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  1. Thank you for your reply. It can be lonesome here in cyberspace. I am going to take carlies advice and get a hobby (fishing). I will still check this site and offer help to others if I am able and update as needed. Thanks again. Its quite re-assuring to know I/we dont have to go this alone.
  2. Thank you for your insight. I really did feel quite alone. Since I live 1 mi from the bay, I will fish and swat mosquitoes til its time to burn firewood again. Bloodworms are going for about 11.00 this year. Thanks again.
  3. Well, its been a month since my C&P exam for a re-rate for PTSD. My treating doc told me to put in for 100% and wrote a letter to the C&P examiner saying I was unemployable and needed my meds to make it thru the day. The exam was 15 min away (Loch Raven) from the hosp.(Balto.) and as of this writing; the report has not made the 15 mile electronic journey to the main regional hosp. or office. (I have been @70% for 17 yrs). After no word and feeling wholly ancy, I called my VA rep here in Md and she had no info for me. I called 202-565-5436 and got a HUMAN who stated that I needed to call Wilmington,DE for more info. She also suggested the (dont laugh) 18008271000 number. I am a MD resident,not DE. She furthered her statement by telling me I have NO claims open. (I have two-one I already had a C&P for). After explaining that I dont live in DE, the rep acted annoyed (as if I dont know what state Im in) and said I need to call the 800 number again. After a call to my rep from Maryland she assured me my paperwork was in state at least. What I did not know is that a "rater" can supercede the opinion of Phd's w/30 plus yrs of VA experience. I have never met any "raters" and only pursued this on the reccomendation of my long time treating doc. So now I sit, wondering where my paperwork really is, and how some "rater" is going to override my treating docs diagnosis. Why is it we have no where to turn? The DS login requires a trip to the regional office which for me is a 3 hr drive-great when gas is 4.00 a gallon. I dont know what to do or where to turn as the right hand doesnt know what the left is doing and my rep just keeps telling me to wait....it usually takes about a year. I am beginning to think I shouldnt have started this process as I am now a bundle of overworked nerves. Out of all this I will say I guess I did it to myself (enlisting) and I need to shut up and take what they dish out. What a mess.
  4. Po'Boy

    Gulf War Vets

    I was an NBC specialist and can tell you that I have no idea what we were given as shots as we were waiting for and boarding the plane for Southwest Asia but I do know that nothing was EVER recorded (to include the PB pills) and as a forward unit, when incoming came and the 256 read (+) for whatever....we were just told to shut up. Guess that wasnt recorded either.
  5. My doc told me to put in for 100% for PTSD, I would not have known to do so of my own volition. I completed Voc Rehab, got a couple jobs and lost just as many-all due to my symptoms. My doc wrote a letter and said I was "unemployable" and w/o meds wouldnt be able to take care of myself. I had a C&P exam a month ago and the doc there agreed and said "...you are 100% and permanent...". I have heard nothing since. Im in Maryland in case your wondering-hope this helps.
  6. Thank you for your response. I wasnt even sure if I was using this site correctly!
  7. When I was discharged, they screwed up and I left the base with my original medical records. It didnt seem like a big deal at the time,however, I have kept them in a fire box since!
  8. Greetings all. I am a neophyte to all this and even have a rep from the Dept of. Vet Affairs here in Maryland help with the paperwork. I was sent for a C&P exam about a month ago and both my long-term treating psychiatrist and the C&P examiner said I was "100% and permanent" and have heard nothing since. I also had a letter stating I was unemployable....the whole nine yards-all form my treating doc. (It was his suggestion I ask for 100%). I didnt realize there was another step in this process-something called a "rating board" or something. Anyway, who would disagree with both doctors? (rhetorical) I would like to know from any others what kind of wait for any kind of answer I can expect. I would also like to know how to track who has my paperwork-I have read way too many horror stories online about paperwork being shredded or "lost". I dont get out much and will be watching this closely for responses. Any and all will be greatly appreciated.
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