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  1. Bon, thanks for your response...and you're right, I'm doing this to prevent this from happening to someone else. Berta, Thanks for your time in explaining this to me. I was never real clear on 1151's. I would like to cite you some documentation to clear some things up: Husband was awarded 100% P&T June 2011..incompetence was proposed..in the award letter it stated: "It appears that you may be entitled to service connection for tardive dyskinesia, as secondary to your service connection, as you have experienced a complication due to the side effects of medication." ......this was
  2. Not sure If I have a case here, please advise. My husband started going to a VA Clinic in 2009. He was prescribed a drug called risperidone by a psych doc. After 6 months or so he began to shake, and had involuntary movements....not severe but noticeable. The drug was not effective so they kept raising the dose.....over time his involuntary movements became worse. We went to a C&P exam in 2010 for a schizophrenia claim and it was mentioned in the exam report that he had Tardive Dyskinesia.....a involuntary movement disorder brought on by the meds he was prescribed....this was the fir
  3. Congratulations 1. In order to get CHAMPVA (med insurance for your dependents) your condition must be considered permanent in nature. When you get your award letter they will tell you if you are eligible and include all the paperwork. 2. You can get a military ID to use the commissary, bx/px, mwr. Dental care. Many states also offer benefits such as property tax exemption, car tags, etc. 3. You cannot work if your rated for a mental disorder. Otherwise you are free too. Educational benefits are available as well if that is something you are interested in. 4. No, and if yo
  4. UPDATE: According to an online report from the Wall Street Journal on June 20, 2012, "Johnson & Johnson and the Justice Department are close to settling a protracted investigation into the company’s promotion of the antipsychotic Risperdal, for what would be one of the highest sums to date in a drug-marketing case. The sides are trying to wrap together a number of lawsuits, state investigations and other probes of alleged illegal marketing, and are discussing a payment of $1.5 billion or higher." Ive personally seen what this drug can do to a human and it aint pretty...unfortuna
  5. I called the 800 number this morning and the pre-determination claim is for the incompetency issue, I will have to wait to get the decision letter to get any more information. I asked about these types of claims and they said, generally speaking, a "predetermination" claim can mean several different things. They could be proposing a rating of incompetence for VA purposes, they could be proposing a reduction in VA benefits, they could be proposing to remove or add a specific dependent from the Veteran's award, etc....those were the examples they game me.......I suggested they make this a bi
  6. I have no claims other than Im awaiting an appointment as fidicuary for my husband...my husband was rated 100% permanent last year, which shows up as closed on ebene's, but there is an imcompetency issue. It would make sense if that was it, but no field agent has shown up yet for a visit and no retro money has been deposited...... The strange thing is that the predetermination claim opened on the day of his comp award (6-27-2011) and just closed yesterday and they sent out a letter....Ill let you guys know what it says if your interested......Have a great weekened!!
  7. Hello all, On our e-bennies acount under claims status it has an open claim thats simply labeled as "Claim Type: Predetermination"....I have no clue as to what this could be, has anyone ever seen this before? Thank you all
  8. Based on the exam, what do you think his odds are of getting A&A?
  9. This was completed by my husbands psychiatrist, we have an awesome doc who suggested we apply for A&A and voluntereed to do this without us even asking for it......I thought I would post key points so you all can have an idea of what should be on one of these...... From form 21-2680 Diagnosis: Schizophrenia, paranoid w/depression, GAD 21 is the claimant able to feed himself? No If veterans wife does not feed him he will not remember to eat or drink. Sometimes requires assistance in feeding himself due to tremors. 23 Does the claimant need assistance in bathing and tending
  10. I filed for a secondary claim back in august....On ebenefits its says "Open Claims information is not available at this time"....Im new to ebenefits and was wondering if this is normal?
  11. What is he SC'd for and what percentage levels for each. You could go ahead and have his doc fill out the 21-2680 and post the results here first - for comment. I am not posting to NOT file for A&A - I am cautioning that claimants need to be positive this is what they want to do - prior to having protected ratings. Some of this caution is due to examples posted by scscrewed.
  12. "Filing for anything opens the file up for review. The VA is known for scrutinizing everything once the thing is open. They look at every service connected injury and they look at the ratings, and they sometimes start calling for c and ps all over again." wow, if thats the case...then withdrawing all claims may be in the best interest of my husband...psychiatric diagnosis are subjective and speculative at best...its is not uncommon to get multiple diagnosis's over time...just as you will get different opinoins from different psych examiners. We are happy with what we have and are not will
  13. Your post makes me a bit nervous...would you care to elaborate?....I just filed for A&A for my husband, it was actually suggested by his doctor and she will support this and was willing to fill out VA Form 21-2680
  14. Berta..Im the wife and am wishing to be appointed as the fidicuary....We just wanted this done and over with, and the lawyer said this was the quickest and easiest way to do that.
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