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  1. Fat Im rated 30% for sinusitis, I have records from active duty also episodes after active duty, and antibiotic treatments. I get at least three antibiotics per year.
  2. flyfisher If you have a doctor that will work with you and he knows your issues that would be a plus. But if you don't have medical records to back it up i would not try it. Im also looking into requesting 100 pt. But I'm making sure my docs are writing proper letters. I go every 6 months so i have some paperwork to back me up. Hopefully i will get a good rater and not try to nick pick the paperwork. Wording seems to be everything!!
  3. Sawgunner You have heard this before here on had it , Stop when it hurts. I myself would do neurological involvement. Go to a neurologist let him know he is the last resort for your issues. Get all your medical records that are connected to your ratings. Then write them a book, using your dr notes bombard them with correct info. Not a bunch of papers that is unorganized. Also a question to ask yourself do you have frequent urination, if you do i bet it could be caused by your back issues. Go to a urologists. Are you a young fellow, if you are ,well you should not have frequent urination. A lot of things go wrong with back issues. After you have all of this paperwork get one of your buddys to look at it. Your claim paperwork is like writing a paper to graduate with your masters degree! I read had it often I'm surprised someone has not chimed in, but what you posted is a question that very few people know the answer to. Find a good dr that will work with you, and the best of luck to you, and do the best you can!
  4. Do you have any line of dutys(LOD) for the issues
  5. Did you have the sleep apnea test done with in a year of seperation(title 10 orders)
  6. I need some guidance on this issue. My wife has a grandfather that is currently in the hospital with bad lung problems, and congestive heart failure. He wants to go to the VA hospital. He has no rating and I don't think he is in the VA system. So, Im really need a place to start. I have just started researching this, so If I find the answer I will post it. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Could anyone direct me to some info on korean war vets. My dad is a korean vet 1962-1963 has lung cancer and is need of some help. Any info would appreciated.
  8. First you will do the normal paperwork at the docs office, questions etc. They will set you up with the study which you will have to stay over night and take a strong sleeping pill, because you will not get a accurate reading if you do not fall asleep. They will attach wires to you and a small box that reads your sleep. A very simple test just the start that takes forever. I remind you, make sure you take a sleeping pill to knock you out.
  9. Correct me if Im wrong Chronic pain syndrome is a rating under mental, and you are allowed only one mental rating.
  10. jfrei, Im new to all of this, Heck I've not even made it to the va yet. Im still trying to get written statements etc, so when I do go to the va I can hand them a book, and it sounds like they still will screw it up. The only advice I can give you is research, research and more research. Go to the civillian docs and be honest tell them everything and make them write it down in there files. Search this website, there is alot of good info on here.
  11. Heres one for ya, is pain with range of motion a rating itself or is it considered a mental rating.
  12. Thanks Dot09, I have some P-Therapy numbers I will run by you soon. I have a ton of paperwork related to my hand and hip. I will be in touch.
  13. I have been going to the P-Therapist working with range of motion issues( wrist,arm). I understand the Deluca Factor but i can't seem to find anyone that has a percent rating on this issue. Any answers will be helpful.
  14. I have a P-Therapy appt. next week, and I want to have my range of motion documented(starting were the pain is) What wording do i need to use. I found this on the website(Unfavorable, in any degree of palmar flexion, or with ulnar or radial deviation) Now my question is, When my wrist is moved at a certain degree and the pain starts is that were they start the unfavovorable documentation.
  15. Can you file for Fibromyalgia and chronic Pain Syndrome without it being considered pyramiding.
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