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  1. On 8/29/2018 my appeal was reported to have 73,496 "ahead of you". On 8/30/2018 my claim was reported to be "before a VLJ". On 10/11/2018 a decision was made, 6 issues denied and 5 issues remanded to AMC/RO. On 10/11/2018 it was reported that there are 69,361 claims "ahead of you". I have no attorney nor VSO. I am not interested in the RAMP program. I have not requested advancement on the calendar nor am I eligible for such consideration. Does anyone have any thoughtful insight as to how and why I "jumped" the line in front of so many other veterans?
  2. To Berta It is my understanding the “hotline” became operational on daytime basis only on June 1. At that time it was my understanding, gleaned from blog postings, the news, etc that it may have been staffed by actual volunteers which included ex-servicemen and women, veteran wives, etc. On August 15 it became fully operational on a 24/7 basis. The second lady with whom I spoke told me they are all VA employees. I believe that the operation as it now exists is not what it started out to be. The reports that I now read speak of budgets, hiring, etc. Your opinion may be different, to that I
  3. Take this for what it is worth to you and do your own investigating.The “White House Veterans Complaint Line” at 1-855-948-2311 is staffed and run by VA employees who are paid by the VA and the complaints that you submit do not go to the White House in any form but right back to the very people that you complain about! I have had two conversations with them, one on the 8/15/2017 and one earlier today 8/18/2017. I do not (knowingly) speak to the VBA either over the phone or in person due to past experiences with them. Half way through the second conversation it came
  4. Checked yesterday and the eBenefits "appeals" section which has been down for some time is back up. I do not see any enhancements that were promised. One thing I do see is that the date a claim was received is now gone, the decision is the date first shown. In some of my own appeals the dates on that are wrong. I also note the status on things are late in updates. Recently I requested that three individual claims (reimbursement for medical expenses) be dropped, the claims are still up. Sorry if news of the site being back up as to appeals has been published somewhere else, didn't see it thou
  5. Buck 52 I thought they were still in the "comments" portion before changing it officially in regulations? Also I did not notice what agency (?) made up the provider's list. If it was the VA, then they would not ok private treatment at 26 miles and as that is under 40 miles they would not pay anyway. I live about 35-40 miles east of Atlanta. Logically there should be a larger list of providers west of me rather than east. I'm just saying that near is probably best in an emergency but I would rather, given the choice, go to a provider who was more capable even if it meant traveling a lit
  6. I just checked for the nearest cardiologist, which would I guess me my main concern. According to the list it shows the nearest is a lady in Athens GA and claims it is 26 miles away. Checking address to address on mapquest it shows the distance to be 32.85, 36.15, or 43.22 miles depending on what highway. I guess they are still doing as the crow flies, Did not check long/lat to long/lat. The Atlanta VAMC is 32 miles from me and the Lawrencville CBOC is 16 or 17.5 miles depending on which you go to the old or the new. I think the next one after the lady or it could have been the third was in So
  7. Finally got a copy of VA form 24-0313, attached below. To me it is not a form in the sense something must be filled out, more of a notice, but as we all know the VA has it's own way. At first they sent me a url for an internal network that I could not access. Kept asking. No matter they did not enclose the three enclosures, but two of them related to direct deposit, something I've given them info years ago and to which they have made deposits since Sept 2012. Also, was delayed by 10 days (?) posting this. Apparently Google Chrome has a problem letting me attach a file to th
  8. Greetings to all. Received VA decision letter dated 2/3/2015 to a Medical Expense Report claim for reimbursement of medical expenses. I am receiving old age wartime pension in lieu of SC% as it is larger of the 2. Will be appealing the award. Under enclosures on line 27 of page 4 is states: Encl: 4107, 21-8768 (1), 24-0313 (1). There were no enclosures, only a 4 page decision. I have "googled" the first two forms and found them. Went over the list of 516 VA forms shown on VA site, nothing. I think it is some sort of financial form since I found at least one financial rela
  9. All I know is that I emailed McDonald on 10/15/2014 after it was pointed out that someone might get back to me. Still waiting. Guess it doesn't always work.
  10. The following was tacked onto an email response to 3 iris inquiries I received from the VA about an hour ago. "Where to Send Documentation In order to improve claim processing timeliness, Veterans Benefits Administration has begun deployment of Centralized Mail Processing (CMP) for compensation claims and claim related documents. If you have additional evidence to submit to support your claim, please mail or fax your evidence to the applicable CMP location below. Please be sure to put your name and claim number or social security number on every page of documentation you mail or fax to V
  11. According to a letter I received today: "As of March 3, 2014 future request with some exceptions for FOIA/PA actions received at the Atlanta Regional Office AFTER March 3, 2014 are forwarded to ST. Louis Records Management Center for scanning and processing on disc.You will be notified by that office to your request if your request is in this category." Exact spelling and grammar of letter. Apparently applies to all RO's. I had a hint this was what they were doing since May 2014 when my Congressman's aide was told by the Congressional liaison at the Atlanta RO "we don't do that he
  12. All I know is that the "iris" system has a message on it that says it does not accept attachments. Maybe similar where you sent your request. They are always changing things and mostly to the detriment of the Veteran. Of course you said you had successfully sent attachments before. Maybe "irs" them and ask if the particular program will accept attachments?
  13. I have 14 "claims" listed on eBenefits. As of 2 minutes ago they ALL have ? as office of jurisdiction.
  14. First time I saw the following on eBenefits this morning. Opening a new can of worms! "If a new claim is submitted while an existing claim is pending, any new information will be consolidated with the pending claim. The new claim will then be marked as Complete and moved to Historical Claims with no further action required."
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