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  1. Continue to seek answers everyone... LC
  2. FYI Video Folks: http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/html5/video?id=9406509&pid=null&section=null LC
  3. Thanks to those who took the time to reply to me via personal messages and emails. Nice to know so many "have my back" and agree. This arrogant attitude is NOT reflective of this website, yet it is becoming more and more accepted it appears. Disregard jerks who act like this. You know who you are...and we know who you are. Just no place in society for that stuff and encouraging to see so many of you agree. Let the haters hate. Moving on now... LC
  4. Hey Chuck, Not sure if you get what we're talking about. In a nutshell: FACTS: The Ebenefits site had a breach of information recently. It affected a minimum of 5,000 veterans. Much personal info including FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS were released over the internet. The post was just a suggestion some may want to take, however thank you for your additional insight. LC
  5. SecondChance - Very happy to hear your good news...Congrats! After viewing asknod's comment, Post #12 of this thread, I commend you on your restraint. His comment was not only insulting and condescending, but it proved to be completely WRONG. Amazing nobody calls him out on not just his content, but his arrogance. This attitude is NOT reflective of this website, yet it is becoming more and more accepted it appears. Disregard jerks who act like this. Just no place in society for that stuff. Enjoy your win! LC
  6. Combat zones often include surrounding waters (as was in Desert Storm, other operations, conflicts, wars). Might not be "rock solid" evidence but couldn't hurt. Any specific operations that are documented would help prove participation too. jmo, LC
  7. Congrats! That is one cute doggie you have in your screen pic. I have a long-hair chihuahua too! LC
  8. I believe the advice meghp0405 gave above applies to you as well...It's all speculation on our part until you see the paper copy of your claim decision. Hang in there! LC
  9. Let the haters hate.

  10. Glad to hear you got copies of your treatment reports...Smart move. Sometimes they don't like to give out mental health treatment reports on the spot as they are afraid of upsetting the requesting veteran. I thought there was a recently passed change that now instructs/ allows them to do that now but maybe I'm mistaken. No worries...They should arrive by mail in about 10 days or so. Only thing I'd ask is..Why your VSO thinks your SA claim will be denied?...Then won on an appeal. Is it for lack of evidence? What justification does he/she give you to predict that? I don't know about you but I'
  11. Carlie - Don't even know how to respond to your comments. I expected more out of a moderator. yada, yada, yada?? Really? You bet I'm "enamored" with a group like Lauren's. I'm very proud to stand by her and seek to improve the mess of a system we have today for those who come after me. You want to throw up the white flag, go ahead. Never said we would "save you all" as you stated above. The goal is to improve the system. Ah, but you've "been there & done that" and it didn't work so nobody else should try? I respectfully disagree. I'm willing to put my existing claim in peril to ma
  12. Asknod - Instead of picking apart your massive metaphores, insults, and inuendos I've decided to take the high road one last time before calmly writing you off as part of the problem. I can't force anyone to read the information contained on http://www.veteranwarriors1.com/index.html Too bad - because if you had you would see Lauren Price has laid out a very detailed step-by-step plan that if acted upon, could very well change the lives of veterans & their families for many years to come. So what is your motivation to discredit any grass root organization that calls for change such
  13. Thank you sooooo much for posting this. It is very important, yet something too many of us put off for a "rainy day" to do. I started working on this, got sidetracked, and need to complete it yesterday! Don't want my loved ones to have to search for documents, etc. after I've gone to the "Rainbow Bridge!" LC
  14. The American Legion is challenging the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to take whatever measures are necessary to protect veterans personal information after a recent software defect on its eBenefits website exposed the online accounts of about 5,000 veterans to unauthorized users. American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger wonders why such data breaches continue to plague the department. "We’ve seen VA expose sensitive information about veterans before," Dellinger said. "Now it has happened with the relatively new eBenefits website. How can VA expect our veterans to file fo
  15. AT LEAST THE AMERICAN LEGION IS DOING SOMETHING: http://www.legion.org/veteransbenefits/218285/legion-va-protect-veterans-personal-information LC
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