dog - extremely large and extremely friendly. I now find that I am very dependent upon this dog. She follows me throughout the house and lays down by me as I work. I am finding that she is extremely comforting to me. she alerts when someone comes to the door and seems to know when I am more depressed or anxious than usual. I am finding that when I do have to leave the house, I don't feel comfortable unless she is with me. My question is, will the VA recognize her as my therapy dog? What do I have to do? thank you in advance. TOP
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