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  1. I'm sorry I have not been so active , But I have been trying to dodge the Agent Orange bullet! I have the honor to help a World War II Marine that serve at Nagasaki 3 weeks after the Bomb was drop. We took two years to get it and he is 100% P&T. . He 89 years old, but I think he is one great Marine and I thank him for his service! God bless, as John999 said, " NEVER GIVE UP" SP4RVN
  2. This is great, maybe you can go for SSDI if you can.
  3. John, I agree this is sad! I try not to get mad, but as I fight this cancer and heart condition and knowing one of them will kill me.
  4. Welcome, You need to file for prosate cancer cause by AO. Did they remove your prostate? A lot of PC do not metastasis, but left alone for a long time can metastasis. Maybe you got it early. Welcome Aboard!!!!
  5. Help me understand why VA will give me a drug called Zytiga for my PC which cost $7,600.00 and won't supply me with Lyrica for my PN which cost $397.00? The VA nurse's say they will, but soon as I see the Primary Doctor's they no way, VA will not supply. SP4 Should I get my outside primary Doctor to write a prescription for Lyrica and take it to VA?
  6. Welcome Aboard, Thank you for your service. Try to remember the goal of VA is to make you go away. Never give up, and you will get your compensation.
  7. C.C., continue your fight to help these veterans from all wars. Chemical exposure is a bullet that is silent, but so deadly. There is Veterans that did not go to Vietnam that has been infected with this chemical disease. Your job is so far from being done, YOU take care and NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless
  8. Capt., my hat is off for the work you do for the Veteran's. I look at that picture of you and I see me in 1970 as I went to the promise land.
  9. Nancy, I don't know where you live and if have privite insurance, But I know that there is new trials drugs out there for pancreatic cancer or should I say that places like MD Anderson cancer center have the latest drugs that fight this monster. Good luck and God Bless Ralph
  10. You, specially you have nothing to apologize for, you might help me heal my wounds or not. It good talking to you, thanks again.
  11. Philip, me and you have had this discussion and we do not agree and thats fine. I wish I could think with my penis. It gone away because they had cut out of inside. I wear pads to protect and to remind me what I lost Your right there is other forms of love and sex as you get older. My wife and me have a good relationship with the help of God. I don't hang my hat on the sex thing, but I hang my hat on that VA not given me or anybody more 0 % precent a service connection. If I'm totally deformed it should be 100%..... Thank you for your side, and thank you for your Service..
  12. I got 0% for ED, They called it "Deformity of the Penis" 0% -service connected. I did get SMC for Loss of Creative organ--- $105.00 - I think it s**k. I know most Vet's don't agree with me. Lost of sex is still important.
  13. Remember these sad days, that they forgot us. I remember getting of that airplane from Vietman and the hateful thing's people said to us. Vietnam Veteran started hiding from the War, and were to proud to come forward to get help. They died! Now this government is thinking these Wars are over and trying forget them, our Hero's! PTSD is one of many bad Diseases. VA is trying to cut the budget from our troops and taking care of them.
  14. Vet2010, this is great news, If you don't need to spend the money. Keep it for a raining day
  15. Nancy, My heart and prayers are with you and your best. May God help Y'all thru these times of trouble.
  16. Look at the water source as a possible problem for her conditions and yours. Recent studies in Vietnam was that water is one of the many source of the Agent Orange to infect us.
  17. Ridehard, Table 3, interesting, so this base looks like dump site.
  18. Welcome Aboard, It looks like you had a ruff time of your on. You hang in there God Bless!
  19. Some claims will take up to 2 years and longer. I would try the 1-800 number maybe that might help. If you talk to one of the Peggie's and they will send a letter to office that is handling or process your claim. It can't hurt
  20. I Good article. Know wonder VA gave me 100P&T after reading this document, Peripheral Neuropathy was the reason. Still don't understand why it secondary? Thanks Capt. Contaminate
  21. Celia, if you hear anything let me know. I do know that if you do some dental work they should back pay, maybe.
  22. Boomer2, this is so true, the death rate from post Vietnam will be in the 100's thousand veteran to died. Plus Korea troop and list of other places that AO was used. The same thing is happening to the South Vietnamese people. The casualties of WAR
  23. I know a Vietnam Vet. with skin cancer that look very strange. Are very covered for AO?
  24. I'm not a big talker, but a big cryer. Depression I fight every day, some good and some bad. I'm sad for you and proud for you!!!! Stay on line with Hadit, we need surviver like you! God bless
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