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  1. If he got SSDI for only the ptsd. Wouldn't that be better for him in the long run? Getting SSDI solely for ptsd would support a VA appeal for 100% ptsd.
  2. After days of trying I finally got someone on the phone. They asked if the letter came from Atlanta GA. Which it did. The VA I goto said they'll call me back after they look into it and figure it out. They called me back and said nothing has changed. Only thing I can think of causing this letter to be generated is my BVA grant for a better backdate for IU?
  3. [11-13-2018] #800 says my claim went to prep for notification stage on october 26th. Doesn't sound right to me. Vet.gov and e-ben has it still in the gathering evidence stage. Pretty sure I spoke to a sloth on the #800....
  4. idk where else to post this, but I got a letter stating my primary care facility has recently changed to Springfield-Missouri, MO. I'm trying to contact the facility I go to but can't get anyone to pick up the phone. Any idea what this is? Just a mistake or what?
  5. idk if it's they can't or if they don't know how to look at the information. Some of them are just lazy. I had one person on the phone and I asked if there was any updates and without hesitation he gave the usual line, 'if we need anything we will contact you. blah blah blah.' I called back a few minutes later and the lady that answered was very helpful. She said my claim is awaiting a final signature. So its best not to put to much stock into E-ben or the #800. Even knowing that myself it gets my anxiety going and irritates me.
  6. I was lucky enough to get someone on the phone that gave me the date when they started working on it.
  7. If the RO was any slower. They'd be going backwards. All they have to do in my case is calc backpay to a date teh BVA judge set and figurout lawyer fee. They started on 10-24 and estimate it'll be done by 01-19-2019... Just another hurry up and wait game.
  8. It'll take some time. I had no remands. Only an award for more backdate that the BVA determined. All the RO has to do it the paperwork; which, they started on oct-24. They are saying ETA is Jan-19th now. For some reason its gonna take the RO over a month to do simple math. IE: how much my lawyer gets.
  9. Peggy is the #800 I believe. #WH: https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=3980 Phone Number: 855-948-2311
  10. I'd be willing to bet the VA will blame the hurricane affected veterans for this. Anything but their sloth like mentality.
  11. [11-02-2018] Called #WH since no one could give me an answer to as why my claim went from prep for notification to gathering evidence. [11-05-2018] #WH emailed me an update. They confirmed, 'A decision has been rendered; however, it is not complete. The decision has to be entered into the computer and a letter has to be prepared.'
  12. 11cvolley

    Still 40% why?

    No, it didn't change until the next Monday which was after the next payday. Back then getting someone on the phone was next to impossible. So I can't really say; however, Recently I noticed you'll get multiple varying answers from the #800 number if they don't give you the usual pre-wrote responses.
  13. I hope I am wrong about this, but I think I remember reading a forum post somewhere that said losing with a RAMP means you can't appeal it and keep the backdate? Maybe someone smarter than I can chime in.
  14. 11cvolley

    Still 40% why?

    When I went from 70% to 100%. The first change I saw was on my monthly comp payment. And I was checking E-ben daily.

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