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  1. Hey Fambly! I've been AWOL for a looong time, me baaaad! MT and I are doing good, age of course is catching up (I had to get bi-focals a few years back, ack!) MT looks likes he's competing for the "budda" belly award! LOL We r spending most of our time WOWing (World of Warcraft) have DIL to "blame" for that! hahaha Met alot of Vets, some are disabled, on there! <wink> Son was in Iraq again Jan 08-Dec 09, all is good with him & family. He has 11 years in and looks like he's going for the full 20. (yaya, who knew! lol) Hope all is well w/ the HaditFambly, Kim & MT
  2. I just heard about this new drug yesterday. My sil has tried most everything else and this finally seems to be working for him. Has anyone here on Hadit tried this med to stop smoking? Does the VA allow it? Kim
  3. I was thinking of starting the "Dick Cheney School of Hunting"
  4. Hey Fambly! We are both here! lol! Kim & MT
  5. Welcome!!! To all you newbies to Hadit!! Welcome home! We are happy you finally found us! Look around the site and ask questions, no question is a "dumb" one, we were all newbies at one time or another. (trust me when I say this!) Kim
  6. Tbird!!!! It's cuz of U & Hadit that we even have our home!! Just look at what Hadit has become! U go Girl! :o What a Great Fambly!
  7. Pete! Your too sweet! And just WHERE is Cudda?? We lost touch with him...we all sure had a few great times on hadit! Kim ps say "hey" to Mrs Pete!
  8. Hi Berta! I can't tell you about home loans. MT used his backpay/CD's to secure the loan. We are just thankful to have a roof over our heads and not worry about it ever being taken away. (We talk alot about how fate/karma/whatever you want to call it, brought him and I together in 96. We still pinch ourselves.) All I know is he lost the home he had, and that was a VA loan. Soooo... Just know that good things can still happen just when you think it's hopeless. And the DVA is NOT a "friend" but an adversary. You have to keep that mindset, put on your gameface, know that you are owed your benefits, otherwise you'd be a gainfully employed person. Kim ohhh I get loooong winded!
  9. That MT and I looked at our new house! Signed the papers the end of the month and then the fun began! lol! Yeah, to the Hadit Fambly! You're all awesome! Kim
  10. I think they are full of BS. They already knew there was/is a problem in the DVA system. So what does this adminstration do? Send us into another area (Iraq) and then blame the Veterans for filing claims? Don't let them make you all feel bad for something you didn't ask for, their incompentence and stupidity for not planning ahead and funding what they already had. On my bad days I can think better then they can and that is scary!
  11. Welcome to Hadit! Sorry you had a bad experience with that Dr., some of them need some bedside manner classes.
  12. Welcome to the Hadit Fambly! I'm happy to hear you got your Honorable, finally. I just want to add, Thank-You for your service! Kim
  13. Hey Fambly! You are ALL so special!! Thanks for ALL your ideas. Now if I can just get him to call me or email...(I know it's not a good sign) Oh, let me first say he is still active duty. He loves his work. He reenlisted while he was in Iraq. (mom says...yeow!) Of course I never will tell him to "get out" not that he'd listen to me, lol! He was brought up to think for himself and he's a smart cookie. (mama's PROUD of him) Last I knew he'd NOT had his Anthrax...but then that was 3 yrs ago. Kim & MT
  14. FamblyRus

    March Roll Call

    Hey Fambly! MT & I are still kicking, just not as high as we were! U 'all take care of yourselves! Hugs, Kim
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