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  1. Update: Thank you your prayers worked!! My Ex is out of ICU and home ...My son from North Carolina flew in yesterday to help take care of him for a few days. Hospital still does not know why Blood Pressure won't stay normal but thank God he is home. I think the kids and i are going to have him checked out at better Hospital. To go from ICU to home with no explanations why he is so sick doesn't make sense to me. I would have thought he would have gone from ICU to a regular room for observatio...

  2. Update : Mac is still in ICU...many tests being run so not too much to say at moment. He has been on a liver tranplant list with Loma Linda for awhile but they don't think it is the liver at the moment, maybe kidneys. He did look alot better tonight as compared to yesterday, so your prayers are working

  3. For those of you who love and care about me, I am asking you to please pray for the man i have loved for 33 years. My Ex-husband and best friend is in ICU. I am trying to hold it together but not doing such a good job at it. Please Lord heal Him. I also pray Lord you give strength to our children who are also very worried.

  4. 2014 Ford Focus for sale with 4,000 miles. If Interested call 951-927-4317

  5. For Sale: My 2014 Ford Focus.If interested please message me. Has only 4,000 miles on it :-)

  6. For Veterans www.hadit,com

  7. Hello Everyone. This is Kathleen aka Wolfangel. I have been gone from Hadit a long time. I started out with Hadit.com when T-bird started it years ago. I am still trying to get my VA Benefits from 1972 and not giving up. Only 10% for PTSD etc. Need Representation which I have never had. So need advice because I have been out of the loop for awhile. Last time I submitted records to Washington was 2008. Looking forward to meeting many of you. I always loved this site. It has always had awesome info. Sometimes so much it is over-whelming to me but maybe in the next year something good will happ
  8. I have been fighting for my VA benefits for 20+ years. My VA Psychiatrist wrote a letter on my behalf stating my PTSD was Service connected. I have been treated by the VA for nearly 10 years for my PTSD and other service related illnesses. I am only 10% service connected right now for migraines. Washington DC has denied me 3x saying my Psychiatrists letter was heresay and she based her information only on what I have told her. If the VA is treating me fro PTSD when why are they not compensating me for my PTSD!! I also have Fibromyalgia, Panic Anxiety Disorder, Sleep Disorder, Endometrosi
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