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    Yes, that if he was 10% service connected. When did he serve, Vietnam? If he was Boots on ground in Vietnam, yes he should be 60% at least.
  2. I have used Proton therapy and try all the above . I'm still on Zytiga , but about to start a new drug for me. Last year was a hard year and I'm doing the best I can. MD Anderson Cancer Center is fighting this cancer and VA is Helping!
  3. I'm sorry I have not been so active , But I have been trying to dodge the Agent Orange bullet! I have the honor to help a World War II Marine that serve at Nagasaki 3 weeks after the Bomb was drop. We took two years to get it and he is 100% P&T. . He 89 years old, but I think he is one great Marine and I thank him for his service! God bless, as John999 said, " NEVER GIVE UP" SP4RVN
  4. This is great, maybe you can go for SSDI if you can.
  5. Well as of February 1st, I have made it 2 years on my Cancer medicine and hoping for 3 years.
  6. Happy New Years/ It will be a great year.
  7. Well, I have not been around for 8 months or so. As I go to MD Anderson Cancer Center they are at lost to cure this PC. They have been slowing it down, but no cure. The VA Hospital Oncologist and the outside specialist have no earthly what to do. VA Hospital has a group of veterans that have this PC and we get to gather to talk about treatments, our plans, and problems we face. All my friends inside of me (tumor's) are still growing. Plus all the other agent orange friend's I have are keeping me busy. Life is good, as long as pills are THERE! It's good to be back, Ralph
  8. It's good to be back. Three months of vacation with Agent Orange
  9. John, I agree this is sad! I try not to get mad, but as I fight this cancer and heart condition and knowing one of them will kill me.
  10. Still here, I think? Went on a Tiger Cruise, on the Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier. Three days of fun and love them F18 aircraft.
  11. Steve, Welcome to Hadit, and thank you for your service.
  12. Injoying my Grandson and it my wife Birthday. I hope the bad storms stop.
  13. Crabapplect, Welcome aboard. Good luck, and Never Give Up!
  14. Welcome, You need to file for prosate cancer cause by AO. Did they remove your prostate? A lot of PC do not metastasis, but left alone for a long time can metastasis. Maybe you got it early. Welcome Aboard!!!!
  15. Welcome Aboard and thank you for your service.
  16. Welcome to Hadit. Yes one Big rollercoaster that goes round and round. Good luck and God Bless!!
  17. SP4RVN1971

    May Roll Call

    With all these new Drug's. I forgot another month went by. Something wrong with our weather in Dallas or maybe this is Chicago?
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