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  1. So I been rated 100% P&T for over 2 years now. How do I deal with someone that is claiming nothing happened to me in the Army and that I am mooching off the government? Due to having a child with this person I can't totally ignore them.
  2. After my experience with two VSO after I got out. I'll never trust them again. I've only had success with a va lawyer. The most help I received from a va employee on filing for ptsd and ssdi was from a resource lady in the ptsd clinic. Nicest person I ever met at the VA. She was way more helpful than any VSO that ever 'helped' me. I give the lady credit for my initial 70% rating for ptsd. She helped me file out forms and get everything together and that wasn't even her job. Same can be said about these veteran forums. I've came across some really messed up forums. Then I found a nice lady named Susan and she told me about this forum.
  3. In service stressor can be many things for a mst-ptsd claim. Change of documented behavior, infractions, article 13s, documented request for a change of unit/base, anything that is documented showing a negative change. Before you even start working on that tho. Get into treatment and get a ptsd diagnosis from the VA. Get yourself on sturdy ground.
  4. I don't even take the #800 at their word. Make sure you ask them to check the recent notes. When I called about the rest of my backpay the lady assured me that I already got it last year and there was nothing pending. I asked her to check the notes and she comes back with, 'oh, yeah. They're working on correcting your backpay. Anything you owe will come out of blah blah blah.' She ASSumed I got overpaid. I've told them in the past when it would take 30+ minutes to get someone on the phone, 'do you think I call you, listen to your crappy music, just to hear the BS scripted response I can get from E-BEN in less than a minute? Check your notes.'
  5. No backpay? This could be a sign they're going to check for incompetence. From ym understanding, it is an auto-check for incompetence if you get 100% for ptsd.
  6. Update: Got word from my lawyer that the rest of my 'monies' will be in my account within 10 days.
  7. If you were denied service connection and then the BVA says, 'hey, grant service connection,' the RO could go as low as 0%. So if you're not happy with the %. You have to appeal, then if denied; go back to the BVA. Same with backdate. I was granted but denied a better backdate. My case went to the BVA just for a better backdate.
  8. I used Woods and Woods. No complaints and they won my BVA case for a better backdate and my increase from 70% to 100% for ptsd.
  9. In my own experience. Contacting a VA lawyer is probably in your best interest. I admit I am not capable of handling my own case, and 80% is better than 0%. The VA can make all the mistakes they want; you can't.
  10. I been there on my ptsd claim. Luckily everyone else at the VA knew the examiner was full of s###. My initial denial for an increase was because I told teh examiner I play PC games like Civilization. He used that piece of info to suggest malingering and that I could hold a job because he knows how hard of a game civilization is. It took over a year for the appeal, but I got my increase to 100% P&T. Then the RO used this examiner's notes to say my backpay only went to the last C&P exam. It was basically the RO saying the 1st examiner was right and wrong at the same time. When my backpay claim got to the BVA, it took a BVA judge less than a week to give me the correct backpay date. A lot of times we have to deal with crappy people and raise the appeal, BVA flag to get the 'real' people looking at our claim. Good luck and may you have several more quality years ahead of you; and, be able to enjoy that backpay, correct rating.
  11. Just an update. Lawyer said the RO is working on correcting the issue. Best guess on when i'll see the rest of my backpay is sometime this year.
  12. Watching E-BEN or VA.GOV is a bad idea when it comes to BVA wins, imo. In my case. I watched my BVA win move to the RO and it bounced back and forth from gathering of evidence, to pending notification. A very helpful VA employee and my lawyer told me there isn't a way to accurately check the status. The only sure fire way to check on it is to call peggy and ask if there is a pending deposit. btw, your claiming disappearing from the website doesn't mean it is finished either; unless, it shows up as closed.
  13. Something that was suggested to me that I think any veteran getting a large backpay should consider is a financial adviser. Sit down with someone and go over your short-term and long-term financial goals.
  14. I got the right SOC in the mail Monday. I have another 27K coming when the VA figures it out I guess.
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