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  1. Yeah, I just hope my lawyer isn't feeding me bs, because it has my hopes up. I don't need the back pay, but it would be a nice Christmas gift. I already have Christmas money saved up and everything, and my next major purchase/finance will be in about 1.5Yrs when I pass the 2yr mark of my chapter 7. Then i'll be able to use my VA home loan.
  2. 10 Months just for a better back date... Wow... My lawyer must be smoking crack to think i'll the back pay this year then.
  3. So about 2 years ago I was awarded 100% P&T for PTSD; however, the VA did the backpay to my last C&P exam. My lawyer feels the back pay should go back many years more than it did. When it shows as, 'Case with Veteran Law Judge,' how much longer do I have until I know if he grants be a better back date?
  4. If a 100% disabled veteran bys a home in Ohio. Are they required to pay property taxes?
  5. 11cvolley

    Dental for son?

    The guide book says... Dental care, Dentures, braces not covered. I did find that delta dental plan last night but was not sure about it. I'll be signing him up for that.
  6. 11cvolley

    Dental for son?

    Just got my son's ChampVA card in the mail. It says limited dental coverage. Is there a way to get dental coverage? He does have 3 cavities and may need braces in the future. Thank you for any help.
  7. 11cvolley

    Help filing

    My son doesn't have an ID card but he is a dependent on my comp&pen. I'll try calling tomorrow and see if I can do it over the phone.
  8. 11cvolley

    Help filing

    Form 10-7959C - Do I just fill it out for my son or do I need to fill it out for myself to?
  9. 11cvolley

    Help filing

    Sorry for such a late reply. Yes, I am 100p&t
  10. And you think you will win your appeal? The VA/RO/whoever is going to point to this and link it with medical statements. Sorry, but I think you're SOL.
  11. Today my appeal for an earlier backdate was placed on the docket. Typically how much longer will this take until they decide if I should have an earlier backdate?
  12. Lawyer just e-mailed me and said the case is still open and pending and to basically ignore the iris response. Seems like the iris is as useless as the 800#...
  13. Yes, in oct 13 2016, but I thought it was a proposal. My lawyer and va doctor submitted evidence in support of me being competent. Fastforward to now. It is finally in the decision phase as of NOV-9th 201

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